James needed to clear his head, he also needed to make a
quick phone call to Emeka to tell him to delete the videos he had sent to him
from his phone. He stepped outside his house and headed out into the streets,
bringing out his phone from his trouser pocket, he quickly made a phone call.
“Hey what’s up?” Emeka greeted.
“Emeka, do you still have the video I sent you of Kendra?”

“Excuse me?” Emeka asked.
“I am asking about the video.”
“I don’t have it in this phone…”
“So you deleted it?”
“Not really…the phone got damaged and it’s at the
repairs…my dad took it there for me.”
“Did you delete the video before giving your dad the phone?”
James shouted.
“No…” Emeka said in a frightened voice.
“Do you know what this means?”
“My dad’s going to kill me…” Emeka said in fear.
“Not just your dad! If the video gets to the school
authority, we are done for!’ James said.
“Do you think the school authority would see it? I know that
if my dad sees it, he’ll punish me severely but he won’t take it to the school
“That’s not my point. Something came up and Kendra’s parents
are involved.”
“What came up?” Emeka asked.
“She’s pregnant!”
“What? The most brilliant girl in our school is pregnant at
fifteen? Oh my goodness! WAEC exams start in less than two months!”
“You are the father right?”
“That’s not the point, the point is that I don’t want
anything linking her to me in anyway. Am I understood?”
“Not all the guys copied the video from my phone, some were
disgusted. I am sure that none of them have the video…except me and
it’s probable that the computer technician would reformat the phone so
everything would be wiped off.”
“Okay…that’s better…”
“What’s going to happen now?” Emeka asked in worry.
“Life goes on…”
“I don’t mean you, I meant Kendra. Being pregnant at fifteen
is the most difficult thing ever! My cousin got pregnant in her teens, she gave
the child up though but she’s never been the same and she’s vowed never to go
near men ever! She’s thirty-five now and doesn’t even have a boyfriend.”
“That’s her cup of tea…” James said.
“Don’t you have any remorse?”
“Why should I be remorseful? It was all a freaking bet!”
“A bet that you didn’t need to win…”
“Goodbye Emeka, I hope your dad doesn’t see that video…or I’ll deny ever being linked to it.”
James said and hung up the call.
He walked down the street and soon found himself at
Jezebel’s spot, his heart lurched when he saw the place open. He went in.
Jezebel was standing at the center of the empty bar, polishing off a bottle of
“Jez!” James called out.
Jezebel looked at him and smiled, dropping her bottle to the
ground, she opened her arms wide for an embrace.
“Oh my gosh! I thought I’d lost you…” James said rushing
over to hug her.
“Prison nor be better place but God dey…” Jezebel said.
“I came to see you…sometime ago, it was a nasty
experience…” James said.
Jezebel smiled and looked at him.
“You know that this place dey empty abi?” She asked with a
glint in her eyes.
“You mean?” He asked.
Jezebel nodded, and pulled him towards the passage way of
the place.
“I didn’t bring any money to pay you and I don’t even have
protection…” He whispered.
“That one nor matter at all…” She said as she dragged him
through the dark.
Clara’s father pulled the two ladies apart and stared at
them in anger.
“How dare you put up a fight like this?” He shouted.
“You despicable man! You brought her into this house….into
this family!” Mommy shouted.
“If you hadn’t left, she wouldn’t have come in!” Her husband
“Look at you! You can’t even hold your family together! You
are such a selfish woman!” Aunt Cassie shouted.
“Cassie, could you kindly go home? I need to talk to my
family…I’ll see you later.” Clara’s father said.
“You will do no such thing Michael! You won’t be seeing her
ever again!” Mommy shouted.
“Ofcourse he will…” Aunt Cassie said.
“I’m back and I’m not leaving this house ever again!” Mommy
shouted. “I won’t allow a pest like you destroy all I have worked for.”
Aunt Cassie turned to leave and said.
“I made lunch for you and Clara…”
“Thank you…” Clara’s father said.
“I’m pouring that food away! You are stupid to come to my
house and enter my kitchen.”
“Guess what boo boo…I’ve been in that kitchen for the past
three months!” Aunt Cassie yelled. Then turning to Rose, she said, :C’mon
Rosie…let’s go!”
Rose stood up to leave.
“Don’t you ever come to my house again! I am talking to you
Rose…” Mommy shouted.
“She can come here whenever she wants to…” Clara’s father
“Yes, Rose is always welcome here…” Clara said as well.
