“So…tell me about your
dad…is he really a doctor?” Rose asked, eating a slice of toast bread.

The two girls were in Rose’s
room which was a far cry from Clara’s but it was comfortable. Rose had made
breakfast and Clara was in no hurry to go home so she joined in.

“Yea…he used to work in a big
hospital…till he started his own practice with a team of other doctors.”
Clara said.

“He must be really rich to have
set up his own business and not be a salary earner.”

“Well…I dunno…I just know
that he works hard.” Clara said.

“So what’s his field?” Rose

“Gynaecology and Surgery…I
think but I’m very sure he’s a gynae.”

“You must wonder why I’m asking
these questions….well…you see, one of my aunts’ really needs to see a
doctor for personal stuff and I kinda recommended your dad…”

“Really? That’s cool…” Clara

“Could you maybe tell him that
his next door neighbour would like to see him for consultation?” Rose Lily

“No! I don’t want to talk to

“Come on…do it for me…”
Rose said.

“So, what do you want me to

“Is he going to the clinic
today?’ Rose asked.

“He goes everyday…”

“Cool…so you could tell your
dad that the next door neighbour err…wants to see him and ask if he could be
kind enough to let her ride with him to his clinic….”

Clara looked at Rose
thoughtfully, Rose had been such a good friend to her besides what would it
hurt to ask her dad to allow her aunt accompany him to the hospital.

“Is she paying for services
rendered or do I have to ask him for that favour too?” Clara asked, not knowing
how to ask if Rose’s aunt wanted free medication.

“C’mon Clara, we are not poor.
Ofcourse she’ll pay for her treatment.”

“That’s cool then, I’d better
go and tell him now before he leaves the house.” Clara started.

“Sure…please do, I need to
tell my aunt as well…” Rose said.

Clara left Rose Lily’s room and
headed outside the house, she soon reached her house and as soon as she walked
into the gate, she saw her dad opening his car door.

“Dad…” She started.

“Clara…what do you want?” He
asked, looking at her.

“Are you going to the clinic?”

“What kind of stupid question
is that? Isn’t that where I go to everyday?”

“Yea…true…I was just
wondering if you could let my friend’s aunt accompany you…I mean…she wants
to see a gynaecologist and when she found out that you are one, she said she
really wants to see you.”

“Then, let her come to the
clinic and book an appointment.”

“But you live next door. What’s
the point of her coming all the way to your clinic with public transport when
she can hitch a ride with you?”

Her father glanced at his time

“How long will it take her to
get ready?” He asked.

Clara smiled.

“I’ll go and tell her to come
here now…” Clara said.

“Tell her that I have just five
minutes to spare.”

“Sure….thanks dad..” Clara
said and ran off.


Aunt Cassie was a very
beautiful and striking woman, despite her age- she was well into her forties,
she looked as young as one in her thirties. She smiled at her reflection in the
mirror and turned to face her niece.

“You look so good….that top
sits so well on you.” Rose appraised.

“Thanks lovey…” Aunty Cassie
said. “Thank you for snagging this deal too…”

“You’re welcome but aunt, what
do you intend to do once your plan works out?”

“Leave that to me dear….you’re
too young to get acquainted with matters like this…” Aunt Cassie said
applying a pink lipstick on her lips.

There was a knock at the
entrance door.

“I have to go get it, I’m sure
it’s Clara.” Rose said.

“Even if she says her dad can’t
let me ride with him, tell her to give you his hospital address. I have waited
too long for this and I can’t miss this opportunity. Thank God that I had
showered and was preparing to pay one of my friends  a visit when you came in to
tell me that you had planned an appointment for me.”

Rose rushed out of her aunt’s
room and hurried to open the door. Clara rushed in breathlessly.

“My dad says he’ll wait but for
no more than five minutes!” Clara stated.

Before Rose could reply, Aunt
Cassie had emerged from the room with a smile on her face.

“Hello Clara…..please lead
the way, I am as ready as I can ever be.”

Clara stared at Rose’s aunt in
surprise, she looked so beautiful and so well-dressed as though on her way to a
function rather than to the clinic.

Clara led the way and soon the
three of them were downstairs and soon, at the gate of Clara’s house. Rose’s
aunt stepped into the house as though she owned it and Clara’s dad who was
checking his car oil level looked up at her and stopped what he was doing. Rose’s
aunt had made an impression on him.

Rose smiled to herself while
her aunt introduced herself and got into the car.


James waited for Kendra at the estate gate just as he promised, as soon as she appeared, he took in her appearance.
She was dressed in a mini skirt and a mesh top, topping off her look with a
kitten heeled pair of sandals.

“You look good.” James said,
catching himself by surprise, he hardly ever praised anyone’s appearance not even
his mother’s.

“You don’t look so bad
yourself.” Kendra smiled.

“Did you mom drop you off at
the gate?” James asked searching for her mother’s vehicle with his eyes.

“No…she didn’t, I walked. My house
is not far from the gate.” She said.

Soon, they both halted a yellow
taxi that took them to the cinemas and while James alighted, Kendra paid the
cab guy.

The cinema was full with lots
of people interested in seeing different movies.

“What do you think we should
watch?” James asked.

“I don’t know…maybe the
Divergent series…I heard it’s good.” Kendra said.

“I was thinking of a Nigerian
movie though but it’s okay….”

“No…let’s watch a Nigerian

“No…let’s watch what you want
to watch…” James said.

They both stressed on it as
Kendra wanted desperately to please James, she eventually won and they both
went for a Nigerian movie. Kendra bought the tickets and they both walked over
to a small booth to wait for the movie time but first Kendra got them some
chilled drinks. They had both started sipping their drinks when they heard a

“Kendra! Fancy seeing you here!”

Kendra looked up and was
shocked to see Clara with a girl who looked so familiar, she suddenly
remembered the so-called friend who had come looking for her sister some days

“What are you doing here? You
never made mention of seeing a movie today…” Kendra said in anger.

“You didn’t introduce us…who’s
your new friend?” Clara asked, happy at her sister’s discomfort.

“Hey…I am James…” James
said smiling at Clara and Rose and reaching out to shake their hands. He liked
them at the spot especially Rose, there was something about her that piqued his interest. He liked Clara too, she was prettier than her sister
and sounded cool.

“Sorry for disturbing you love
birds…we are actually here to see a movie and from all indications, it has
already started. Enjoy the rest of your day.” Rose said with a large smile and
holding Clara’s elbow, they both walked to the movie booth to buy tickets.

“I’m sure she’s monitoring me,
mtchewww!” Kendra hissed.

“Is that your blood sister? She’s
hot…” James said appreciatively.

Kendra instantly grew jealous.

“We share the same father….”
Kendra spat.

“Really? Where’s her mom?”

“I don’t know and I don’t want
to talk about it…”

“I’m sorry I raised it up…”
James said.

Kendra smiled slyly.

“I am sorry for sounding
rude…it’s just that I have to share everything with her when she’s not really a part of
my family. She’s just sitting on the fence…you know…and she can be really
mean sometimes plus the fact that she’s feather brained.”

James raised an eyebrow at her,
surprised that she could say such against her sister, even he who never got along with Raymond could never say such about his brother.

“We are really just doing her a
favour and she’s taking us for granted.” Kendra started.

“I prefer lemon to peach, which
do you prefer?” James asked quickly changing the subject.

“Peach…” Kendra replied
stupidly when she realized that James had totally ignored her last statement.

To be continued

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