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It was almost two weeks after his sexual experience with
Miyebi and Osas had prayed and fasted hard inorder to gain God’s forgiveness. Last
Sunday in church, his father who ministered at the service had asked everyone
in church if they wanted to re-commit themselves to the Lord especially those
who were born-again and felt weighed down by a particular sin or sins of some sort.

It was as if Osas’s father knew his son had erred because he kept talking about
God’s ability to wipe sins till they are as white as snow. Osas was worried, he
had wanted to get up but everyone’s eyes were open, they would see him walk to
the center of the church and kneel down while his father prayed for him and his
parents too would not be oblivious to the fact. And knowing them too well, he
was so sure that they would want to know his sins even though it is between him
and God. He could imagine his parents voices after his ‘surrendering’ at the altar, when they were alone with him.

what went wrong? We thought you were strong with Christ. We would like you to
know that we are a representation of Christ here on earth especially as your
parents. Whatever your sins are, feel free to discuss them with us.”
would echo.
His parents were overtly religious and most times felt that
they knew the mind of God and he wasn’t too comfortable with that.
It was a Tuesday morning, Osas stood up from his bed and went
to brush his mouth in his bathroom, he was brushing vigorously when he heard
his phone ring. He quickly rinsed his mouth and went to the bed were he had
dropped it and picked it up. Lo and behold, it was Miyebi. He felt the heat
fill his body again and trying hard to envision his holy art thou mother instead
of Miyebi’s body, he answered the call.
*Sniff* *Sniff*
“Miyebi are you okay?” Osas asked in worry.
“No…I’m not okay…we have to talk.”
“Talk? I have to run some errands for my dad this morning,
maybe I’ll come over to your place…I mean…we could see at a fast food by late
“It can’t wait…”
“Do you need help or something? Are you in some kind of
trouble?” Osas asked in worry.
“Osas…I am pregnant!”
“Excuse me?”
“I am…carrying your…baby…I took…a pregnancy test and…and…”
Miyebi burst into tears.
Osas’s eyes widened, he looked at the ceiling and fell flat
on his back on the bed, ‘doesn’t God truly forgive sins? I said I was sorry didn’t
I?’ He thought to himself.
“Say something Osas…”
“But we didn’t do anything…”
“Don’t you dare deny me…I have proof…I have proof of
everything…you came to my house and we had sex…”
“We didn’t have sex…yes we got really intimate but I didn’t…”
“You didn’t what? Yes, you didn’t penetrate fully but I’m a
virgin and you are the only guy who has seen my panties…what else could have
caused a pregnancy? The Immaculate Conception? Being a pastor’s son, you should know that it’s not
possible for Jesus to come into the world twice as a baby.” Miyebi insisted.
“Wait…Miyebi…I need to process this…” Osas said in a
strangled voice.
“What the heck are you processing? The child is yours and
there’s no denying it okay!”
“I’ll be at your house shortly…” Osas said in a resigned
“That’s fine, but call me when you get to the gate, my daddy
is around.” Miyebi said quietly and hung up.
Osas threw his phone away and watched it bounce off the bed
and to the ground, he placed his palms over his face and cried.
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“So are you coming with us?” Freida asked again.
Frieda and Isiuwa were eating corn during break time at
school, the corn seller had as usual brought her sweet-corn to the delight of
the students.
“Well…I don’t know what to tell my parents.” Isiuwa said.
“If you don’t come, my uncle will be disappointed. He has
taken a liking to you, you know and he would be sad if you don’t come.”
“What do I tell my dad and mum?” Isiuwa asked.
“Tell them that you are coming over to my place for the
weekend …” Frieda supplied.
“But…but you know that we are really going far. I
have never ventured far to the outskirts of Lagos without my parents before…ever.”
“Look, this is going to be fun and it might be the only fun
you’ll ever get in your entire life since you are a pastor’s daughter. You’ll
grow up and your daddy will find you a good pastor guy to get married to and
you will bear religious children. This is the only time you can let go of
everything and enjoy life. My uncle is taking us to one of the best private
beaches in Lagos for a weekend and the whole trip is financed by him. He bought
you a brand new phone and a Beats by Dre headphone plus beautiful clothes. You
owe him big time!” Frieda said and stormed off.
Isiuwa was confused, she hurried up to meet her friend,
apologizing along the way.
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“Awww….my leg hurts!” Abigail screamed.
She was seated at the balcony of her parents flat and half-listening
to Jibo’s tutorial on the maths subject and half-day dreaming about him. She had skipped school that day due to
