Winnie’s parents were standing at the front of Mira’s house
when a police vehicle drove up towards them as well as two other cars. The cars
stopped and three police officers stepped out of the police vehicle, one police
officer stepped out of Mira’s mother’s vehicle while Mira and her mother
followed suit.
“That’s Mira! Mira, thank God!” Rachel shouted for joy and
rushed up to hug Mira.
Winnie’s parents stood there scanning the vehicles for a
sign of their daughter. Mira’s outfit was bloody as well as her mother’s while
her dad who had emerged from his vehicle, didn’t have a stain on his body.
“Where’s Winnie?” Kate asked walking up to them.
“Thank God you’re fine Mira…thank God.” Rachel said to
Mira with tears in her eyes.
Mira nodded but didn’t speak.
“Where’s Winnie? Her parents are here with me, they came as
soon as they received the text message from her.” Rachel informed.
Mira still didn’t speak but stared at Rachel quietly.
“Are you Winnie’s parents?” A police officer asked walking
up to meet Winnie’s parents.
“Yes…yes…we are…” Winnie’s step-father answered, not
taking his eyes away from the vehicles.
“It’s your daughter sir…”
Kate looked at the officer in alarm.
“Where is my daughter? Did she decide not to come home? I
really need to speak with her. She left in such a foul mood this morning and I
wish she’d just listen to me.”
“It’s not that madam, she’s…she’s at the hospital…” The
officer said.
Kate screamed in alarm and grabbed hold of the officer’s
“My daughter is where? What do you mean? Where is Winnie?
Where is she?”  Kate wailed.
“She got caught by a bullet. It wasn’t our intention but
that’s what happened. I am really sorry.” Another officer said.
“What? Who got caught by a bullet? What are you saying?”
Winnie’s father screamed.
“She’s at the teaching hospital, receiving treatement.
Please…we are sorry and we are bearing the costs for her treatement.” The
officer said.
“You’re mad! Who told you I want that…I want my daughter
brought back to me and I want her back now!” Winnie’s mother screamed.
Mira’s mother took a step forward.
“I am deeply sorry that this happened, Winnie took that
bullet because she was trying to save my daughter and I.”
“How dare you? How dare you tell me that? Go and bring back
my daughter! Bring her back to me now or else! You are so…so…irresponsible
for taking another person’s child with you without her parents consent. You’re…”
Kate wailed and suddenly collapsed.
The officer caught her and quickly took her into the
compound and laid her on the ground to revive her. Winnie’s father stood there
in a daze, he couldn’t believe what he’d just heard.
“I’m…really…really sorry…I didn’t think she’d do that.
It hurts me to know that she’s fighting for her life while I’m here, alive and
well. But for what it’s worth, you have a really good daughter; she’s so
well-behaved and well-mannered…” Mira’s mother said.
“Winnie was only trying to help me, she’s so selfless…”
Mira started with tears in her eyes.
“Where is she?” Winnie’s father said with a hoarse voice.
“She…she’s…at the teaching hospital…she’s in intensive
care…” Mira’s mother said, feeling guilty.
“I…want to go to her…” Winnie’s father said.
Rachel who hadn’t spoken since they were told bout Winnie’s
predicament, crouched to the ground in tears. Mira walked up to her.
“I’m sorry Rachel…I know it’s all my fault. If I hadn’t
been kidnapped, this would never have happened. I ropped Winnie in with my
problems and I feel so guilty…so guilty.” Mira cried.
“Go upstairs Mira and get some rest.” Her father said to her.
“Don’t you talk to me! This is all your fault…if you hadn’t
brought Daniel into this house, none of this would have happened.” Mira cried.
A police officer, who had previously gone into the house, walked
up to Mira’s father and asked.
“Sir, I searched your house and there’s no sign of the woman
called Monica.”
“She was there…she was there…” Mira’s father started.
“She left a while ago…” Rachel said sourly.
“Left?” Mira’s father asked silently.
“Yes…she had a lot of bags.” Rachel informed.
Mira’s father’s eyes widened.
“Sir, you obviously didn’t tell us the truth. You told us at
the station that she was at home. You must understand that we need to see
Daniel’s mother because it’s glaring that he had an accomplice aside his fellow
gang members and we suspect that she had a hand in the kidnap as well.” The
officer said angrily.
“Officer, I told you the truth. I had no idea that Daniel
could do such a thing and I didn’t know that his mother was a part of it. It
was after you took Winnie to the hospital and later on, we went to the station
that I was informed about Daniel and how he…”
“Listen to me sir, you have to follow us to the station
again.” The officer said.
“What? Are you arresting me?” Mira’s father asked.
“There are alot of irregularities in your story…”
