The boat stopped soon enough
and Frieda’s uncle and his family alongside Frieda and Isiuwa alighted.  The private beach was so vast and beautiful
and unlike the adventurous Isiuwa who would have been the first to tour the
island, she was nothing but cold and distant.

“What is wrong with you? Kill
joy!” Frieda taunted.
“Nothing…I am fine…”
Isiuwa said silently.
“Are you sure? You that’s the
most talky person in the whole school? Please spare me that!” Frieda announced.
“I am not feeling too well,
it’s my time of the month…” Isiuwa said.
Frieda stopped short and
stared at Isiuwa.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes…it came this
“Why didn’t you tell us so
that we could cancel the trip?”
“How would you guys cancel
the trip because I have my period?” Isiuwa asked Frieda.
“No…umm…I just want you
to have fun you know…and your menstrual cycle could disturb it…” Frieda
“I just need to rest
“Wait a minute Isi…I
thought our periods come at the same time. Infact almost all the girls in our
class have their periods at about the same time…” Frieda said.
“I guess I mine has a mind of
its own…” Isiuwa said.
“Are you alright Isi? You
sound strange…” Frieda asked with concern.
At that moment, Frieda’s
uncle walked up to the girls.
“I hope you girls are so
excited about this weekend?”
“Yes we are…” They both
“Well what are you waiting
for? Your room is the stand alone one at the west wing…so go get dressed and
I’ll see you girls in a bit…” Frieda’s uncle said.
“Okay uncle…” Frieda said
and started to walk towards the room.
Isiuwa held on tightly to her
bag and looked back to see Frieda’s uncle’s wife give her a solemn stare, she
stared back and was still rooted to the spot till Frieda shouted out at her.
“Are you running senile? What
is wrong with you all of a sudden?” Frieda asked.
“Oh nothing…I’m coming…”
Isiuwa said as she ran up to meet her friend, happy that she was wise enough to have taken the sanitary
pad from Isiuwa’s aunt.
Abigail hated every moment
she spent at the cinema and prayed to God that the movie ended soon enough
because she wasn’t even concentrating on the film instead her thoughts and eyes
were reverted to Jibo and his so called girl friend who were hurdled together
and watching the movie. Abigail and Shedrach or Shay or whatever she called
herself flanked Jibo at the sides while he sat in between them. Shay got so
comfortable with Jibo that before Abigail could say jack, her head was nestled
on his shoulder, Abigail was mad. The movie went on and on and when she thought
it wouldn’t end, Shay reached out to rub Jibo on his jaw and the young man
chuckled stupidly. Abigail hissed and began to think up a plan which would revert Jibo’s
attention back to herself. Suddenly, she mumbled an excuse and got up as though she wanted to head to
the rest room then fell in a mock faint on Jibo’s laps. Jibo screamed out
her name and suddenly, the whole cinema was in commotion as Jibo carried her in
his arms and hurried towards the exit with Shedrach in tow and a few other
concerned cinema audience as well. By the time they had left the confines of the
cinema, Jibo lay her on the ground and using one of the movie fliers, he started
fanning her. Abigail was happy and almost smiled but caught herself immediately
as she let her eyes remain closed and let him do the work.
“What happened to her? Is she
okay?” One strange voice asked.
“I think her crisis started,
she’s a sickler…” Jibo supplied.
“Serious? This is not a
fanning matter, we need to take her to the hospital fast, I am a medical doctor
and I work in a hospital not far away from here, let me call the ambulance.”
The man said.
Abigail opened her eyes in
shock, she didn’t want to go to the hospital when she knew that nothing was
wrong with her, she moaned loudly, drawing the attention of Jibo to herself.
“Can we go home
Jibo…please…” She said, feigning a weak voice.
“This man says he is a
doctor, let me take you to his hospital and call your parents to come …” Jibo
“Noo…I want to go
home…just take me home…” Abigail said and sat up on the ground.
“Are you sure it’s not the
crisis or something?” Shedrach asked, staring at Abigail in a funny way.
“No! How can this be a
crisis?” Abigail snapped.
Shedrach was taken aback by her rudeness and wondered if the faint was real at all.
The good Samaritans started
dispersing when they saw that Abigail was better,  they went back to continue their movie.
“Don’t bother standing up
baby, I’ll carry you…” Jibo said to Abigail, then turning to Shedrach he
said, “I’ll be back soon, please go and continue the movie, I’ll be back here
in a jiffy.”
“Nooo…lemme come with
you…we’ll see the movie another time…” Shedrach whined.
“Jibo can we not go with
anybody in the car? Your car is quite small and I was feeling a bit choked up
while I was in it the first time…” Abigail said.
“Huh?” Shedrach exclaimed and
stared at Abigail in surprise over her request.
“Don’t worry Shay, I’ll be
back before you can say jack…” Jibo said and lifted Abigail into his arms.
“What’s going on here?” Shay
asked with disbelief, amazed that Jibo could actually concur with what Abigail had said over her’s.

Jibo looked at her in plea
and still holding Abigail in his arms, he walked out of the cinema. Abigail
felt on top of the world, she smiled slyly and placing her head on his chest
she closed her eyes and fantasized of him. ‘This
time, they were in a fairy land and he had just saved her from the jaws of the
dragon lord and….’.


  1. Snap out of it, Abigail!! You should be grateful Jibo is a responsible fellow.
    Mills and Boons have done their share of wrecking lives of some teenagers and they come so cheap. I remember we bought it for as cheap as 100 naira back then. and to think teenagers had them in large supply.
    Thank God for his mercy and deliverance.


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