Clara finished lessons on time
and walked the short mile to her dad’s private practice. Her father’s picture
stood proudly at the centre of his clinic, he was a well-known paediatrician and a very good one at that (so people said). The patients at his clinic were
so many that Clara knew that it would be a long day for him at the office today, she walked
over to the counter to greet the nurse.
“Good evening nurse Bola.” She
greeted with a smile.
“Clara Clara! How are you?” 
“I am fine nurse B, how’s

“Fine ooo…my little daughter
just got into junior secondary school today and I am so happy. She’s a boarder
now, so, no more disturbance.”
“Hahaha…Kemi is a boarder?
Wow! Our little Kems of yesterday?” Clara asked in surprise.
“Yes ooo…I made her enrol
from primary five…I couldn’t wait till she was in primary six.” Nurse Bola
“At least she’s brilliant and
can meet up with kids in secondary school so, it’s cool.”
“You’re here to see your daddy
“Is he busy?” Clara asked.
“Today is one of his busiest
days at the clinic. Will you wait for him or will you go home?”
“I think I’ll go home myself, I
just need transport fare.”
“You are such a street smart
kid. I could remember the day your sister Kendra came to the clinic and your
dad was so busy to take her home on time. She threw a tantrum till your mother
came to pick her up.” Nurse Bola said disapprovingly. “For a girl her age, I
must say that it wasn’t an impressive sight at all and sometimes I wonder if
you both are being raised by different parents.”
“Well…two people can never be
the same even if they are twins…” Clara smiled.
A patient walked out of the
doctor’s office with her child in tow and the nurse told Clara to go in. Clara stepped into her dad’s office and stood before him.
“What’s the problem?” Her
father asked.
“Good evening dad…” Clara
“What is good about the
evening?” Her father asked.
Clara didn’t respond.
“Clara, sit down, I need to
talk to you.” Her father said.
When Clara sat, he begun.
“Do you know how hard it was
for me to convince my wife to take you in when your birth mother dropped you off at
our doorstep? Do you know how hard it’s been for me to raise you alongside my
other children? Then why are you being so difficult to raise? Why are you
proving so stubborn? The events of last night got me wondering if I did the
right thing by bringing you into my home. If you disrespect mommy before
Kendra, Zika and Emerald, how do you expect them to respect her in turn?” Her
father asked.
Clara didn’t respond, she was
tired of talking.
“Clara, I believe I am not
talking to a piece of wood.” Her father said to her.
“No dad.” Clara replied.
“Why is it so difficult to
train you?”
“Just as you pointed earlier,
perhaps it’s because she’s not my mother and the fact that you never really
wanted me.” Clara replied.
“You are very stupid.” Her
father flung at her.
“Dad, have you gone into your
waiting room? There are tons of people waiting to see you and lots of sick
little kids waiting for a doctor’s touch. I don’t think you’d want to keep them
waiting.” Clara said. “I need transport fare to go home.”
“And have you argue with your
mom again? No way! You will stay with me in the clinic till closing hours after
which we would go home together. The only days you get to spend at the house is
“Okay daddy. Can I have some
money for lunch? I haven’t eaten all day.” Clara said.
Her father eyed her
suspiciously and taking some money from his pocket, he handed it over to her
and she took it, thanking him.
“See you later daddy.”
“Don’t leave the clinic! I want
you where I can see you and you’d better be studying for your WAEC examinations
because I promise you that if you fail this one, I’ll start a business of groundnut
selling for you.” Her father threatened.
Clara chuckled and walked away
from his office.
Rose Lily was at home trying
out the clothes she had shop lifted when her phone rang, she picked up the
“Hey Ifeoma…how far?” Rose
“So, you’ve forgotten me abi?
You don move go big man area, you nor dey near my side again abi?” Ifeoma said
in pidgin.
“Sorry my dear…I am still
getting used to the area. How you dey na?”
“I just dey ooo…me and the
girls were thinking of hanging out in your house today and maybe sleep over.”
Ifeoma said.
Rose Lily wanted to object but
the estate was becoming too boring for her. Ifeoma knew how to pull crowd and
she was an essential friend to have. Ifeoma was her childhood friend at her
former area and the girl had a reputation for snagging the big boys. 
“Yes you can come.”Rose replied.
“Abeg send me addresses…na me,
Ejiro, Bolanle and Shalewa dey come ooo…”
“The house is big enough…so,
that’s not a problem.”
“Hmmm…see you ooo…levels
don change…big pikin! Okay, we go come…” Ifeoma said and hung up.
Rose Lily quickly removed her
clothes and began hiding the new items she had bought. She could never trust
those girls. She recalled how they had come to spend the night the last time
and her sunshades had gone missing as well as her new underwear, she couldn’t trust
