Isiuwa refused to get up, her father dragged, pulled and
pushed but she didn’t budge, she held on to the edges of the car seat firmly
and closed her eyes.
“I really don’t know what’s gotten into this girl…I don’t!”
Her father thundered.
Her parents were standing beside the car, the two passenger
doors were open and Isiuwa lay on the back seat determined to stay there and
not get out.

“Honey, the devil has found his way into our home ooo…why
are our kids behaving this way?” Isiuwa’s mother said to her husband.
“It is your home that the devil has gotten into and not my
home…I have told you to stop calling the devil’s name. Haven’t I?”
“I am sorry…” His wife replied.
Soon, another pastor and his family parked at the car park
and waved to them, then seeing that Isiuwa’s parents were standing beside their
car and not in a hurry to get into the church, the pastor walked towards them
“Honey, don’t you think we should close the door? I really
don’t like washing my linens outside. If word gets out that Isiuwa has been of
bad behaviour, no one would respect us in church and you know that I’m vying
for the seat of chairperson for the women’s wing.” Isiuwa’s mother said
“This is our church and we are all family.” Her husband
replied through grit teeth.
The pastor walked up to them in greeting.
“Good morning pastor Igbinovia, good morning madam…I hope
you slept well? I’m curious, why aren’t you inside the church and why are your
car doors open?”
“Pastor, it’s my daughter, I don’t know what has gotten into
her. Isiuwa used to be an imitation for the youths in our church, a role model
for everyone to follow. I never imagined that she would become so stubborn.” Her
father said worriedly.
“What happened?” The pastor asked, peering to look at Isiuwa
inside the car.
“Yesterday, she was very rude to her mother and I, then this
morning, she refused to have her bath and prepare for church. As you can see,
she’s still in her nightwear!”
“Hmmmm….” The pastor murmured.
“I brought her here for a deliverance session with pastor
Jide but since she refuses to leave the car we are waiting till we can pry her
out.” Her father concluded.
“I don’t think she needs deliverance….” The pastor said.
“What do you mean you don’t think she needs deliverance?”
Isiuwa’s father barked.
“What she needs is counselling, from a person who’s used to
dealing with teens. She’s at a major stage of her life which is also known as a
rebellious age. Most times, kids this age do not listen to their parents or
elders as they feel they are grown and wise to face the world.. It is a stage
and it’ll probably end when she’s twenty…” The pastor said.
“Twenty? Pastor you are not serious! I was not a rebellious
child and I didn’t give my mother any headaches. My sister did, that I
remember, she made my mother’s life a living hell and that’s why she has a
daughter outside wedlock because she never listened to my mom. I, on the other
hand got married and have two beautiful children who I believe I have trained
to be just as exemplary as myself. I do not believe that there’s an iota of
rebellion in any of my children.” Isiuwa’s mother stressed.
“What do you suggest we do?” Isiuwa’s father asked the
“My wife works with a government school as the guidance and
counselling teacher, perhaps I can ask her to talk to Isiuwa.” The pastor
“I doubt that would do her any good. I am also a guidance
and counselling woman myself even though I am not attached to any school…”
Isiuwa’s mother said in defensive.
“Let’s try it out and see, if Isiuwa listens to my
wife…then, we know its a teenage problem but if she doesn’t maybe you could
continue your deliverance on her…” The pastor said.
“Sure…please ask your wife to come…” Isiuwa’s dad said.
“You are giving us a sermon today right pastor?” The pastor
asked Isiuwa’s dad.
“Yea…yes I am…”
“Why don’t you come into the church and get prepared…don’t
worry, all these would be sorted out.” The pastor assured.
“Are you sure?” Isiuwa’s dad asked.
“Yes….I am…” The pastor said.
“I still believe that the devil is at work in Isiuwa’s
body…” Mrs. Igbinovia started.
“Will you keep quiet?” Isiuwa’s dad barked at her.
Soon the pastor’s wife arrived at the scene, while Isiuwa’s
mother stared at her in contempt and her father looked at the woman with hope
in his eyes.
“Hello…good morning pastor…” The woman greeted Isiuwa’s
father and turned to greet her mother who barely acknowledged the greeting.
“She’s in the car, perform your magic!” Isiuwa’s mother said.
“What is your problem?” Isiuwa’s father barked at his wife
and turning to the woman apologetically, he said.
“That’s my daughter in the car…her name is Isiuwa.”
“Ohhh…” The woman said as she walked to the open  door of the car and looked in to see Isiuwa
holding the sides of the seat tight.
“Hello Isiuwa…my name is Mrs. Maggie…how are you doing?”
She asked.
Isiuwa turned to stare at her, still clutching on to the
edges of the car seat.
“What do you want?” Isiuwa barked.
“You see…and after this you guys would say she’s not
possessed by evil spirits.” Isiuwa’s mother said.
“No she’s not!” Mrs. Maggie said.
“Says who? You’re not her mother, I am!” Isiuwa’s mother
“Could you go into the church? Now!” Isiuwa’s father said
sternly to his wife.
Isiuwa’s mother hissed and walked away.
“I am really sorry about that…” Isiuwa’s father said.
“Please sir, could you give us some moments alone?” Mrs.
Maggie asked.
“Sure…but I hope she doesn’t run off…she ran off from
the house yesterday and…”Pastor Igbinovia said worriedly.
“Don’t worry, she’s well behaved…she won’t run away.” Mrs.
Maggie assured.
As soon as Isiuwa’s dad left, Mrs. Maggie entered the car
and sat at the back seat beside Isiuwa.
“Your parents are gone, you can sit up now.” The woman said.
Isiuwa slowly released her grip from the car seat and sat
