Clara was visibly shaken, she sat at the waiting room of her
dad’s clinic and waited there while her dad rushed into the examination room
with her step-mother. Zika and Emerald sat beside her, it had been an emotional
reunion since the last time they had seen themselves had been late last year.
“We’ve missed you so much Clara…so much. It sucks to have
Kendra as the only elder sister.” Emerald said.

“When are we coming home? I am tired of sharing a room with
Bobby and Ben, they fight alot.” Zika whined.
Clara smiled and nodded, she really wasn’t paying attention,
her mind was on Kendra and on what was going to happen to her now that her dad had found out that she was in the arts class instead of science. She was sure he was going to deal severely with her.
Their mother soon came out of the examination room looking
worried, she paced about the waiting room with tears in her eyes.
“Kendra suddenly fainted…I really don’t know why.” Emerald
“I guess it’s stress…” Clara said.
Soon her father walked out of the examination room with a very
angry look on his face. Mommy hurried up to him and he stormed past her and
entered his office. She followed suit.
“Why did you walk past me like that?” Kendra’s mother asked
her husband as soon as she stepped into the office.
“You are a bad mother!” Kendra’s father spat.
“What are you saying? Are you mad? How dare you call me a
bad mother? Who are you to judge me?”
“Kendra is pregnant!”
The words hit her like ice and she opened her mouth and
stared at her husband in shock.
“Yes…she is pregnant and from all indications she’s about
two months gone…” Her husband said.
“Jesus!” Kendra’s mother said in shock and slid down to the
ground in a daze.
“How did this happen? Kendra is such a good child…she’s
not … could she?” He shouted.
“Kendra! My Kendra! She’s just a baby! She’s barely fifteen
and….oh my God! I’m dead…I’m dead ooo….Kendra is not supposed to be the
one with a baby out of wedlock, that’s what I expected from Clara…”
“Well…Clara turns out to be much better than
Kendra….she’s not pregnant at least.” Her husband said.
“This is all your fault!” His wife flung at him.
“My fault? How dare you say that? You took her away from
home and it’s during our separation that she got pregnant…”
“Yes…if you worked so hard to make our marriage work, she
wouldn’t have gotten pregnant! Who knows if it’s the whole stress of our
breakup that affected her?”
“Did you just say that I didn’t work hard to make our
marriage work? Your ultimatum was so high and I couldn’t take it! How can you
ask me to send Clara away? How can you ask me to chose between you and Clara?
This is what I don’t like about you! You prioritize your possessions so much
but things that are not yours are fit for the trash.”
“Our blaming each other doesn’t solve anything. What are we
going to do?”
“What do you mean what are we going to do? Our daughter is
pregnant! Is there anything to do about it? Yes, we are disappointed and we
will try finding out who the father of the child is…”
“And then…” His wife asked.
“And then what? I don’t understand…”
“The pregnancy is still in its early stages…let’s get rid
of it.”
“Are you mad? Do you know what that could do to her?” He
“What could it do? Having a baby at fifteen could do worse!”
“She brought this upon herself and she is going to have the
baby whether you want her to or not!”
“No….she wouldn’t…she shouldn’t…please don’t do this
to her, it would ruin her. What would her friends say? What of her WAEC exams?”
Her husband looked at her with a grim expression on his
Clara was wondering why everyone was in daddy’s car and she
was wondering were there were headed till they reached their estate. Had
daddy finally realized that it was better to have everyone back at home? She thought.
They got to the house and everyone alighted, Kendra
included, she was very quiet, too quiet, Clara observed. Zika and Emerald wasted
no time rushing into the house and screaming.
“We’ve missed you house!”
Clara walked into her room and was about removing her
costume when Emerald came in to tell her that there was a family meeting in the
sitting room. Family meeting? Clara thought, when did they start having family
meetings? She thought as she headed to the sitting room.
Mommy and Daddy sat on the love sofa while Kendra sat on the
lone sofa and Zika and Emerald perched beside her parents.
“Sit down Clara….we have something important to discuss as
a family.” Her father said.
Clara sat and stared around, Kendra’s eyes were reverted to
the ground as though she was deeply ashamed of something.
“Kendra has done the unthinkable. She has gotten herself pregnant!” Her father said.
Clara’s eyes almost fell out of its sockets. What? The
perfect Kendra? The most brilliant student on earth? One part of her wanted to
be sorry for her sister, another part of her wanted to gloat but she did
