Abigail had twenty minutes to get ready,
she stood from her bed, went to the bathroom, showered and got dressed. She was
just putting a finishing touch of lipgloss to her lips when there was a knock at the door.

“Who is it?”

“Jibo’s here to see
you.” The maid said.

“Okay…coming…” She said.

Last night, she had sent
Jibo a text telling him that she was really sick and afraid that she might
actually die and not get to enjoy some things of life. Abigail told Jibo in a text message that she few places to visit before she actually left the world and that since he
was her confidante, she’d prefer he took her around Lagos before he left for school, making sure she played the card, 
‘I don’t know if this is the last time we’ll see eachother alive.’

All these were lies Abigail formed in her head as she was going nowhere anytime soon, the doctors had said that she was a healthy teenager and with the necessary care she needed, would live for very long.

also told Jibo in the message that she didn’t think it necessary that he tell
her parents anything about this so that they don’t get worried. 

She stepped out
of her room clad in a white maxi dress and white sneakers, she had wrapped her
hair in a bun and she was so sure she looked like an angel.

“Hey…Abigail my darling…”
Jibo said walking up to her and giving her a fierce hug.

“Hey Jibo…” She said in
a small voice.

“Oh my God I felt
terrible when I read your text…” Jibo said quietly.

“Yea…thank you…” Abigail
said, hugged him and batted her lashes.

“Are you alright? If there’s anything I can do…” Jibo started.

“Shhh…Jibs…let’s not waste this moment we have together.” Abigail said.

“Ok…let’s go then.” Jibo said.

“Sure…lemme get my
purse…” Abigail said.

Abigail had purposely
forgotten her purse, all in a bid to catch her crush’s attention. She wanted
him to stare at her while she walked back to her room to get it. By the time
she came out, she received the response she wanted to hear.

“You look lovely
Abigail.” Jibo said.

“Thank you so much
Jibs…” Abigail said.

“Sesan and your folks
are at church am I right?”

“Yes…I was too weak to
go with them.” Abigail said.

As they left the house,
the maid stared at them and wondered what Abigail was up to. Just this morning,
Abigail had lain in bed, scaring her parents who thought she had fallen sick
again but now, she walked out of the house with Jibo as though nothing ever
happened to her in the first place.

Abigail let Jibo lead her out of the house and shut the door behind them, grinning mischievously. All thanks to the website she had stumbled on yesterday, Abigail the good little girl was soon to become the seductress.

“So where are we headed first?” Jibo asked.

“Well…I wanted to go to the pool…you know that one at the hotel…” Abigail said in a small voice.

“Really? What’s there to see in a swimming pool? Do you want to swim?” He asked.

“Perhaps…” She answered, smiling slyly. What no one knew was, Abigail had worn a bikini underneath her white dress and was out to catch Jibo unawares.

‘He’ll have no choice…no choice at all..” Abigail thought as she followed Jibo to his car and got in.


All through the sermon in church, Sesan wasn’t paying attention, his mind was playing pranks with him as he believed that Isiuwa and the half-caste boy who had showed up at her place yesterday were a couple. Sesan felt like stomping his foot in anger but the fact that it would draw attention to him kept him in check. The pastor of the youth church ended his sermon and decided to make a special announcement.

“Young ladies and gentlemen of our beautiful church, I am glad to inform you that we have created a new forum for the youth wing and it’s a segment for young ones who have crossed the age of twelve years and it ranges to about nineteen years. So, I would like everyone who is between the ages of twelve and nineteen to stand up from their seats.”

Sesan rolled his eyes and stood up, he wished he was twenty so that he wouldn’t have to join any stupid forum.

“Please step aside from your seats and walk to the pulpit.” The pastor said.

‘Gosh!’ Sesan thought as he left his seat and walked to the pulpit with other teenagers.

“Kindly follow the assistant youth pastor to the small prayer room.” He said.

“What is all this?” Sesan said aloud.

The other kids looked at him as though he was the biggest sinner amongst them.

“What are you looking at? Face your front jare…” Sesan said.

Sesan wasn’t a bully, he was actually a very friendly person but the recent happenings around him had changed him a bit and made him very troubled hence the rudeness.

They all entered the meeting room and sat down, soon the assistant pastor joined them and looking at them all, he smiled.

Sesan rolled his eyes, ‘why was he smiling? Doesn’t he know that time is money?’ He asked himself.

“You might all be wondering why we had you guys separated from the group but not to worry, it’s all for good. We’ve discovered that this generation has been too exposed to different things, from the internet to social media and even though we love the fact that these new infusion to our lifestyle has made life somewhat easier, we can’t rule off the fact that it has caused more harm than good. Hence, we as a church have decided to invite the ‘most sensitive ages’ of the youth church and sensitize them about what’s sin and what’s not! I’ll now invite Miss Abimbola who is a strong standing member of the church to enlighten us further.”

