Clara had just walked into her father’s clinic when she saw
mommy storm out. As soon as Mommy saw her, she spat.

“Did you know about this?”

Clara didn’t reply, she had no idea of what mommy was
talking about.

“Do you know what? I was and I’m still the best mother you’ll
ever have!” Mommy spat and entered her car and drove off.

Clara shrugged and entered the clinic, it wasn’t as busy as
it was yesterday. She walked up to nurse Bola and greeted.

“Good afternoon nurse B…”

“My dear…how are you? Did you see your mother storm out of

“Yes I did…what could be the problem?”

Nurse Bola looked around as though to see if anyone else was

“Well…I tried to tell her to let me call him before she
entered the office but she played the ‘I’m his wife’ card with me and stormed
in….so, he was with err….you know…and she saw them…” Nurse Bola said.

Clara’s eyes widened in surprise, never would she have
believed that her prim and proper father could have a girlfriend.

“Are you serious?” Clara asked. “Daddy has a girlfriend?”

At that moment, Aunt Cassie emerged from her father’s

“Clara darling, how are you?”

“I’m fine…” Clara greeted.

“I’ll be off now, see you at home…” Aunt Cassie blew her a
kiss and left.

Nurse Bola gave Clara the knowing look.

“What? Aunt Cassie?”

“You know her?”

“Yes, she’s the aunt of my close friend…”

“Humph! Aunt of close friend indeed! From the day that woman
walked into this clinic, I knew she had a mission and that mission has been

“Wait…what? It’s not possible….” Clara started.

“What is not possible? The fact that your dad is dating the
woman or that she’s your friend’s aunt and you can’t believe she’ll date your

Clara looked at Nurse Bola in confusion, she didn’t know
what to say.

“I’m not supposed to say this but it seems your dad moved on
too quickly….from your step-mom, I mean. You see, your step-mom shouldn’t
have moved out, no matter how difficult the problem is because desperadoes have
a way of spotting rich lonely dudes and I’m sure she’s been taking care of him
so…what does he need his wife for? Did you see him chase after your mom when she
ran off? My dear….many people are desperate.”

Clara’s mind shot back to Aunt Cassie’s visits to their home
with well-cooked food and Rose in tow, she remembered thinking that Aunt Cassie
was the best patient a doctor could ever pray for.

“Can…I err…step out for a minute? If daddy asks of me,
tell him that I err…had to quickly rush home…”

“You know he doesn’t like sending you home on your own since
your housekeeper doesn’t live in….”

“Please tell him that I’ll be fine…thanks.” Clara said and
rushed out of the clinic.


Rose Lily had gone shopping and was trying out her new
clothes. Her aunt had helped secure admission for her at a polytechnic and also
had bought a jamb form for her. The agreement was that it was best for Rose to
be in a school while trying to get into the university, so she was striving to
get an OND from the polytechnic and also getting prepared for Jamb as well.

She had already started school a week ago and she wanted to
carve a niche for herself as the biggest girl on campus. Aunt Cassie was making
her dreams come true by giving her lots of money to buy clothes. At the end of
the day, Rose bought some clothes and stole the rest, besides, with the kind of
money she flaunted at the clothes stores, no one suspected she’d steal. She was
just slipping into her new high-waist jeans when she heard a loud bang at the

“Who is that idiot?” She hissed. “Don’t break our door abeg!”
She shouted as she stalked to the door.
She opened it and was shocked to see Clara.

“Clay! Do you want to break the door down?” Rose asked.

“I am just coming from the clinic and I saw mommy there, she
stormed out and I found out that it was because my dad is supposedly having an
affair.” Clara breathed heavily.

Rose opened the door wider.

“Come inside.”

Clara entered the house and saw the bags of clothes on the

“You went shopping?”

“Yea…for school, you know…” Rose said.

“My dad is having an affair and mommy knows…” Clara

“Mtcheww…so? Is he a baby? That witch left him since last
year. What did she expect? He’s not a log of wood.”

“That’s not even my point! My point is that he’s having an
affair with aunt Cassie.” Clara pointed out, expecting her friend to be shocked and appalled at the news.

Rose looked at Clara and walked to the sofa to bring out a
pair of boots from her bag.

“Do you love these boots? I got them for you…” Rose said
evading the question.

“You know about this?” Clara asked in surprise.

“They are two consenting adults, besides, we don’t have to
butt into their lives….”

“Is that where you got the money to buy these expensive
things?” Clara flung at her. “From the money my dad has been giving your aunt?”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Rose fired. “Are you
insinuating that we’re poor?”

“I am saying that normally, your aunts can’t afford luxuries
but of recent, they have been buying stuff….especially aunt Cassie. Is it my
dad’s money?”

“How dare you talk to me in such derogatory tone!”

“I will talk to you as I please! Your aunt is trying to ruin
my family!”

“You are so ungrateful Clara, very ungrateful, selfish and
stupid! If my aunt and your dad are a couple, so what? Don’t they deserve
each other? I see you love suffering a whole lot and enjoy the way that witch you call mommy, treat you like dirt.” Rose spat.

“Did you guys plan this? My God! Was I a pawn in the game?”
Clara asked bewildered.

Rose didn’t reply, she just stared at her.

“All these while…I thought….she was going to him for
some kind of medical issue but nurse Bola said, she’s always been on a mission.” Clara asked. “Tell me Rose, was did you use me to get to my dad?”

Rose still didn’t reply.

“Rose….how could you? Oh my God! How could you?”

“So what? You were used, so f***king what?” Rose swore.

“Who are you Rose? What are you?” Clara asked. “I thought you were my friend?”

“You’d better get used to the idea of my aunt being with
your dad because you might end up calling her mommy.” Rose said.

“No way! I will never do that because she doesn’t deserve
it. You are both scheming, lying….fake people who I trusted with my heart and you
broke it….you are nothing but scum!” Clara cried.

 “You’d better get
used to it….remember that I know your secrets. I could walk over and tell
your dad about how you’ve been lying that you’re in the science class…” Rose said.

Clara walked over to her and gave her a hard slap.


Kendra waited for her mom at the school gate, she felt so
low over her mock examination results and wished she had a kind of eraser to
wipe it all off. She had changed the scores anyway because she didn’t want her
parents to find out about her low test scores, Just before the end of school,
the guidance and counselling teacher had asked that she pay her a visit at her
office the next day in order to discuss her sudden drop in scores.

Now as she waited and watched her school mates rush by, she
felt the urge to scream.

“Kendra…” Emeka said standing before her.

“What do you want? I’m not in the mood.” She said.

“You’ll definitely be in the mood for this…” He replied.

“What do you mean by that?” Kendra spat.

“I know you had a affair with James?”

“What affair?” Kendra asked, no one knew she was dating

“It was all a bet and I’m so hurt that he got you.”

Kendra blinked and stared at him, she knew that Emeka had always
liked her and she knew he could be jealous of the fact that she spoke to James
a lot.

“Bet? Are you crazy?” Kendra stared at him with a mocking
smile. “You can be so stupid, Emeka.”

“It was all a bet and…it cost me one thousand naira and for the other three boys, a thousand
naira each but for you, it costs your dignity.” Emeka accused.

“What are you talking about?”

“We know you had sex with James on the sixteenth of
December….” Emeka said.

Kendra froze. Emeka brought out his phone from his bag and
played a short video for her and Kendra felt the world had finally come to an

To be continued. Next week….



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