neither, she just stared at her father in shock.
“Kendra, I want you to tell everyone here how it happened.” Her
father said.
Kendra burst into tears.
“Will you open your mouth and talk? You’ve brought shame to
this family and I am so disappointed in you! My God! I am so disappointed Kendra!”
Her mother wailed.
“I am sorry mommy…I am sorry daddy…” Kendra cried.
“Will you shut up? I said you should tell us what happened
and you’re spitting I’m sorry! Do I look stupid to you? Open your mouth and
“I…I…” Kendra cried.
Her father rushed up to her and gave her two slaps on her
cheeks. Kendra was dazed, her dad had never lifted his finger against her
Clara stood up and rushed to her father begging that he should leave Kendra alone but he pushed her away.
“You children have no idea how much I have sacrificed for
you! Kendra, do you know how much your school fees cost? Do you know how much
the vacations I take the family to every summer holiday, costs? Do you know how much I
spend to take care of you and give you the best? Do you know how much?” Their father
screamed in fury.
Everyone watched in fear as their father thundered and
“I am sorry…I am really sorry…” Kendra cried, falling on
her knees.
“Do you know what? The tears are useless! You will experience
what it means to have a baby since you know what it means to have sex!” Her
father screamed.
“No please….no please….let’s talk about this…” Mommy
cried falling on her knees before her husband and clutching his hand.
“My decision is final! Kendra, you are having this baby
whether you like it or not! It’s over my dead body that my daughter would have
an abortion. You will drop out of school, and carry your pregnancy to term and
after that, go back to school. This means that your WAEC for this year is over!”
The pressure of daddy’s sentence shook Clara and her
siblings to the bone marrow and they were so scared, no one wanted to be
“Daddy please…please…I don’t want to be a mom now…I
don’t want to…” Kendra cried. “I have my life ahead of me…please…”
“Please honey rethink this, what would our friends say? What
would our relatives say? They all 
hold Kendra in high esteem, her respect would
be gone… as no one would see her as a role model.”
“What do you want us to do? Hide her? Hide the fact that she’s
pregnant? No way! She will face the consequences of her actions or next time,
she’ll make the same mistake again.” Her father said stubbornly.
Kendra’s mother turned to her and shook her vehemently.
“Why did you do this? Who is the father of this baby? Talk
to me now! Tell me now!”
“It’s ….James…he was my boyfriend but I found…that he
was playing me all along and that it was all a bet…I want to die….I want to
die…” Kendra cried.
Clara was speechless, here she was thinking that she was in
the deepest trouble ever by joining the arts class but as it seems, her dilemma
was not a dilemma at all.
Kendra wept uncontrollably.
“Where is the boy? Where does he live?” Her father
“He….he…I don’t know but he lives somewhere…” Kendra
“So you don’t know the house of the boy you had sex with? I
should slap your face backwards!” Her father shouted.
Clara quickly said.
“There’s a boy who came here to see Kendra some days
ago….he had a package…but he didn’t leave an address.”
“How does that help this situation?” Mommy spat at her.
“I don’t know, I just want to help….” Clara said quickly.
“You are going to get the address of that boy whether you
like it or not and I need the address now!”
 Daddy screamed and stormed away
from the sitting room.
Kendra began to cry louder, Emerald joined in while Zika sat
silently and watched everyone.
“Can I have his phone number? Do you still have it?” Clara
“It’s in my phone…and I don’t know where my phone is..”
Kendra said in tears.
“Your phone is with me…” Emerald said quickly and brought
out the phone from her pocket.
Clara took the phone from her and said to Kendra.
“Stop crying Kendra, tears are not going to stop anything,
it’s only going to make you feel sadder! You made a mistake, true, but it’s not
the end of the world…”
“What do you know that you are talking about? You are just a
form of distraction so why don’t you shut up and get inside the house!” Mommy
shouted at Clara.
“I’m sure you would throw a party if I was in Kendra’s
situation right now but it hurts you so much to think that your precious jewel
can actually be tainted. Guess what? This is not all about you but about my
sister because even though you hate to call me your child, I am her
sister and I am going to do my best to help her. I don’t care about your
thoughts about me anymore because if you haven’t noticed, I really don’t know you exist.”
Clara said and stormed off to make a phone call.
James was watching football when his phone rang, he looked
at the number and didn’t know who was calling so he picked.
“Am I speaking with James?”
