“Mehn! This is serious ooo…” Dayo said in a whisper to Emeka.

They were both at the hospital, standing beside Osas’s bed and staring at the tubes which was connected to his body. Pastor Igbinovia was there, seated beside his son, a bible opened on the bed and his face buried in his arms which were folded on the bed, he had been crying all morning.
“We shouldn’t have advised him to do that…” Emeka whispered.
“Shhhh…” Dayo said trying to remind Emeka that Osas’s father was there.
Osas’s father looked up at them, his eyes red-rimmed and his face contorted in pain.
“What did you advice him to do?” Pastor Igbinovia asked in a horse voice.
“I talk say make we nor near dis place ooo…” Dayo said in a shaky voice to Emeka, switching to pidgin.
“What did you advice him to do?” Pastor Igbinovia shouted, his voice was raspy and dull.
“Nothing…we didn’t advice him to do anything.” Dayo said quickly.
“I heard you both…I heard you say that you should not have advised him to do this…” Pastor Igbinovia continued.
“Sorry…we have to go.” Dayo said and turned to leave.
“If you leave this room without telling me the truth, consider yourselves cut off from my son’s life for good!”
“Really? Cut off from your son’s life? Your son has a life because of us!” Emeka shouted, already getting angry. “With all due respect sir, you pushed your son to commit suicide. All his life he always thought of pleasing you, Osas never thought of himself. He was always saying, what would my father think? You didn’t give him a chance to live a normal life like every other boy his age. Yes, I admit, I am not the best influence for a pastor’s son, my dad is a chain smoker, he drinks, he takes out his anger on my mother and his children and he has been a terror to us all but you know what? I’d rather be with a dad like that than be with you! Atleast, with my father I show my true self and do not hide. Are you the only pastor in the world? What kind of example have you set now even as your son lies in this bed, in coma over a failed suicide attempt? If not for friends like Dayo and I, Osas would have killed himself long ago! You should be glad he had us by his side.” Emeka shouted.
Pastor Igbinovia was shocked over his son’s friend’s outburst, his eyes bulged from its sockets as he tried to contain himself, as he was about to speak a voice chilled him.
“Stop it…please don’t argue…please…”
It was Osas, there was mixed emotions as the men in the room gathered around the figure on the bed in shock as they saw his eyes wide awake.
“Welcome back from the world of the dead.” Dayo said, trying to sound humorous.
“Osas…Osas…Oh my God! I thank you Lord! Thank you Jesus!” Mr. Igbinovia shouted in jubilation, all the insults from Emeka, forgotten.
“How do you feel?” Emeka asked quietly.
“I am fine…my throat is a bit sore and I feel so empty.” Osas said.
“Don’t you ever do this to me or your mother again! We were devastated!” Mr. Igbinovia said.
“I am sorry I did that…”Osas said.
“Good news is Miyebi confessed that you are not the child’s father.” His father said.
“That’s good news!” Osas said dryly. “I hope she’s okay…”
“Yes she is, I’ve sent her home. I was just talking to your friends…err…we…were…err…” His father stuttered.
“It’s no one’s fault that I am here. I take responsibility for my actions.” Osas said, then turning to his father, he asked.
“Can I talk to my friends for a minute?”
“Sure…I’ll go and see the doctor…” His father said and left the room.
When they were alone, Osas smiled and addressing Emeka and Dayo, he said. “I am so grateful to be your friend, I know that my very reserved upbringing draws me back from you guys and your ways of life. So, I have made my decision to cut loose. I appreciate the times that we were together and I am so glad that we had good times.”
“What? Is it because of what I said to your dad?” Emeka asked, already quite angry.
“No…it’s just that, our friendship has always been about ultimatums. ‘No Osas, we can’t carry you along, you are a pastor’s son’ ‘Osas, if you get married, we can’t have you in our trio’ those words and many more just made me realize that even though my parents are so rigid in their laws, I can’t have friends who set ultimatums for our friendship. Once we are friends, we are together even if my parents have strict laws or not! Friends stand together in everything and since we don’t share that goal, it’s okay if we part ways.”
“I can’t believe this! Osas, we have been together since primary school….why?” Dayo asked in a shaky voice.
“Don’t mind him, leave him alone! We are too good for him anyway.” Emeka said.
“No, let’s talk to him…” Dayo said to Emeka, then addressing Osas he said, “We can’t be a trio without you…please Osas…we are sorry for that bad advice …”
“Let’s go Dayo! Osas is so ungrateful, he is upset that I addressed the issues between him and his dad. If you are not coming with me, stay and keep begging him like you’re his girlfriend.” Emeka said and stormed out.
“Osas, I don’t think you’re talking with your right mind, maybe it’s the fluids that have been passing through your body…” Dayo said in a choked up voice.
“The day you gave me that ultimatum changed my life, I did what I should never have done! I became someone different and deep down I know that I can’t continue to live under your shadow…I can’t…”
“I’ll leave now but please reconsider…please…” Dayo said and left the hospital room.
Osas heaved a sigh of relief, everything had been ironed out, Miyebi had confessed that she was lying against him, he had cut his friends off. Finally, he needed to define himself and cut loose from his parents rigid parenting and rediscover himself. As soon as he was better, he was going to have a heart to heart talk with his dad.

Frieda alighted from the taxi with Morenike closely behind, they both wordlessly entered Frieda’s compound and into her home. The door was open but no one was in sight so they sat on the sofa while Frieda kicked off her shoes and left them lying carelessly on the sitting room floor.
“I can’t believe how hungry I am! What a useless party…” Frieda started.
“So useless! Did you see the cake? I mean…who makes ugly cakes like that? And it was just a one tier cake…mtchewww…” Morenike said in disgust.
“I can’t believe I wasted my precious Saturday at that boring house. And did you see the way Isiuwa looked in that dress? Pathetic! I have never seen such a scarecrow in my entire life….hahahahahaha….” Frieda laughed.
“Hahahaha…” Morenike laughed, but deep down she knew that Isiuwa had looked beautiful in that dress.
As soon as they stopped laughing, Frieda’s mom walked into the sitting room.
“Frieda can I talk to you for a moment?” Her mother asked.
“Good afternoon ma…” Morenike greeted, standing up from the chair in respect.
“How are you dear?” Frieda’s mother asked.
“I am very well ma…” Morenike replied.
“What do you want mom? I really don’t have the time…” Frieda replied.
“I want to speak with you now and it’s either you come with me or I’ll say whatever it is that I have to say right here.” Her mother threatened.
“What do you want to say? Please stop bothering me joor…” Frieda said rudely.
“Bothering you?” Her mother asked then lifted up her right hand which had a string of small nylon packs and said. “When did you start buying condoms?”
Morenike’s eyes widened, she never expected that this would be what the confrontation was going to be about.
“I…I…were you checking through my stuff?” Frieda asked her mother.
“If you don’t tell me what you have been doing with condoms I’ll deal severely with you. Frieda, for the last time, what are these condoms doing in your wardrobe?” Her mother asked in anger.
“You have no right to go through my stuff mom, no right whatsoever!” Frieda said stubbornly.
Her mother stormed up to her and dealt her first with slaps then the heavy blows followed.

To be continued next week…


  1. Correct mama! (Frieda's mum). Though I always wondered where she and Frieda's dad were all the while Frieda was living like a single working class lady. All the same, I am glad they are waking up to their responsibilities.


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