them to keep their hands of her new personal belongings.
As she readied herself for her
friends arrival, she quickly sent a text message to Clara. It would be good to
have her old friends see the kind of calibre of friends she made now, she thought.
Kendra was already running late, the
bell had been rung about thirty minutes ago and she was still helping James write his note. She knew her mother was not at her school gate yet and sometimes after waiting for
her mom to show up to no avail, she followed Dennis, the noise maker home. He
lives in her estate and his house was not too far from hers.
“Hey! I’m going home…” James
said to her, walking  in through the door
to the classroom.
“Oh…err….I am not done
copying the note but I could continue tomorrow…” Kendra said surprising
“Oh sure…thank you so much
for this.” He replied.
“I am on my way home too…my
mom is not here yet but I’m sure she’s running a bit late.” Kendra said.
“Okay…” James said as he
threw his books into his bag and picked his bag to go.
“Okay then, see you tomorrow…”
Kendra started as she placed her books carefully into her bag.
James headed out of the school
and soon was in his mother’s car. His mother on the other hand had lifted the
bonnet of her car and was checking something.
Kendra walked out of the school
and placed a call to her mom, her mom answered on second ring.
“Hey baby.”
“Mom where are you?”
“I have some very important
customers at the shop. I was calling you earlier to ask that you follow Dennis
home today but your phone was switched off.”
“I told you several times mom, I
don’t turn on my phone in school and a text message is more welcome than a
call.” Kendra sighed.
“I am so sorry dear…”
“Dennis has gone home…”
Kendra said.
“Hmmm…okay then, wait for me,
I’ll be with you in the next one hour.”
“One hour? Mom!” Kendra said
stamping her foot and turning to go back into the school compound.
James’s mom had just closed the
bonnet of the car and was about getting in when she saw Kendra talking on the
phone and stamping her foot in anger.
“James, who’s that girl?” His
mother asked.
“Kendra, she’s my seat mate.”
“How come she’s the only one
left at school. Everyone has gone home…” His mother said.
“Well…she was helping me copy
my notes so….” James said disinterestedly.
Raymond sat at the back of the
car, staring interestedly at the girl.
“Isn’t someone coming to pick
her up?”
“That’s none of our business
mom! Let’s go home.” James said.
His mother walked to the side
of the car and called out to Kendra.
“Hello! Kendra!” His mom
“What’s your problem mom? Why
are you calling her?” James asked in frustration from inside the car.
Kendra looked up to see a woman
call out to her, she had noticed James enter the woman’s car and she felt she was his mother. Kendra crossed the road and walked up to the
“Can we drop you off? You seem
to have missed your ride?”
“Good evening ma…thank you so
much. My mom is running late…” Kendra said.
“Where are you headed?”
“The estate…” Kendra said.
“Oh…we live just after the
estate…don’t worry, hop in, I’ll drop you off.” James’s mother said.
“Thank you so much ma.” Kendra
said as she hopped in. “Hello James…” She said as soon as she entered the
James grunted in response and looked out of
the window, he didn’t like the fact that his mother had offered to take her
“Hey!” Kendra said to Raymond.
“Hello…I’m Raymond but
everyone calls me Ray.”
“I am Kendra and it’s nice to meet you.” Kendra said as she smiled and relaxed on
the back seat as they begun their journey home.

To be continued….
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  1. Kendra and Ray… interesting! Much better for her than that James, he wouldn't push for anything beyond friendship. Unfortunately she might not even want the good boy sef.
    Clara is getting tougher, good for her!
    I feel sorry for Rose she really isn't so bad, she's just a product of her environment.
    I like how you're gently unwrapping this series, reading it is relaxing.

    • I love the way you concluded the story with Kendra and Ray.
      I like Ray, he's a good boy unlike his brother James. But then again, the world goes round with the good and bad, it won't be fun if we were all good.

      Thank you so much for reading dear.

  2. When I was reading this, I wanted to slap James so badly. I've been in a similar situation as per when I helped someone new copy some of his notes.
    However, the minute I heard him bragging to his friends that I had a crush on him, I took all his books back and gave them to him.
    Still, I hope Kendra learns not to take this infatuation too far.

    • Most of us have been in similar situation it's just that many of us weren't as smart as you were to send the books back to the braggart. Kendra is not as wise as many girls her age, funny enough, she thinks she can make do by being the most brilliant of them all.

      Thank you for reading Uju.


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