Clara came home in high spirits, her dad had closed clinic
early today and they were both home before eight pm. She couldn’t wait to sneak out and see Rose Lily.
No sooner had she walked into the house than Kendra called
out to her.
“You had a visitor, Clara.”
“Me? A visitor?” Clara asked.

“Yea…one very razz-looking girl, she said her name is
Clara’s head snapped, she looked at her sister.
“Who is that?” Mommy asked. “Are you saying that someone came
to this house?”
“Yes mom, she dyed her hair red or was it purple? She looked
so trashy and she says she’s Clara’s friend, she even has her phone number. She
claims to live on this street and I’ve never seen her.” Kendra said in distaste.
“Clara! Do you mind telling me who that so-called friend is?”
Mommy asked Clara.
Clara didn’t reply.
“Has it gotten to this? Clara are you deaf? Who is the girl
that came to this house today looking for you?” Mommy shouted.
“What girl?” Her father asked.
“One trashy-looking girl came here looking for Clara.”
Kendra told her father.
“Clara, how many times do I make it clear that you should
mind the friends you keep?” Her father shouted.
Clara didn’t respond.
“What is wrong with this Clara? I have noticed a sudden
change in her, she lately doesn’t respond to my questions.” Mommy said in
“Clara! Your mother is talking to you!” Her father barked.
It was at the tip of Clara’s tongue to inform her father
that mommy wasn’t her mother but refused to push it too far.
“Infact get out of my sight, the more I see you, the angrier
I get…” Mommy said.
Clara left the sitting room and went into her room.
Soon, Kendra walked into the room.
“What was that for? Why didn’t you reply when mommy was
talking to you?”
Clara stood from her bed and angrily walked up to her
“How dare you call Rose Lily, trash? Do you think you are
better than her?” Clara asked in anger.
“What? Are you actually insulting me over that girl?”
“Watch it Kendra! Watch it!”
“Are you threatening me?” Kendra asked in shock.
“Yes and I’ll threaten you again and again. That girl is way
out of your league so, back off.”
“Excuse me?” Kendra said in disgust. “I’ll go tell mom!”
“Go ahead….go tell that trashy mother of yours.”
“Clara! My God! What did you just call my mom?” Kendra asked
in anger.
Clara knew she should have bitten her tongue but her family
members were annoying her so much of recent.
“When are you moving out of this room? Please do it quick!”
Clara said and taking her bag, she brought out her note books to read.
Kendra stared at Clara in shock, she couldn’t believe she
had just called her mother trashy. Angry at her sister, she stormed out of the
Aunty Dracula was making beans and stew for dinner and James
hated it so much. Aunty Dracula was different from their mother who sought to
please them at all times. Whereas their mother loved them, aunt Dracula hated
“Boys!” Aunt Dracula called out.
James hated it when she called them ‘boys’ it was the same
term she used while they were in kindergarten.
“Dinner is ready….come and get your food.”
“Mom brings it for us to the table!” James called out.
Raymond flashed his brother a warning look and walked into
the kitchen like a lamb. James didn’t understand Raymond’s timidity and that’s why they hardly ever got along, Raymond was always scared of everything, he was
scared of being hated by people, he was afraid of disrespecting people, he was
even scared of failing at school.
“What did you say James?” Aunt Dracula asked walking out of
the kitchen.
“I said mom brings our food to the table…” James said,
wondering if she’ll give him a knock like when he was a little over five feet
four, now he was five eleven and even taller than she was.
“Are you mad?” Aunt Dracula asked.
“There’s no need for insults, I just told you a fact.”
“You turned out just as I expected, a stupid, senseless boy
who has no sense of direction.” His aunt shouted.
“Oh please…stop the insults, you’re not even any better.”
James spat.
“Are you crazy? James!” Aunt Dracula said walking to stand
before him. “Because of this, I forbid you to ever eat any food I prepare. From
today till your mother returns, you’ll live on the pocket money she gave to
“What a delight!” James flashed a smile at her and left the
sitting room.
Raymond walked out of the kitchen bearing his plate of food,
the scowl on his aunt’s face stopped him dead in his tracks.
“Are you going to be disrespectful too?” His aunt asked.
Raymond shook his head in fear.
“Go and eat your food and go to bed. I will drive you to
school tomorrow and you alone! I do not want that brother of yours in the car
with us or I’ll toss him into the canal.” Aunt Dracula said.
Raymond nodded quietly and sat at the table, thankful that
he wasn’t rude and that the beans tasted good.
“Rose…it’s Clara…”
“What do you want Clay?” Rose said over the phone.
“I…heard…you came looking for me and…”
“And your bitchy sister made me feel like a peasant! How old
is she anyway?”
“I’m a ten months older, she turns sixteen next month.”
“That girl is terrible! How do you live with her?”
“I am so sorry Rose, I can assure you that I warned her never
to be disrespectful to you again.”
“No! I won’t give her a chance to do that! I promise that
the next time I encounter her, I’ll spit in her face.” Rose said.
“Hahahahaha….” Clara laughed.
“How are you? How was lessons?” Rose said changing the
“It was amazing, I joined the performance club today and I
“Yep! They loved my voice and Oliver promised to introduce
me to his brother who runs a recording studio.”
“Oliver? Your boyfriend?”
“Oh c’mon! He’s just a random guy I met at the lesson.”
“So, he’s not hot?”
“No…he’s just random…” Clara said.
“I smell something fishy between Clay and Oliver. Picture
this, Ollie and Clay, the perfect couple.”
“Stop it Rose! C’mon…it’s not funny…besides he said I’m
not his type so…”
“Oooohhh have you guys started discussing types? See this girl
“Let’s change the topic jo…”
“Change the topic to what? A boring discussion on how your
ugly sister snubbed me?”
“She’s not ugly and I promise she won’t speak to you like
that again.”
“Whatever, all I know is, I’ll never step my feet into that
house of yours again….ever!” Rose said but on second thoughts she said. “No!
I’ll step my feet into that house of yours that your sister calls her paradise, and I will crush all her dreams to dust. She’ll see…” Rose threatened.
Clara nodded quietly, she wished Rose had called her before
she came and she wished that Kendra had decided to act normal at least for once
in her life.
To be continued next week….


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