Osas’s parents sat beside him at the hospital, it was
already seven pm and he had been awake for some hours.
“I am so glad to see you well…thank God for everything.” His
mother was saying to him.
“Thanks mom…” Osas said then asked. “Where is Isiuwa? Why
isn’t she here?”
“She was here yesterday but since she had her party for
today, I told her to go and concentrate on making it a success. Mense is around
too…she’s at the house.” His father said.
“Okay.” Osas said.

“Well…Isiuwa is not at home…she…she behaved disgracefully
and because I scolded her, she ran off from the party.” His mother said.
“Ran off? Why didn’t you tell me?” Her husband demanded.
“Isiuwa dressed very provocatively for the party, she even
had makeup on. I thought I had trained her better than that…so when I got into
the house and saw her dressed like a tramp I asked her to remove the dress and
“Did you do all this infront of her friends?” Osas asked.
“Yes…I believe in open discipline and I won’t hide when
melting out punishment.” His mother defended herself.
“But that’s embarrassing! You could have waited till the
party was over or called her aside to relay your message and not disgrace her
before everyone.” Osas said.
“I brought you both up to be model children and I don’t
expect to be paid back with nonsense!” His mother snapped.
“C’mon guys! Dad, mom, give us a break! You don’t give us
phones till we are eighteen, you censor our friends, you prohibit us from
wearing some clothes, you don’t let us do lots of things, what else do you want
from us? I hate the idea of going back to that house and I’ve been meaning to
ask that I go and stay with Uncle Moses in Port Harcourt and go to school from
there. I need a break…” Osas said.
“A break? Osas…why? Do you know how much we’ve sacrificed
for you and your sister? Do you know how much we love you?” His father asked.
“I know that you guys have done a lot, and I truly
appreciate it but right now, I need a fresher perspective of life. I need to
discover myself and who I really am…I don’t want to live under your shadow as I
used to. I have made my decision!” Osas said.
“Is this how you want to pay us back? By being rebellious?”
His mother asked in an offended tone of voice.
“Repay you? Mom! The prerogative of every parent is to train
his or her child, nurture them and love them. It’s not something that should be
repaid! It is a sacrifice that every parent must make, whether rich or poor, so
stop sounding like I owe you something because I don’t.” Osas said.
His mother stared at him with red rimmed eyes and turning
away, she walked to the window.
“I’ll call your uncle and tell him of your plans…” His
father said.
“Thanks dad…I really appreciate it…”
“Now, I’ll go home and see if your sister is back, I hope
she is because if she’s not…I’ll have to search around for her…she shouldn’t
have gone far.” His father said and patting him on the hand, he left the room.
As soon as Osas’s father left the hospital room, he dialed his brother’s number, his brother picked at the first ring.
“Hello big bro, how is everything?” His brother asked.
“Moses, I need a favour…Osas is going to ask that he stays with you in your house in Port Harcourt whenever he’s done with the school session.”
“Oh that’s cool…I’ll love to have him around…”
“Do me a favour…do not agree…” Osas’s father said and hung up.
Isiuwa sat in the small government primary school not too
far from her house and cried. She felt like dying, she wished she could float
far away and that no one could ever see her. Her mother had ended up ruining
her birthday party and embarrassing her before her friends and she didn’t think
she could ever forgive her for that. She was still sobbing when she heard
someone call her name.
“Are you sure she’s here?” Mense asked aloud.
“We’ve searched the whole area and this primary school looks
quiet and Isiuwa likes quiet places. I know she does.” Sesan said.
“Isiuwa! Isiuwa! If you’re here please come out…please!”
Mense called out.
It was already getting dark and they had combed the whole
area in search of Isiuwa but to no avail.
“Isiuwa!” Sesan shouted out again.
Suddenly, a small frame emerged from one of the classrooms,
it was Isiuwa.
“Oh my God! Isiuwa! Thank God we found you!” Mense shouted
and ran to hug her with tears of joy.
“Mense, I don’t want to go home…” Isiuwa cried.
“Shhh…everything will be alright.” Mense said.
“Thank God you’re okay…” Sesan said.
“Thanks Sesan.” Isiuwa said in appreciation.
“I hate that house and I don’t want to talk to my mom ever
again.” Isiuwa started.
“I understand you but she’s still your mom and she cares for
you.” Mense said.”
“Really? After embarrassing me before the guests? I don’t
think I’d ever get those teens to respect me again after all that embarrassment.”
“I am sorry that I made you wear this dress and put on
make-up but I do accept responsibility for the ruined party. If I didn’t insist
on styling you, this wouldn’t have happened.” Mense said.
“I am glad you styled me…thanks Mense.” Isiuwa said, wiping
away her tears with the back of her palms.
“I guess we should get going now…it’s already growing dark.”
Sesan said.
As they walked towards the gate, Isiuwa said.
“From now on, I’m going to go against every rule in that
house since they have decided to embarrass me after trying my best to be the
ideal daughter. From today, I am no more the Isiuwa you knew hours ago, I am
different and I will do as I please!” Isiuwa said rebelliously.
“Calm down okay, let’s get home first.” Mense said.
Isiuwa nodded but deep down, she knew that her
mind had already been made up!

To be continued next week,…



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