Rose smiled in gratitude as she left with her aunt. As soon
as the door closed behind them, Mommy yelled.
“How dare you Michael, how dare you? If it weren’t for this
situation that Kendra has found herself in, I’d ask for a divorce!”
“Oh…that’s a good idea…I’ll call my lawyer!” Clara’s
father said.
Mommy stared at him in shock.
“You are just going to let me go like that? You don’t even
have the decency to fight for me?”
“Listen to me, all through our marriage, you’ve been blackmailing me! It’s either ‘choose between Clara or me’ and I will not have you blackmailing me anymore
into doing your bidding. How can you talk of a divorce when Kendra is in
trouble? Doesn’t it tell you the kind of woman you are? You are selfish and you
think of no one but yourself!” Her husband flung.
Mommy broke down in tears.
“How can you say that to me? How can you?”
Clara’s father looked at Kendra and said.
“You haven’t told me the truth about that pregnancy and if
it means me forcing the truth out your mouth, I’ll do it!”
“No…please daddy…I beg you…it’s James…he’s the
father…” Kendra cried.
Her father gave her a loud slap on her cheek.
“Please daddy, isn’t it enough already? Look at her, she’s
so tired and strained…yes, she’s pregnant but does it give us the right to
kill her.” Clara said quietly.
Her father looked at her and said.
“You know you upset me too…you went ahead to join the arts
class when I want you to be in science! You still have a score to settle with
“I am sorry that I disappointed you dad, but this is my life
we are talking about and not yours. You were in science class in secondary
school and you went on to medical school and you’re a very good doctor. I, on
the other hand have nothing to do with sciences….it’s not my calling and I
feel empty in that class. Please give me this chance to prove to you that I can
excel at arts. If I fail my WAEC exams, you can do whatever you will. You can
even stop paying my school fees and taking care of me financially but please
give me this chance.” Clara said.
“It’s okay…I’ll give you one chance and that’s all…” Her
father said.
Clara wanted to hug her father but given the situation of
things, she stood where she was.
“Kendra, get into your room, this instant. Emerald and Zika,
you two should do the same.” Their father said.
“Are we coming home finally?” Zika asked hopefully.
“Yes, just my children….your mom would have to stay with
your aunt for much longer but she can come to visit. I’ll call your auntie Carol to come and stay with you guys for the meantime.” Their father said.
Zika, Emerald and Kendra left the sitting room.
“What? I am not leaving my children with you and that sister of yours!” Mommy
“Would you like a custody battle? I’d happily tell the court
that you are a negligent mother who allowed her daughter fall pregnant under her
watch. I on the other hand, was left alone with Clara and the only crime she’s
committed is define her path in life, something you made sure you castigated
all the way. I’m giving you a chance to go to your sister’s place and re-evaluate
what it means to be a mother, not only to your biological children but to the
one that’s not yours. While you’re at it, we’ll still work together at
providing a lasting solution to Kendra’s pregnancy but note that she’s going to
have that baby and forfeit her WAEC exams whether you like it or not!” Clara’s
dad said.
Clara watched mommy’s face fall and her father walk out of
the sitting room. Mommy stood there in the sitting room alone with Clara. Clara turned to go but mommy’s voice stopped her.
“You might hate me, but know that it’s a very difficult task
caring for another woman’s child.”
“No it’s not. Love is something that we give to household pets, talk
more of a human being.” Clara said as she left the sitting room.

To be continued next week….


  1. This is my favourite series ever! Well Silence sha but this is a close second!
    I like that Clara's father is coming to his senses, Rose's aunt wasn't so bad after all but I sense the mother of all battles coming next week.
    Adaeze biko make this into a TV series. For my sake biko.

  2. Am loving this story so much. Clara's Dad is a real man and I love Clara for being able to defined what she wants in life. Ada making this story into a TV series won't be a bad idea you know. James so unrepentant spoilt brat he will get some kind of disease that will teach him and his mother what they don't know about life I jus don't like him.


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