Mira was hungry and she was pissed, the housekeeper was
nowhere to be found and her stomach growled of hunger. She went into the
kitchen and stared at the empty pots and sighed, she had skipped breakfast and
had only eaten snacks at the summer school.
“Looking for something dear?” Monica asked in a sly voice.
Mira didn’t respond, she just stared around at the kitchen.
“If you’re looking for the housekeeper, kindly stop your
search because I relieved her of her duties.”
“You did what? Why would you do that? The housekeeper has
been working for my family for six years.”

“Well, I am not used to having Help around…so, I don’t
want her here.” Monica said.
“I need her here…” Mira spat.
“What do you need her here for? To help make your meals?
Wash your clothes? Do the chores? I’m sorry darling but I’m the new boss around
here and my rules go. I am not going to have her sit around in the house, doing
the chores that you can do.”
“What? Are you expecting me to do the chores? You must be
joking! I have never done any chores in my life and I’m not about to start
“Hahahahaha…you’re so funny Mira. I hope you’re able to
keep up because the roaster is already up for the sharing of chores and if you
don’t do yours, then you’ll have to starve.” Monica said and walked out of the
Mira screamed and stomped her foot, she hated her parents
for leaving her at the mercy of the degenerate. She was upset, angry and very
pissed. She looked around the kitchen again and she saw a paper pinned to the
wall with the words inscribed ‘Daily Roaster’ she walked up to it and read.
“Mondays through Fridays, Mira cleans the house before going
to summer school. Saturdays and Sundays, Daniel cleans the house. Mondays
through Saturdays, Mira washes the dishes and tides up daddy’s room. Sundays,
Daniel washes the dishes and tidies up daddy’s room. Mondays, Wednesdays and
Saturdays, Mira cleans the toilet and bathrooms. Kindly note that failure to do
this attracts some sort of punishment.” Mira read. “She must be joking! Me?
Clean, sweep, wash? No way! She’s even partial with the roaster as she has
given me more chores than her son. She’s met the wrong person. I won’t allow
her to turn me into a slave in my own house.” Mira spat.
Her phone vibrated in her trouser pocket and she took it out
and answered it.
“It’s me Rachel…”
“Hey whatsup?” Mira asked drily.
“It’s confirmed that Winnie’s mother is a sadist.” Rachel
“What are you saying? Why are you talking about Winnie’s
mother like that?”
“You can’t believe what just happened some moments ago.”
“What happened?” Mira asked.
“Winnie’s mother came to the summer school and caused a
scene. No wonder that girl has issues.”
“Hey…drop the gossip okay. She’s our friend and we should
help her and not talk badly about her.”
“Yea…I know but that mom of hers is crazzzzzyyyy…” She
“Have you called Winnie?”
“Call who? So that her mother can pick the call and kill me?
No way! I value my life.”
“You’re too much of a drama queen Rachel.”
“Well, I’m running out of airtime so I have to hang up,
besides I just called to tell you want happened.”
“I feel so sorry for her. I’ll try to call her before the
end of the day just to know how she’s doing.” Mira said.
Mira hung up and turned to regard the roaster again, she dragged
the paper off the wall and tore it to shreds.
Winnie sobbed in her room, her mother had locked her in and
had left with the keys. She felt as though she was a captive. Her phone rang
and she answered, it was Sister Theodora.
“Winnie, I am very disappointed in you! How could you have
followed your mother home even when I told you not to?”
“What did you want me to do? I couldn’t…disobey
her…she’s my mother.” Winnie sobbed.
“I’m on my way to the house.”
“There’s no need, mommy locked me up in the room. She said
that I should forget about the summer school and about my spending the rest of
the holiday in your house.”
“Your mother is wicked! She hates you and doesn’t want your
happiness! Why does she treat you this way?”
Winnie cried harder, her mother’s actions didn’t make sense
to her, they never did. Her mother was used to taking drastic decisions about
her life and she never asked her if she was okay with those decisions. To her
mother, Winnie had no dreams, no visions, nothing! She was just a vessel that
she could fill up with whatever she wanted.
“I’m so sad, sister Theodora…I’m so sad. I have been
making new friends and enjoying my lessons and now, mommy has destroyed it
“Don’t worry, I am coming to the house and I’m taking you
home with me.” Theodora said and hung up.
An hour later, Winnie was kneeling down before her parents
and step-father’s daughter.
“What is the meaning of this, Kate?” Winnie’s step father
asked his wife.
“What’s the meaning of what?” Kate spat.
“Why are you punishing her? Why is she kneeling down?” Her
step-father asked.
“Were you deaf when I told you that I saw her in the company
of a boy and a girl who dressed like a ragamuffin?”
“Look Kate, I will not let you insult her and insult me by
speaking as though I have brought some kind of harm to Winnie by taking her to
stay with me.” Theodora spat.
“Is Winnie your daughter? Do you have any right to her?”
Winnie’s mother fired.
“No I don’t but I love her like a sister.” Theodora
“Ha! Like a sister right? But you’re not her sister! Please
know this; the only person like a sister to Winnie is none other than myself.”
Kate screamed.
“You’ll push your daughter away from you! Mark my words.”
Theodora shouted.
“Enough! Will you both stop this?” Winnie’s step-father
“She started it first.” His wife said.
“Listen, what you did was wrong.” He said to his wife. “How
would you have gone to spy on Winnie at the summer school and even went to the
extent of taking her away from there?”
“She’s my daughter!”
“And I am her father.” He shouted.
“Not biologically.” His wife said.

