Rachel was at home doing nothing but being afraid. Black had
sent her a message a while ago stating that she was to come down to the meeting
place this evening at seven pm. Rachel was scared, she watched as her mother
busily went about preparing lunch and she shuddered, she needed help but
couldn’t ask her for it.
“Rachel…are you alright? You have hardly said a word all
through the day.” Her mother said.
Rachel didn’t speak, she was submerged in her thoughts and
wanted to weep in fear.

“Rachel.” Her brother called out to her. “Mom is talking to
She startled and stared at her brother in shock.
“What…what is it?” She asked him.
“Are you okay?” He asked. “You’ve changed ooo…you’re no
longer the bubbly sister I used to know.”
“Huh?” She gawked.
“Rachel, is anything the matter?” Her mother asked in
concern as she walked over to seat beside her on the sofa.
Rachel jerked off the sofa as though it had been burned.
“I…I need to go out.” She said.
Her mother stared at her.
“Go where?”
“Don’t ask me where I’m going to…” Rachel said and walked
out of the house, shutting the door behind her.
“Wow…she’s really turned terrible hasn’t she?” Her brother
said to her mother.
Winnie was seated cross legged on Mira’s bed and was staring
into her friend’s laptop. She was browsing through the latest movies on box
office when a message popped at the bottom of the screen.
“You have a notification from Facebook.” She called out to
Mira was rearranging her wardrobe as she realised that it
was a huge pile of mess.
“Huh? Oh…it’s just a notification, it’s not as though it’s
a personal message to me.” Mira said.
“Oh okay…you know I don’t have a Facebook account so, I
don’t know how these things work.” Winnie said.
“It’s queer that your mom doesn’t want you to open your own
Facebook account…how do you connect to the world?”
“She’s not the only one who says I can’t have a Facebook or
Twitter or Instagram account but daddy says the same thing too.” Winnie said.
“Serious? I thought your dad understood things.” Mira said.
“Yes…he’s cool but he’s terrified of social media, he says
that it is not a good for young minds.”
“Whatever does that mean?” Mira asked. “That’s not true!”
Winnie stared as the notification box popped up again and
she said.
“The notification is still popping up, it’s from
SweetSugarRayPlum76.” Winnie said.
“Oh, that’s Rachel.” Mira informed.
“Rachel? You mean the Rachel we know? She’s on Facebook
“Yes of course…Rachel is on all social media, she’s even
on Snapchat.”
“Wow! I wish I were you guys…” Winnie said. “Can I click
on the icon to see what she posted?”
“Sure…click away.” Mira said.
Winnie clicked on the notification box and read Rachel’s
world, I loved you when I lived….’

“Ha! What sort of status update is this?” Winnie asked,
peering at the message.
“What do you mean?”
“She wrote, ‘goodbye world, I loved you when I lived…’
what’s that?” Winnie asked.
Mira stopped arranging her clothes and turned to stare at
“That’s not a good status.” Mira said.
“Maybe she just quoted the words from a poem or
“Does that sound like something that came from a poem?” Mira
asked walking over to the bed to gaze at her laptop. “Something is definitely
“We should call her…” Winnie said.
“Yes, we should…that status doesn’t sound right…it
sounds as if it’s a suicide note.” Mira said.
“Mira! That’s absurd! Why would a sixteen year old think of
suicide?” Winnie asked alarmed.
“Didn’t you notice that she’s changed and it’s not because
of the little spat we had but she’s totally changed. Even at the picnic, her
mind seemed to be elsewhere.” Mira said.
“Do you think it’s because we found out that she wasn’t as
rich as she claimed?” Winnie asked with fear.
“No I doubt it.” Mira said.
“Lemme call her.” Winnie said turning on her phone. She
quickly dialled Rachel’s number and it rang for quite a while.
“Place it on speaker phone so that I can listen in.” Mira
Winnie placed the phone on speaker and they listened to it
ring, just as it was about to end, the phone was answered.
“Hello…” Rachel’s frail voice came through.
“Rachel, are you alright? I saw your Facebook status
update.” Winnie blurted. “What’s wrong?”
“You’re not on Facebook.” Rachel said.
“I’m at Mira’s and I saw it on her Facebook wall.” Winnie
“Oh okay…” Rachel said.
“How are you Rachel?” Mira asked.
There was a long pause as Rachel didn’t speak. Mira and
Winnie exchanged glances.
“Is everything okay with you?” Winnie asked.
“I don’t want to live anymore…” Rachel said in a teary
Her friends were alarmed.
“What? What are you talking about? Rachel!” Winnie called
“It was really nice meeting you girls but I think it’s time
to end all my life’s charades.” Rachel said.
“Are you serious? Where are you now Rachel?” Winnie asked in
“Where are you?” Mira asked.
“I don’t know…I’m just wandering the streets….” Rachel
“Wait for us, we are coming to your place right
away…please don’t do anything stupid.” Winnie said.
Rachel didn’t respond.
“Please Rachel, don’t do anything stupid okay…we’re
coming. Where can we meet you? At home?” Winnie asked.
“No…I’ll errrmm be at the gate of the government primary
school on the street after mine.” Rachel said. “You can’t miss it, it’s a big
blue and white building.”
“We’ll be there in a snap.” Winnie said and hung up.
Mira looked at Winnie in shock.
“She really sounds depressed. What could have happened?”
Mira asked.
“We don’t have time to figure that out. We need to get to
Rachel as soon as we can.” Winnie said.
“My driver has his day off on the weekends, how do we get
there?” Mira asked in a small voice.
“We’ll take a bus.” Winnie said.
“What? A bus? What happened to taxi cabs?” Mira protested.
“It’ll cost us about two thousand naira to go to Rachel’s
place and that’s not including our transport back.” Winnie said.
“My dad hasn’t been generous so, I don’t have any money at
all.” Mira said.
“I have seven hundred naira…” Winnie said. “If we take a
bus and you sit on my laps, we can pay for one seat and save cost so that we
have enough to come back with.”
“That’s ridiculous!” Mira cringed. “Sit on you laps in a
“Mira, are you going to be a diva or are you going to forget
yourself for one day and help your friend?” Winnie asked, already upset at
Mira’s tone.
“I mean…it’s just that, I’ve never taken a bus before…I
always feel that some passengers could be smelly.” Mira said.
“If you feel they are smelly, then place your body spray in
your bag and when you alight, you can spray it on your body.” Winnie said
standing from the bed to pick up her crossbody bag. “I’m off to see Rachel, you
can stay here if you want.” She said and walked out of the room.
“Wait for me…wait…I’m coming…” Mira said with a not
too happy look on her face, she prayed with all her heart that none of her
school friends should see her in the bus. She’d rather die than have that
happen. She picked up her knapsack and hurried out through the door.


To be continued tomorrow….



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