Raymond felt so ashamed of his brother, and he felt so bad
for Kendra too. It was Friday and after school hours and Raymond felt he owed
Kendra a decent apology, at least for his brother’s mistake. He was seated in
the sitting room, looking for an excuse to leave the house when he saw his
mother walk out to the sitting room, dressed as though on her way out.
“Are you going out mom?” He asked.

“Yes I am…” She replied.
“I wanted to quickly dash off somewhere, could you drop me
off?” He asked.
“Sure…where are you headed?”
“Errr…I am going to the estate…I have to see someone
quickly…” He said.
“Okay…get into the car.”
James walked out into the sitting room and seeing that his
brother was heading out with their mother, asked.
“Where are you guys headed?”
“I am going to the salon and your brother wants to see a friend.
Do you want anything?”
James looked at his mother and his brother.
“No…” Then addressing his brother, he asked. “Who are you
going to see? Akpan?”
“You don’t know all my friends…” Raymond said.
“Of course I do….” James said.
Raymond shook his head and left the house. Once he got to
the car, he pulled open the door and got into the front seat. His mother soon
joined him and they left the house together. On their way to the estate, he
“Can I quickly stop at the supermarket? I want to get something…”
“You are killing my time…” His mom grumbled.
“I am sorry mom…I just wanted to get something…:” He
said in a low voice.
“It’s okay but I can only give you five minutes…”
They reached the supermarket and he quickly alighted. He
entered the supermarket and headed to the gift section where he saw the cards
and he hastily took an ‘I am Sorry’ card and paid for it. As soon as he hopped
into the car, his mom said.
“That was super fast. What do you have in your bag?”
“Nothing…it’s just something for a friend…” He said.
“A girl?” She asked with a smile.
“Yeah…but she’s a friend…that’s all…”
“How I wish your dad was with us so that he can explain
things fully to you. I really don’t know how to talk to boys about growing
“It’s okay mom,. I spoke to dad over the holidays…”
Raymond said.
His mother smiled and focused on the road ahead.
Clara watched Rose walk towards her, she suppressed the urge
to hiss.
“So this is it huh?” Rose spat.
“So we can’t meet in our respective houses like civilized
“You crossed the line Rose…I can’t have you as a friend
anymore…” Clara said.
“You are ungrateful…” Clara said.
“Ungrateful? For what? What have you done for me?”
“Look at you! You can open your mouth now abi? I remember
that when I met you, your self-
confidence was at zero! You had no courage but
look at you now, you’ve grown so bold.”
They were both at the gate of Clara’s house. Rose had sent
Clara a text message that they should meet and Clara had responded that the
best venue for a meeting was at the front of her house.
“You are a bad influence, Rose…I learnt nothing from
you…” Clara said.
“Excuse me? Who gave you the stellar advice to ditch science
and follow your dreams? Who has had your back these past months?”
“I knew I was going to follow my dreams sooner or later…”
Clara spat.
As she spoke, a car drove up to her gate and  when it stopped, a young boy alighted and
walked towards them.
“Hello…my name is Ray and I’m here to see Kendra…” He
“Kendra is errrm…not at home…..” Clara lied.
“I got something for her….when will she be back?”
“She went out with my mom, so she’ll be back late…” Clara
lied again.
“I have something for her….it’s errr…personal…” He
“Do you go to the same school with her?” Clara asked.
“Yes I do…”
“Why don’t you drop it off at school with her?”
“I don’t want anyone to see it and I would rather deliver it
to her at home…” He said.
“Well, she’s not home…” Clara said.
“I’ll err come around some other time…” Ray said and headed
back to the car.
Clara and Rose stared at the woman at the car who was
staring at the both of them with a very strange look in her eyes.
Raymond got into the car and waited for his mom to drive off
but she didn’t. They saw him mouth the words, ‘Mom’ but she didn’t answer.
Rose looked at the woman and felt quite strange, she turned
back to Clara and said.
“I see you’re not ready to listen to me…”
“No I’m not…you are not a good friend at all…” Clara
The door to the car opened and the woman stepped out and
walked over to meet them.
“Good afternoon ma…” Rose and Clara greeted.
“Hello girls….how are you?” She asked.
“Fine ma…” Clara replied.
The woman looked at Rose and said.
“You look so familiar…what’s your name?”
Rose rolled her eyes and stared at the woman.
“Rose…” Rose answered not sure if she should be replying
the woman.
“You look so achingly familiar…it’s like I know you…”
The woman said.
“Is that what you tell everyone you meet?” Rose asked
“No….not at all…”
Rose was getting a bit spooked out by the woman’s attitude
so she quickly turned around and headed to her compound.
“She’s like that…please don’t mind her….she’s always
very disrespectful.” Clara said in an angry voice.
“It’s okay…she just looked so familiar….” The woman
“Yea…we all do…” Clara replied. “If you’ll excuse me,
I’ll go into my house now.”
Clara left Raymond’s mother, standing outside her gate and
gazing at the compound that Rose had walked into.
“Mom! C’mon you’re going to be late to the salon….”
Raymond’s words snapped his mother out of her reverie as she
hurried up to the car and got in.
Aunt Cassie was painting her nails while Rose flipped
through the television stations.
“Bored?” Aunt Cassie asked.
“Clara won’t talk to me. Not that I mind….”
“I am sorry my dear but you have to understand that
sometimes in life, we have to make sacrifices….”
“I was beginning to like her and now she hates me…”
“Don’t worry, she’ll soon realize that you’re such a good
“Aunt Cas, what are your intentions towards Clara’s dad? Do
you intend to marry him?” Rose asked.
“Marriage? Hahaha….I’m an eel and too slippery to be
trapped in such thing as marriage…”
“Then why are you dating him if you’re not marriage
“I need the money my dear…and when I am done collecting
it, I move on to the next fat fish…but I don’t expect you to understand these
things…” She said and as she spoke, her phone rang. She quickly answered and
spoke into the receiver. Once she was done, she looked at Rose and said.
“Clara’s dad wants to know if we can accompany him to an
event on Sunday…”
“Really? That would be cool…” Rose said excitedly.
“I thought so too…” Her aunt said with a smile.
Raymond and James were asleep but their mom wasn’t, she was
going through old pictures. She carefully flipped through the small postcards
and soon stopped at the picture she was looking for. It stared her in the face.
The girl in the picture bore close resemblance with the young girl she’d seen
this afternoon and the young girl in the picture was none other than herself.

To be continued next week….


  1. I remember James Mother's sister talking to her about something that caused a big fight. I guess she lost her daughter and Rose is the long lost daughter. so who is the father?

  2. Wait……James mum is Rose's mum or what?I was kinda hoping she will be Clara's mum. Like they should just discover she's still alive or something.
    Ada this twist ehn. No be for this world.
    Thanks for keeping us glued dear. Thanks gan ni

  3. Doctor impregnated his ex girlfriend ( Raymond and James mother)I don't know who left who,now his ex girlfriend's son has slept with his daughter, anyway I am happy that Clara's mother is not dead after all and I can't wait to see the shock of surprise and disappointment in Kendra's mother's face.


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