“What?” He asked in utter disbelief.
“Honey, don’t take it the wrong way but…I was just trying
to…” She stammered.
“Do you know what? Theodora, please go home. Since she wants
to eat her daughter, she can do that.” Winnie’s step-father said angry at his
wife’s words.
“I’m really sorry that I said that…I know I shouldn’t
have.” His wife apologised.
Winnie burst into tears, she knew this was the end of the
road and she was not going back to stay with Theodora so she said.
“I know I’ve offended mommy and I’m sorry…”
“No you haven’t offended anyone.” Theodora said.
“I’m sorry I can’t go back to your house, sister Theodora
but I have a favour to ask.” She said and stared at them all. “I’ll stay at
home but I’ll keep attending the summer school.”
“That’s ridiculous! That place is far from here.” Her mother
“You took me away from Sister Theodora’s house and now you
want to coop me up in here?” Winnie challenged.
Her mother was shocked by her outburst and Theodora was
“There are other summer lessons around, your school is even
organising a summer programme.” Her mother said.
“It’s either the Greenwichspring summer school or none at
all.” Winnie said stubbornly.
“Why? What’s about that school? Is it because you want to go
there and be friends with that boy and that….that girl?”
“I have made my decision mom, you either let me continue to
attend that school or I’m not leaving my room for the rest of the summer
holiday.” Winnie said firmly.
“How dare you give me an order? I am your mother and you are
meant to follow my rules.”
“By obligation or by love?” Winnie asked.
Her step-father stared at her in surprise, this new Winnie
was sounding much better than the old one. He thought.
“What do you mean by that?” Her mother asked.
“Children are meant to adhere to their parents rules because
of the love they have for them and not necessarily because they have been
threatened to do so. I will not be pushed to accept what I do not want and I
have stated my own terms. I’ll remain at home for the summer holiday but I want
to go to my summer lesson. For the first time ever, I have friends and people
don’t see me as a plague of some sort. I am happier and I’m loving life. Can’t
I be happy? Don’t I deserve to be happy?” Winnie asked.
“Okay…whatever! I’ll take you to summer school every
morning and I’ll pick you up every afternoon. If that’s the sacrifice I have to
make, then, I’ll do it regardless of the distance.” Her mother said.
“Get up Winnie…stop serving that useless punishment.” Her
father said to her.
Winnie nodded and stood up.
“I’m sorry sister Theodora.” She said.
“It’s okay my dear…I’m sorry too. I should have come to
pick you up earlier but I had to be at the clinic. I’ll come to visit you from
time to time.” Theodora said.
Winnie nodded and hugged her. As she went to her room, she
heard her parents argue and she thought to herself, ‘you did it Winnie, you did

To be continued tomorrow…..


  1. Yea, you did it girl, sometimes we have to learn to stand up for ourselves. Her mum is so silly, she suppose use sense, treating the girl like this will only alientae her.

  2. hummmm Winnie is now having a mind of her own, that's good. i know her mother is protecting her from planed harm by her half sisters unknown to her, but she's not doing it the right way due.


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