“So, let’s start the introductions all over again. My name
is Mrs. Maggie but you can call me aunt Maggie.”
“Isiuwa Igbinovia…”
“Let’s start at the beginning. Why are you sad?” Aunt Maggie
Isiuwa felt a flood leave her chest as she started speaking
“Where is she? It’s been four hours! Oh my God! Where is my
baby?” Abigail’s mother screamed.
Jibo was on his knees, he was so shaken, he had explained
himself over and over again to Abigail’s parents to no avail. They weren’t
listening to him.
“I …don’t know…I told you that…that we went for a swim
and she left me and ran away…I told you…I …I can’t hurt Aby…I can’t…”
Jibo said in tears.
“I know that you are my landlord’s son but I promise you
that if I do not see my daughter, you will rot in prison!” Abigail’s father
shouted as he quickly dialled the police.
“Please sir…please ma….I have no idea where she could
be…please…please…” Jibo said in tears.
There was a knock at the door and the maid opened it to let
in Jibo’s mother who rushed quickly to the sitting room.
“Mrs. Olaniyan…good afternoon…” Abigail’s mother
“Jibo…kilonshe? what’s the problem?” Mrs. Olaniyan asked
her son.
“Mummy…I…Abigail …I…we went out together this
morning and she left me because she was upset and till now, she’s not back
home…” Jibo said in tears.
“What did you do to upset her? What did you do to her? I
have called the police! You will be arrested!” Abigail’s father shouted.
“Calm down! No one is getting arrested.” Jibo’s mother said
matter-of-factly, then turning to Jibo she asked. “Jibo! What happened? Tell me
the whole story and don’t miss out on anything.”
“So, last night, I was in my room playing music…when a
text came in from Abigail, in the text message, she said she was dying and that
she really didn’t have more days to live as the doctors had said that her
condition was getting critical…” Jibo started.
“What is this boy saying? What doctor said what? My
friend…get your facts right! Abigail hasn’t been healthier in her entire
life!” Abigail’s father screamed.
“Do you have the text message?” Jibo’s mother asked.
“Yes…it’s in my phone.” Jibo said.
“Madam…with all due respect, I suggest we leave the
interrogation to the police…they are on their way here.” Abigail’s father
“Papa ibeji…there will be no involvement of the police
whatsoever in this case! What is wrong with you? Does my son look like a bad
boy? What are you thinking? Jibo will never hurt Abigail, he loves that girl
like his sister. Haba! Is this how you pay him back for all his kindness? I
know how many times Jibo takes your twins on tutorials, I see him spend time
with them and play with them, I see him love them like his own siblings. We
have known your family for the past sixteen years. This was the first house you and your wife occupied as a couple and Jibo has watched your kids grow into teenage
hood. It baffles me that you want him arrested after all the good he’s done for
you.” Jibo’s mother said in anger.
Jibo quickly opened his phone and scrolled to open the text
message, he handed the phone to his mother who read aloud.
“Hi Jibs, how are you doing? I was wondering if you can do
me a last favour. Word just got to us from the doc that I have little or no
time left in this world because I’m growing weaker by the day. Since, this is
the case, I’d like you to spare some time from your busy schedule to drive me
around. I have nowhere in mind but I’ll appreciate it if you can come up with
fun places we can visit tomorrow. Please don’t tell my parents of what I told you
because they are devastated already. I know you might have plans for tomorrow
but I know you will be off for school soon and I don’t know if this is the last
time we’ll see eachother alive.”
“What? That can’t be! How would Abigail write such rubbish?”
Abigail’s mother said as she quickly took the phone and read the text message.
“I took her to the pool at the Beithsa hotel where she asked
that we go and when we got there, she stripped to a very scandalous bikini. I
asked her if her mom knew she had such bikini and she got all defensive and
later…she…she…” Jibo started but stopped short.
“She what?” Abigail’s father asked quickly.
“Abigail revealed she has a crush on me and then I realized
that she wanted us to…be a couple but I told her off…because I’ve never
thought of her in such way or manner besides she’s like my little sister…she got upset and ran off and before I
could get out of the pool and change back to my clothing, I couldn’t catch up
with her. I spent two hours combing the area for her to no avail so I decided
to come back and see if she’s at home…” Jibo started.
“What? Abigail pulled such stunt to get you to notice her?
She’s fourteen! What does she need a boyfriend for? I’ll kill that girl when
she comes home…” Abigail’s mother shouted in frustration. “You are telling the truth Jibo, this is Abigail’s phone number…”
Jibo was so thankful that he hadn’t deleted the text message
or no one would have believed him.
“All the same, we need to get the police involved…she’s
been missing for quite a while.” Abigail’s father said.
Abigail opened her eyes, she was drowsy, she looked at her
surrounding and was surprised to see that she was in a moving vehicle but this
time with about ten girls her age. They were all sound asleep in the
vehicle. Abigail looked at herself and shook her head, she was wearing a blue
uniform and so were the girls.
‘This is not my school uniform…’Abigail thought. ‘Where am
But the drug she had inhaled was so strong that she closed
her eyes again and let sleep drag her in.

The bus drove meticulously down the tarred roads and on the
body of the vehicle was the inscription. ‘Amazing
Grace School of The Deaf And Dumb’


  1. Ada baby…..this story has taken a different turn. I hope Abigail won't end up dead or raped.
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