As Miss Abimbola walked to the front of the prayer room, some teenagers clapped while some did not, Sesan was one of those who did not.

“Hello everyone my name is Abimbola but you guys can call me ‘Bim Bim’.” She said.

The nickname she had given them drew laughter from the teenagers and they were more eager to listen.

“First and foremost, I’d like to ask you guys this question. What do you do when no one’s watching? It could be playing that game your mom said you shouldn’t play with since its a school night, it could be watching that movie your dad told you that it’s X-rated, hence not too good for kids your age. There are lots of stuff we do when we think no one is watching but do you know what? God is watching even when you feel you are alone.” Bim Bim said.

Sesan felt nervous, he gripped the edges of his seat with his two hands and felt sweat trickle down his back.

“I’ll mention a few other things that I know that teenagers do when their parents aren’t watching. The first is, reading or watching pornography. Can someone tell me what pornography is?” She asked.

All the teenagers looked away, some shuffled their feet on the tiled floors, others chewed their lips, while a few others stared around clueless.

“Young man, can you tell us what pornography is?” Bim Bim asked, pointing at Sesan.

“Whaaa…” Sesan said in shock.

“Yes you…could you tell us what you think pornography is?”

“I…I need to use the toilet…” Sesan said quickly.

“Could you answer the question first?”

“Is this a classroom? Isn’t this supposed to be a church? I don’t think it’s necessary to answer your questions besides, I need to pee…” Sesan said and hurried out of the prayer room at the chagrin of the pastors and teenagers.


It was Sunday and Isiuwa was in bed, doing nothing. Her door suddenly flew open and her mother lashed out.

“Isiuwa…what time is it? How come you’re not dressed for church?”

“I’m not going…” Isiuwa replied.

“How dare you say that? Are you mad? Do you want to be punished?”

“Punished for not wanting to go to church? Please mom, whatever punishment I receive for this crime I sincerely hope it’s directly from God and not from you or dad.”

“Isiuwa! Are you talking to me?” Her mother asked in anger.

“I don’t see anyone else in this room.” Isiuwa replied.

“Lucky! Lucky!” Isiuwa’s mother screamed, calling out her father’s name and storming out of the room.

A few minutes later, her father walked into the room with her mother in tow.

“Isiuwa I’m giving you five minutes to have your bath and get dressed for church.”

Isiuwa didn’t budge, she wasn’t about to be scared into submissiveness.

“Am I talking to a living human being or a dead one?” Her father thundered.

“I’ve told mummy that I am not going anywhere and that’s final.” Isiuwa said.

“What? How dare you? In what house?” Her mother screamed.

“I give you five minutes Isiuwa! Five minutes and yes, you must come to church!” Her father said and stormed out.

“Whatever demon you’ve allowed into your body will be forced out today…you’ll see.” Her mother snapped her fingers at her and stormed out of the room.

Five minutes later, Isiuwa’s screams reverberated the house as her father slung her over his shoulder and carried her down the stairs.

“Hellllppppp!” Isiuwa screamed.

“You would not disrespect me Isiuwa and you will not disrespect your mother!” Her father shouted.

Mense and Osas sat downstairs in the sitting room, they weren’t going to church as the doctor had requested that Osas rested indoors for a bit before going outdoors while Mense had readily volunteered to stay with him. She would have attended church but she really wasn’t ready to be in the company of her aunt and her husband.

“Noooo…let me goooo…I hate it here…I hate you guys….lemme goooooo…” Isiuwa screamed as she struggled to be released from her father’s grip.

Mr. Igbinovia’s well-pressed suit was already so crumpled from all the hassle but he was determined to drag his daughter to church. They got to the car and he literally flung her in. Isiuwa was still dressed in her nightwear and was bare feet, she looked a mess. She tried pushing open the car door but her father had locked it and she didn’t know how to open it.

“Lucky, what is happening? Why are these children behaving this way? You should have seen the way Osas shut his door against me yesterday…what have we done wrong?” Isiuwa’s mother asked her husband.

“It’s the work of the devil and they both have to be released from his grip before its too late. As soon as we get to the church, I’m inviting Pastor Gabriel to do a deliverance session on her.” Mr. Igbinovia said.

“Good Idea…” His wife replied.

To be continued next week…


    • Yes, most teenagers are very difficult to handle and if parents do not take time, they'll lose their hold all in the name of discipline. Well spoken dear.

  1. The major problem in Isi and Osas' case is that their parents won't even listen to them. They think they know everything that's going on with their children. That alone can be frustrating.
    Listening to your children's opinion can do more good than harm.

    • As in…their parents think that discipline can be instilled by being so strict with them. If only they knew.
      Thank you for such a wonderful comment. God bless.


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