Chekwube was taking out the garbage bin when it fell from
her hand to the ground. She sighed as she removed her rubber slipper and began
to push the waste back in. As she pushed the waste into the bin, she noticed
something. It was some wraps of moi moi. She wondered who must have eaten the
moi moi as she was sure that her sister’s husband didn’t eat before leaving for
work that morning.

She emptied the bin at the large bin at the front of the
compound and turned around to head back inside when she bumped into Mickey.
“Shebi you go late to school today?” Mickey taunted.
“You’ve proved your point.” Chekwube said.
“Look me well…just look me from up to down…I nor dey
repeat myself twice. Chekwube or wetin be your name…clear from my corner or
you and me go enter one trouser ooo and e nor go funny.”
“Why are you threatening me? What have I done to you?”
Chekwube asked as tears rushed up to her eyes.
“You dey ask me question?” Mickey spat.
“I know my way to the school now and will never bother you
again…so, please excuse me.” Chekuwbe said as she made to leave.
Mickey drew her back, pulling her shirt roughly.
“I go slap you ooo…I go scatter your teeth ooo…”
“Leave me alone!” Chekwube protested.
Mickey breathed in audibly and stared at her with slant
“Stay far from me ooo…or you go see…” She hissed and
walked away.
Chekwube turned to watch her leave and wondered if there was
anything mentally wrong with Mickey and her family. She made her way into the
house and opened the door leading to the room she shared with her sister and
her husband.
“The garbage at the front of the house is almost full…I
hope the waste management people come to take the waste away tomorrow…it’s
already smelling.” Her sister said in their native language.
“Mtcheww…” Chekwube hissed.
“Why are you hissing?” Ola asked.
“I don’t understand Mickey at all…can you imagine that she
picked a fight with me outside the house?” Chekuwube said in their native
“What happened? Did you tell her anything to make her get
“Do I look like someone who spoils for a fight? That Mickey
has a mental problem and she needs help. It’s like she derives joy from
fighting and it’s not the best thing at all.”
“Well…just mind your business and stay away from her.” Her
sister advised.
“That reminds me, I saw moi moi leaves in the waste basket,
did you eat moi moi today?”
“What sort of question is that? Is this not my house? Can’t
I eat whatever I please?” Ola spat.
“Calm down Ola, I’m just asking…”
“When I tell you to empty the bin, do it and stop searching
the basket like some kind of crazy lunatic.”
Chekwube wondered where her sister’s anger had come from,
perhaps everyone in the compound was having a bad day, she thought.

Gbenga replied his WhatsApp messages as he ate his lunch, his
former classmates and friends wanted to know how things were in the new school.
He was still scrolling through the messages and eating his garri and okoro soup
when the phone was snatched from his hands.

“What have I done this time?” He grumbled as he looked up at
“Eat your food and stop texting…” Mummy Justina warned.
“Please give me back my phone…I only have an hour to use
it before that annoying lesson teacher comes here.” He whined.
“Stop being a baby and learn to be a man. How can you be
texting and eating at the same time? You have to finish your food before
texting…” She said.
Gbenga glared at her in anger and ate his food.
“How was school?” She asked.
“I don’t know…” He replied.
“You know that ignoring my questions doesn’t mean I’ll leave
you alone.” She said.
He looked at her sourly and said.
“School was terrible, someone stole my wallet and money.”
“What? Did you get it back? How much was in the wallet?”
“Five thousand naira…but I got the wallet back even though
the money wasn’t complete.”
“Are you serious? How did you get the money back?”
“Mummy Justina, you are asking me questions while I’m eating
and you always say that it’s not good to talk while eating.”
“I’m sorry but please answer the question. Did you have to
report to the teachers?”
“No, funny enough, one girl went searching for it and found
it but she was eventually punished because she was involved in a fight with the
“A girl?”
“Yes, her name is Mickey…she helped me with the wallet.”
“Did you know her before you joined the school?”
“Not at all…”
Mummy Justina smiled at him.
“Why are you smiling?” He asked, obviously not in the mood
for jokes.
“I knew your good looks would get a girl swooning for you
soon. Do you remember how you used to lament in your former school that all the
pretty girls never looked your way?”
“Yes, why?”
“Don’t you see that someone has finally noticed you?” She
said with a glint in her eyes.
“Mickey?” He said in horror.
“That’s her name right?”
“No way!” Gbenga said and rolled his eyes.
“Why? Isn’t she pretty and nice? Remember that she got your
wallet back and even got punished because she got into a fight to help you out.”
“No way! She’s not my type besides, she’s a bit rough…I
don’t like rough girls.” He said and continued eating his meal.

Mickey hated eating breakfast before going to school; she’d
rather her mother gave her money for breakfast instead so that she could buy
enough sweets and chewing gum. She grudgingly ate the rice and stew her mother
had prepared while staring at the time to be sure that left for school as soon
as the clock stuck at seven am. Her brothers opened the door of the room and
stepped inside.

“Mickey! Mickey!” They hailed.
“Good morning…” She mummured.
Mickey loved her brothers so much and it was no secret. Just
the way they couldn’t hide things from her, she couldn’t hide anything from
“Mickey! Your face is shinning ooo…” Baba Tee teased.
“You nor know wetin you dey talk.” Mickey said blushing.
“Wait ooo…na true…e be like say Mickey use powder.”
Remmy, her other brother said.
Mickey looked away from her brothers and they shouted in
“Mickey! You? Powder! The world don end ooo…” Baba Tee
Remmy punched him at his side and warned.
“Abeg nor dey use end of world play…I never ready to join
de angels.”
“Mickey! Wetin happen?” Baba Tee laughed, ignoring his
“I just…I just want…my face to look bright…na new term
na…” She stammered.
“Na lie! Mickey who be de guy?” Baba Tee asked.
“Nobody abeg, make una stop dis nonsense.” Mickey spat as
she picked up her plate and stood up from the bed.
“Mickey wey nor know wetin be make-up ….” Remmy said. “If
nor be guy, oya tell us de reason…”
“Abeg I don late…” Mickey said quickly as she dropped her
plate on the old center table of the house.
“Hmmm….I dey watch you ooo…” Baba Tee said to her.
Mickey quickly picked up her school bag and rushed out of
the room in haste.


To be continued next week….


    • Thank you for reading Chu.
      Whenever Ola and Chekwube speak to each other, it's never in English language but I can't write their native language in the story or no one will understand.
      They aren't speaking grammar at all.


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