“Yes…James speaking…” He said
“My name is Clara and I need to see you. Are you at home?”
“Who are you Clara?”
“I am Kendra’s sister…”
“Ohhh…that…” James started.
“Send me your address now or you risk having to face your
school authority tomorrow!” Clara said and hung up.
James was shocked at the no-nonsense tone of the young girl
that had spoken to him over the phone. He stared at the phone for a while and
quietly texted his home address to her phone.
Rose was very worried. Something had happened in Clara’s
family and she needed to know what. She had seen their car pull into the
driveway about thirty minutes ago and she was itching to know what was wrong.
She quietly snuck out of her house and headed to Clara’s and knocked at the
gate. The gate was opened by the gate man who ushered her in as he knew her
quite well.
Rose took a deep breath and walked up to the house and
knocked at the door. ‘Worst-case scenario’, she thought, ‘they’ll throw me out’.
The door opened and Emerald answered, her eyes were red with tears.
“Good evening…” Emerald greeted.
“Hi…I’m here to see Clara, is she home?” Rose asked.
“Yes…sure…:” Emerald said, letting Rose into the house.
Rose wasn’t ready for the scenario in Clara’s sitting room,
Kendra was on her knees, crying with her mother while Zika stared at her
“I’ll go call her…” Emerald said.
Rose didn’t know whether to stand or sit, she stood at the
corner and looked at the ceiling, she greeted Kendra’s mom but she didn’t respond. Clara came out of her room and walked up to
her with a stony expression on her face.
“What do you want?” Clara whispered, she too had tears in
her eyes.
“What’s going on here? Did something bad happen?” Rose
“What do you care? You tried to break the family didn’t you?”
Clara whispered, not wanting her family to hear what they were discussing.
“No, I really care to know what happened. I miss your
friendship a whole lot and I miss you…” Rose said quietly.
Clara looked away and sighed.
“Kendra’s pregnant.”
Rose’s eyes widened in surprise.
“That boy huh? The one we saw at the cinemas! I knew he was
up to no good.” Rose said.
“It’s no use crying after split milk…it’s too late…he
knocked her up.”
“What’s the way out?”
“Daddy is so upset, I’ve never seen him this way before…”
“He has a good reason to be…” Rose said.
“I…called the guy, his name is James and I asked that he
sends me his address….he just sent the address. My daddy wants to go there…to his house.”
“Wow! Your sister is in deep trouble. What is going to
happen now?”
“I really have no idea….”
Their father stormed out into the sitting room with his belt
in his hand and a look of pure anger in his eyes.
“Kendra! Where is the address I asked for? Tell me now or I’ll
whip you senseless!”
“I have the address daddy…I have it…” Clara said running
over to him and handed him her phone.
Clara’s dad turned to mommy and shouted.
“Let’s go and you too Kendra!” He shouted.
“Can I come too?” Clara asked.
“You will stay home with your siblings…Rose can keep you
company.” Her father said.
Clara and Rose watched in silence as Kendra followed her
parents out of the house.
James had stopped watching football and was wondering why
Kendra’s sister wanted to see him. He had in his mind what he was going to say
to her.
‘Your sister is a very spoilt brat and she got what she
deserved for thinking she’s the best student in class!’ That’s a good one to say to that sister of hers, he thought.
There as a knock at the door and he stood up to answer it.
He opened the door and was shocked.
There at his door was Kendra buts she had company. A a man and a
woman who looked like her parents stood there at the door. James opened his mouth to speak but words couldn’t
come forth.
“James, who’s at the door?” His mother called out, suddenly walking out from inside the house.
James didn’t know whether to slam the door at the unwanted
guests or let them in.

To be continued next week….
Kindly note that this is two episodes crammed in one.
Thank you for your patience.


  1. Haba Adaeze, what kind of 'two episodes crammed into one ' is this? You are just too stingy for my appetite. Is this how you'll starve my brother when you marry him? Kindly pray to be more generous. *just kidding*….Anonymous who loves your stories.

    • Hahahaha….it's long ooo…really long. I actually wanted to post half early today and post the remaining later on but decided against it. It's actually two episodes in one.
      Thank you for reading dear.

  2. Don't know whether to feel sorry for Kendra or not. Sha pregnancy isn't the end of the world, people have picked themselves up afterwards.

  3. Ada, you are so gifted…Keep up the good work. Have you considered building this up into a book or tv soap targeted at teenagers/youths and their guardians? will make a very good family soap…


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