After Chekwube had been returned home safe, Mickey sat on
the stool in the small bedroom her brothers shared and tore pieces of fried chicken
and placed them in her mouth, chewing nosily. Tiwatope sat on the bed beside

“Na wah for dis our relationship ooo….I’m the one that’s
always chasing you about town.” Tiwatope complained.

“It’s not that jor….I’ve been very busy…” Baba Tee said
to her with a smile.
“Hmmm…very busy for me abi? So, if I didn’t bring the village
girl back home you wouldn’t have even bothered to check up on me.”
Mickey laughed at the term ‘village girl’.
“So tell me, how did you find her?” Mickey asked Tiwa.
“Well, she was wandering about but stopped to ask the man
selling recharge card in front our house for directions home. I just was there
at the right time and helped.”
“Foolish girl!” Mickey hissed. “She thinks she can just come
to Lagos and be the center of attention. You should have left her to roam about
the streets like a lost dog.”
“Mickey!” Her brother chided.
:”What? She’s so full of herself? Can you believe that
school hasn’t started yet and I see her reading her books at the back of the
kitchen? ‘I too know pikin’ she wants to show the world that she’s a scholar.”
“Heyyy….that’s not a good thing to say about someone you
don’t really know.” Her brother said to her.
“Bro…I am right ooo…dat girl and her sister dey too
annoying.. The sister wey dem dey call Ola na anoda idiot. She nor even know
how to speak proper pidgin sef or English.” Mickey said.
“Ola ke? Is she Yoruba?” Tiwatope asked.
“No…her Ola na igbo name.” Baba Tee said. “Olanmma.”
“Hmmm…dis one wey you don catch scoop of her full
name…na wah ooo…” Mickey said.
“What do you mean by that?” Baba Tee spat at his sister. “Shebi
you nor know your mate again? Oya disappear from dis room!”
Mickey frowned as she rose from the stool and made her way
out of her brother’s room. As soon as she left, Tiwatope faced her boyfriend.
“Mickey is right, how do you know the girl’s full name?” She
fired. “Have you been up in her business?”
“You wan stress me out? If you know say your mission na to
stress me, abeg follow Mickey dey go.”
“Baba Tee, so you dey pursue me from room?” Tiwatope asked
in annoyance.
“Since you dey doubt me na….no need to stay again.” He
Tiwatope eyed him in anger and getting up from the bed, she
headed towards the door but Baba Tee pulled her back.
“Oya nor vex…I just hate dat you dey doubt me.” He said.
Tiwa looked at him with a frown at first then, her lips
broke into a smile.
Chekwube spread her mat on the ground beside the bed her
sister and husband shared and was about to lie on it when Ola quietly got off
the bed and sat on the mat beside her. Mr. Nosike had stepped outside for a
“I am sorry for not coming back on time and also for the
wasted beans.” Chekwube said in their native language.
“It’s okay sister…I understand.” Ola said.
“I hope brother Nosike is not angry with me.”
“No, he’s not…didn’t he buy akara and bread for us to eat
this night? He is not angry with you at all. Anyway, I have good news for you.”
“Good news?”
“Yes.” Ola said with a smile.
“What’s the news?”
“My husband has enrolled you at the government school not
too far from here, you will resume when the term resumes.”
Chekwube’s eyes widened in surprise.
“Are you serious?”
“Yes! Mickey’s mother helped him….she’s such a nice woman.”
Chekwube was pleased by the news, but soon a frown replaced
her smile.
“Is everything alright?” Ola asked.
“Yes, everything is fine, it’s just that I don’t like that
Mickey girl.”
“Is it because she behaves like a boy?”
“No…I mean…many girls act like boys, that’s why most are
refered to as ‘Tom boys’ it’s just that Mickey looks malicious and very wicked.
Something tells me that she hates that we have joined the compound and she
wants to do us harm.”
“Chekwube! You have started talking rubbish again!”
“Well…I am just being cautious and you know we can’t trust
anyone. Even if her mother helped me with the admission, we don’t need to trust
“Well…speak for yourself ooo…I like their family.” Ola
Chekwube was taken aback by her sister’s statement.
“You like their what? Haven’t you seen the way the people in
the compound avoid them especially her brothers? That Baba Tee or whatever they
call him doesn’t look refined at all.”
“Biko stop criticising! Have you looked at yourself in the
mirror? How refined are you? Village girl!” Her sister taunted.
“I’m not trying to speak against them, it’s just
that…those people are not like us. Even when we were with our parents, we
chose the kind of company we keep because evil communication corrupts good
“Speak for yourself biko, you were the only one who selected
friends and not the rest of us.” Ola said.
Chekwube looked at her sister and said.
“Just be careful with them…I don’t trust their intentions.”
Ola shrugged and got up to climb the bed.
“You’re just being paranoid.” Ola said. “Besides, you’re not
grateful that their mother helped you get admission into school. If not for
her, you’ll spend the whole term trying to figure out what school to attend
because my husband doesn’t have money to pay for a private school.”
Chekwube watched her sister in silence.
Baba Tee sat outside, smoking with his friends. They watched
Mr. Nosike make his way into the compound with a nylon bag in his hand.
“Hmmm….dis man just dey buy heaven and earth since he
marry new wife.” Baba Tee’s friend, Mackary, said.
“The man na craze pesin! See as he marry small
girl….mtcheew…” Baba Tee hissed.
“Dat his wife fine sha…she be like pesin wey never spoil.”
Mackary said.
“Na confam girl.” Baba Tee said taking a quick draw of his
“I never get chance talk to de girl ooo…” Mackary said.
Baba Tee flashed him an angry look.
“You better nor go dat side.” He warned.
“Wait ooo…you wan dive am?” Mackary asked in surprise.
“Before nko?”
“But wetin you go gain? De girl don marry na…”
“Abegi leave dat thing!” Baba Tee said, while taking another
drag of smoke.
“Hmmm…make her husband nor catch una two sha.”
“If he catch us nko? Na she go carry de blame na…or he wan
try me?”
“Na true you talk…” Mackary said.
Baba Tee took another drag of cigarette and blew out smoke,
Ola was on his mind and he was determined to get her by all cost.


To be continued tomorrow…..



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