Winnie stared at Mira’s father in astonishment and Rachel
was so surprised at what they’d heard.
“How? When did this happen?” Winnie asked.
“It happened yesterday…” Mira’s father said. “But the
police are sorting things out…”
“We are working hard to get her back…please do not
worry…” Monica chirped in.
Mira’s mother glared at Monica in open hostility, however,
she swallowed her words and faced Winnie and Rachel.

“Are you friends of my daughter?” She asked.
“Are you Mira’s mom?” Winnie asked.
“Yes I am, I came from Abuja as soon as I could.” Mira’s
mother said.
“Mira would have been so glad to see you here ma.” Winnie
said. “She really misses you.”
“I will be here when she returns…I just hope she’s
returned safely to us today.” Mira’s mother said tearfully.
Monica turned away and snotted in disgust. Daniel walked out
of the room and playing the ever dutiful son, he spoke to Mira’s father.
“Dad, how’s my sister? Have we heard anything about her yet?”
He asked.
Winnie stared at Daniel, something told her that he had a
hand in Mira’s disappearance.
“Nothing yet…” Mira’s father said grimly. “I have
contacted the police and they are working on it.”
“But dad…these people are dangerous…they could harm her
if they know that the police are on their tail.” Daniel supplied.
“They don’t know that we have the police on their tail.
Infact, when they called this morning, they had no idea that their location was
researched.” Mira’s father said.
Daniel’s eyes widened and Winnie noticed that he looked
stunned at the information.
“She will be found soon.” Winnie said quickly, hoping to
distract Mira’s father from continuing his discussion with Daniel.
“How? Were police officers here this morning?” Daniel asked.
“Yes, they came in this morning but they weren’t in their
uniforms.” Mira’s father said.
“Oh…okay…and they have the location of the kidnappers?”
Daniel asked again.
“Yes, they have my sim card with them so, they are hoping to
track down her location. This is top information and it only remains here,
because I don’t want anyone else to know that the police are on the kidnappers
“Yes…yes sir…” Daniel stammered. “Could I be excused? I
need to get something from my room.” He said and scampered off.
“Sure…” Mira’s father said, slumping on the sofa and
burying his face into his palms. “Where are you Mira?” He moaned.
Winnie quietly walked up to Mira’s mother and whispered in
her ears.
“Can I speak with you for a moment?” She asked.
Mira’s mother nodded and they both walked out to the balcony
while Rachel sat in Mira’s sitting room and wondered how some people could be
so wealthy.
Winne and Mira’s mother stepped out into the balcony and
shut the doors behind them.
“You wanted to speak to me…” Mira’s mother said.
“Yes ma, I am Mira’s friend from the summer school and even
though we’ve spent just a few weeks together, she told me a lot about what has
been happening in this house.” Winnie said.
“Really? So you know all about my separation from her dad.”
Winnie nodded.
“Well, I feel so sad for my daughters because they have to
go through this.” Mira’s mother said.
“Yes…” Winnie said. “I understand.”
“So what did you want to talk about?”
“I think that Daniel is involved in this.” Winnie said.
Mira’s mother looked at Winnie in surprise.
“Daniel? Do you mean my husband’s supposed son?” Mira’s
mother asked. “Why do you say that?”
“It’s just that the guy has been lying from the
beginning…and he bullies Mira a whole lot.” Winnie said.
“Is that why you think he’s involved? I don’t like accusing
people falsely.” Mira’s mother said.
“I’m not accusing him falsely. I am just stating what I
noticed. Daniel and his mother has been making life miserable for Mira and
apart from that, I found that…” Winnie said and looked at the closed door
then whispered. “That Daniel has a father in prison.”
“What?” Mira’s mother asked in shock.
The door opened and Mira’s father chose that moment to walk
out to the balcony. He shut the door behind him and stared at Winnie and his
“Am I interrupting something?” He asked.
“Mira’s friend has something to tell you.” His wife said.
Winnie didn’t expect Mira’s mother to say anything of what
she had told her to her husband.
“What do you have to tell me?” Mira’s father asked Winnie.
Winnie looked at Mira’s mother and turned to stare at Mira’s
“I don’t know…sir…I mean…” Winnie started. She didn’t
want to tell Mira’s father anything for fear that he’ll tell Monica.
“What did you want to tell me?” Mira’s father asked again.
The door opened and Monica walked out to the balcony.
“Could you please excuse me?” Winnie said quickly and left
the balcony.
Three hours later, they were still waiting for news from
Mira but they didn’t get anything yet. Rachel and Winnie sat on the sofa
waiting for news while Mira’s parents went to the police station. Monica walked
out to the sitting room and stared at them in open hostility.
“What are you waiting for? Don’t you have homes to go to?”
Monica spat.
“Yes…we’ll go…” Rachel said shakily as she stood up.
Winnie pulled her back down to the sofa.
“We’ll wait till we hear that Mira is safe.” Winnie said to
“Do you think she went for a picnic? She was kidnapped and
we know that these kidnappers could hold her for days …” Monica said.
“I didn’t know that. How did you know that kidnappers hold
people for days? Have you been a kidnapper before?” Winnie asked bodly.
“Get up and get out of my house!” Monica shouted.
“This is not your house! You are an outsider here!” Winnie
spat back.
Rachel stared at Winnie with her mouth wide open, she didn’t
want to be thrown out of Mira’s house by the wicked woman.
“You have the temerity to speak to me like that? Who do you
think you are?” Monica screamed at Winnie.
“I’m not scared of you!” Winnie said. “I am Mira’s friend
and even if it means me keeping a vigil here to wait for her return, then I’ll
do it and you won’t scare me from doing what I want to.”
Monica raised her hand to slap Winnie but she restrained
“You are mannerless!” Monica shouted.
“I am not the mannerless one here but your son who goes
about selling the properties of this house inorder to get money for himself. Do
you think I don’t know about Daniel and his activities?” Winnie shouted back,
surprised at her boldness. “I am not going to be bullied by you for any reason
whatsoever! If you have nothing to hide, then why are you fidgeting and asking
me to leave this house when I’m not even in your way?”
Monica stood and stared at Winnie in disbelief, then turning
on her heels, she walked out of the sitting room.
“Winnie, please let’s not cause any problems…let’s go.”
Rachel begged.
“And give her the satisfaction of sending us away? No way!”
Winnie said stubbornly.
“Haven’t you been watching Nigerian films? When someone
orders you out of their house and you don’t budge, they go inside and bring out
a long gun or a pestel and….and…” Rachel stammered.
“Oh stop it Rachel, I’m not scared of her. She can’t do
anything to us. Besides, we are only here out of concern for our friend who by
the way, is a bonafide member of this house. Monica should chill.” Winnie said
folding her arms stubbornly.
“You know what Winnie, you always act as though you’re so
soft when in actual fact, you’re really so strong and determined.” Rachel said
to her.
“Well, all my life I never really had friends and now, I
found you and Mira and so far, you guys are the best friends I’ve ever had  and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you
guys.” Winnie said.
Rachel sat down beside her and hugged her.
“You know what Winnie? You’re the best thing to ever happen
to me and to Mira too…you’re the kindest, most generous and selfless person I
know and I am so glad that you’re my friend.”


To be continued tomorrow…..
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