“What are you saying? You’ve already arrested my son…what
else do you want from me? Why am I going to the station?” Mira’s father asked.
Meanwhile, Winnie’s step-father was listening to another
officer who was telling him about Winnie and what happened.
“So, you mean that she jumped right in front of her friend’s
mother?” He asked.
“Yes sir…she did…we admit that we didn’t see that
gunshot coming because it didn’t seem as though the guy wanted to shoot but he
did and…” The officer said sounding sober.
“I need to go and see her…my wife and I need to be with
“Yes, you will sir….I’ve already told my fellow officer to
give the hospital a call so that you can see her without hassle. You know it’s
very late in the night and visiting hours are only in the early part of the
Winnie’s father nodded and buried his face in his palms and
groaned. He wanted to cry but he couldn’t as he knew he had to be strong for
his wife. He walked into the compound and saw her seated on the bare ground and
crying while Mira’s mother stayed with her and. comforted her.
As soon as she saw him, she burst into tears and said.
“It’s all my fault…when I realized that I was pregnant
with Winnie, I wanted the baby to die. I didn’t want to have the child…I
refused….I prayed that she’d just die like that but…but…she didn’t die
and now, that she’s all grown up, my wish has come true and…”
“Shhh…Winnie is fine…she just got shot and she’s at the hospital.”
He comforted.
“Do you know what a gunshot wound could do to her? What if
she’s paralysed? What if she is hit in an important part of her body? What if
she dies?”
“Enough of the what if’s, we must be optimistic and believe that
she’ll be okay…because she will be.” He said. “Now, dry your tears, and let’s
go and see her at the hospital. The officer would just call the hospital and we’ll
Winnie’s mother nodded silently.
“Thank you for understanding…” Mira’s mother said to
Winnie’s step-dad.
Winnie’s father didn’t respond but helped his wife up to her
Theodora couldn’t sleep, she didn’t know why but something
nagged at her. She woke up and stared at the time, it was four thirty eight am.
She struggled to get out of bed as her tummy grew heavier each day. After using
the toilet, she walked out and sat on the bed. She saw her phone sitting at a
corner and picking it up, she made a call.
“Hello…daddy.” She greeted. “I’m sorry I called this
“What do you want Theodora?” Her father’s voice floated down
the line. He sounded very sad.
“Daddy! Is anything the matter? Why are you speaking to me
in that tone?”
“You and your sister are the most selfish people I know…you
are so wicked and heartless….and…”
“Dad, wait, where’s all this coming from?”
“Did you or did you not tell Winnie the truth about her
“Didn’t we agree that the best person to tell her the truth
was her mother? Now, look what you’ve done!”
“What have I done? Daddy, I don’t understand. We love you
and that’s why we are fighting to get our family back to the way it was before.
If we didn’t love you, we’d never make so much effort.”
“Don’t put love as a reason for your actions Theodora! You
did the unthinkable! You even paid a guy to lure her…to ruin her…how could
“Dad…I called to hear your reassuring voice and not
because I wanted to receive any scolding from you.”
“You’d better pray that Winnie makes it out of this because
if she doesn’t, you’ll live to regret it.”
“What’s with the tone dad? She called me and asked for the
truth and I told her. There’s nothing that she’s going through presently that
she won’t overcome.”
“Do you think that’s what I’m talking about? Winnie left the
house early this morning because she felt betrayed by all she loved and because
of that, she fell into harm’s way…as I speak to you…” He said with a sob. “There’s
a chance that she won’t live…she was shot…and…”
Theodora placed her palm on her chest and stood up in shock.
“She what? What happened to Winnie?” Theodora asked with tears
in her eyes.
“Tell your sister that you guys have won! You’ve finally
broken Kate to shreds, you’ve succeeded!” He said and hung up the call.
Theodora couldn’t believe what she’d heard, she quickly
dialled her sister’s number.
“Why are you calling at this time? Don’t you sleep?” Eva
asked in a slur.
“We’ve done something wrong Eva!” Theodora cried into the
“What is it? What are you talking about?”
“Winnie might die because of us…she…she…was
shot…when she fled her parents home after I told her the truth.” Theodroa
To be continued tomorrow….


Happy Boxing Day…


  1. I doubt if Theodora's sister would feel any remorse for her wicked actions.
    I just pray Winnie lives and gets better cos she's got so much to give the world. Her selflessness has brought so much transformation to Mira's life and that's amazing.
    Compliments of the season, Adaeze.


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