poor health and was so happy to have Jibo around. He had been teaching her for
the past two hours and her watch indicated that the time was almost three pm,
which means that her big-headed brother, Sesan, was on his way back from school
and she really wanted to get a little romantic before he came back home.
“What is wrong sweetheart?” Jibo asked with concern.
“My leg, it’s like my muscle pulled…” Abigail said pouting
her lips.
“Lemme have a look at that.” Jibo said, walking over to her
and crouched low to lift her feet gently into his palms.
Abigail closed her eyes and imagined the ‘Telenovela’ series
on television, ‘My heart beats for Lola’, she smiled and visualized him kissing
her feet and caressing it, so she moaned.
“Is something wrong?” Jibo asked startled when he heard her
“No…I mean…yes…I mean…no!”
“Your muscle seems fine, I am no specialist but I think you
should get some rest. We’ll continue our lessons tomorrow.”
“No…please let’s continue…I am ready to learn…” Abigail
said, desperate that he stays.
Jibo’s phone chose that moment to ring and he answered the
“Hello baby…are you here already?” Jibo asked, walking over
to look down from the balcony railing. He waves at someone downstairs and
smiles sweetly. “I’ll be right down.” He says and hangs up.
“Sorry I have to leave now. Sesan will be back soon right?
So, you’ll have company…” Jibo started.
“Nooo…Sesan is a horrible brother, even if he comes back, he’ll
try to make my life miserable. Can I stay with you at your house?”
“Well…I’m actually on my way out…”
“Can I come with you…please, I promise I’ll be no trouble…”Abigail
“Okay…lemme ask my companion if its okay with her.”
“Her?” Abigail echoed.
Jibo didn’t hear her question, he headed towards the exit door, Abigail rushed to get her
sandals and shouted a quick word to the maid that she’ll be back soon and they
both left.
They got downstairs and lo and behold, Abigail saw the
hottest girl on the planet, standing beside one of the cars downstairs and
waiting. She had a very long weave on her head and it was dyed in mermaid hue. The girl was beautifully dressed in a slogan crop top which read ‘Wild & Free’, and a black leather skirt which she paired with high-tops, her pink lips widened into a smile as soon as she saw Jibo.
“Hey darling…” The girl said excitedly and jumped into Jibo’s
arms. As soon as the hug was over, she turned to regard Abigail.
“Is this your kid sister? She’s cute…” The girl said in
“Noo…this is not Morenike…this is my neighbour, Abigail.”
“Oh…how nice…” The girl said. “So what’s the plan? I’m not
ready to sit in your house all day today…”
“Let me bring the car keys and we’ll go…I also have a quick
favour to ask…” Jibo said.
“Shoot…” The girl said.
“Abigail would like to join us…she’s not feeling too well so, I tend to bribe her with treats…” Jibo said as he ruffled her hair as
though she was a child.
“Sure…why not? It means, we’ll stick to seeing movies below
eighteen…how old is she?”
“Thirteen…or twelve…I think!” Jibo said.
“I’m fourteen!” Abigail said in a hurt voice.
“Okay…” The girl said.
“Jibo…you didn’t introduce us…” Abigail said through grit
“Oh…Abigail meet Shedrach, my girlfriend.” Jibo said as he
went ahead to pull Shedrach into his arms and gaze lovingly into her eyes.
“You can call me Shey!” The girl said and winked at her.
Abigail wished the ground would open up and swallow her.
Isiuwa was at the dinning eating dinner with her parents,
Osas was nowhere to be found and even after her parents long inquires of his
whereabouts, she remained mum because she actually had no idea of where he was.
She was busy, thinking about her trip with Frieda and her uncle, she actually didn’t
want to miss it. She was about to tell her parents a lie about having to spend
the weekend at Frieda’s house for some weird reason when her father cleared his
throat and spoke up.
“Isi, your mom and I are going to be away from Thursday this
week, we have a national Christian conference at Abuja and it will run through the
Isiuwa almost screamed ‘hurray’ but she held herself in
check and pretended as though she didn’t want to see them go.
“But daddy…mommy…it will be boring without you guys…” She
“Ofcourse not! Your brother is here with you and we believe
that the two of you are big enough to take good care of yourselves while we are
away. Agnes the help would have stayed during the weekend but her sister is
sick so she has to travel. We will be back on Sunday evening. Make sure
that you children don’t miss church.” Her mother said in a stern voice.
“But the church is far from us, and Osas doesn’t drive.” Isiuwa
“It’s okay…you both can attend any of the Christian churches
around the corner.” Her father said. Isi was so happy, she smiled silently and quickly rushed her
food then excused herself. As soon as she got to her room, she brought out her
phone from where she had hidden it and called Frieda.

“Hey babe…guess who’s coming to the private beach for
the weekend?” She screamed.


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