“Do you know what?” Winnie said to her new friends as they
walked towards the gate of the school.
“What…” Mira asked.
“I’m glad we’re friends.” Winnie said.
“Yes, we’re like the three musketeers.” Rachel smiled.
“Have you read the book?” Mira asked with a smirk.

“Is it a book?” Rachel asked innocently.
“Nope, it’s a movie.” Mira said with a mischievous glint in her eyes.
“Stop it Mira, we’re friends now and friends look out for
each other.” Winnie said.
“Does it mean she’s been mocking me all along?” Rachel asked
Mira’s shoulders shook with mirth as she had a good laugh.
“It’s nice to fool someone for a change.” Mira said laughing.
“You’re…you’re despicable!” Rachel said in fury.
“Hey, you started this thing of the three musketeers and I
innocently asked if you’ve read the book and you were like, ‘is it a book’ as
in, is that even a question? Hahahaha….” Mira laughed.
Rachel was pissed, she stopped talking and walked beside her
new friends, she wanted to storm off but she really needed their friendship
especially Mira’s seeing that she’s rich.
“The Three Musketeers is actually a good read, it’s a
historical novel by Alexandre Dumas and it’s about a young man named
d’Artagnan…it’s cool.” Winnie said.
“I’ll ask my dad to get me the book.” Rachel lied.
“You can get it in bookshops, I think some bookshops have
the book.” Winnie said helpfully.
“My mom got me mine when she travelled to France.” Mira
said. “She got one for my sister but she misplaced it so she had to get me a
new one. It’s in our mini library at home. I could loan you if you want.” Mira
said trying to sound nice.
“Don’t worry, my dad went on a business trip to the States,
I’ll call him and ask him to get me a copy.” Rachel lied again.
“Okay…” Winnie said.
They both walked up to the gate of the school and Mira
instantly saw her driver.
“That’s my driver over there, I have to go…bye girls…”
Mira said.
Rachel and Winnie stared at the shiny black jeep and at the
driver who was dressed in uniform. Soon enough, Winnie saw her sister drive up
in her red car and said to Rachel.
“How are you getting home?”
“My dad’s driver is coming to pick me.” Rachel lied the
third time.
“Oh okay, I hope he doesn’t take too long.”
“I’m sure he won’t.” Rachel replied.
“My sister is here already, if you want to join us, maybe
you could see your driver as we go…”
“Never mind Winnie…we’ll see tomorrow.” Rachel said.
Winnie nodded, waved to her and hurried into her sister’s
car. Rachel watched the car drive off and when she was sure no one was looking,
she walked down the school road and disappeared through the other street. Her
money for transport had been cut short since she had bought snacks at the
canteen and had spent almost a thousand naira just to show her new friends that
she was wealthy too. As she walked down the road, she thought of her dad in the
police station, she hoped she could go pay him a visit.
Mira sat silently at the back of the car and stared at the
houses on the street, she wished she could stay back at the summer school
because even though she had hated it at first, it suddenly was the only place where she could laugh. Her mother had left the house yesterday and despite her tears
and pleas, her mind was made up. Mira had waited for her dad to come home
till about eleven thirty pm and when there was no sign of him, she had gone to
bed. She had woken up this morning to find that he hadn’t spent the night at
home so, she practically was home alone except for the housekeeper who instead
of going home after her day’s job had decided to stay with her till her father
came home. 
Mira was angry, she really wanted to scream at her dad for betraying
her mother, she wanted to speak sense into his head and she couldn’t wait to
hear his explanation, that’s if he had any. She was still deep in her thoughts
when her phone rang, it was her eldest sister.
“Mira…” Her eldest sister’s voice floated out to her. “What’s
happening at home? I just got off the phone with mom, why didn’t you tell me
“I was confused myself, I couldn’t even process everything
and mom just left the house like that.” Mira said.
“Have you seen daddy? Have you spoken to him?”
“No…not yet, he didn’t come home yesterday.”
“I am so worried, and I’m scared that they might
divorce….this separation is not good.” Her sister said.
“Mom said things are going to change at the house, she said
that a woman is coming and with her son too.”
“What woman? Coming to what house?” Her sister asked
‘To the house of course, where else?”
“No! We can’t let that happen!”
“I know right? But what can we do? You are schooling abroad
and I’m here…I’m the only one here and I’m just fifteen years old.” Mira
“I wish I could come down to Nigeria and put an end to this
nonsense!” Her sister said.
“Yea…me too but you can’t…you’re stuck there at least
till semester ends.”
“Please keep me posted…if anything happens.” Her sister
“Sure…I will.” Mira said and hung up the call.
Ten minutes later, the car drives into the house and she
sees a woman emptying the trunk of a car. Mira alights from the vehicle and
picking up her bag, she heads upstairs. She sees the housekeeper walking out of
the house and asks.
“Where are you going? Is daddy back yet?” Mira asked.
“Yes, he came home and left again. How was school?”
“T’was okay…” Mira said. She wanted to ask another question when
a shrill voice interrupted their conversation from outside.
“Agatha!” A female voice called.
“Ma!” The housekeeper responded.
“Who’s that?” Mira asked.
A teenage boy of about seventeen walked down the stairs and
brushed against Mira as he passed, he was staring at his phone so he had no
idea that people were standing at the staircase.
“Hey! Watch it! Don’t you have manners?” Mira spat.
The boy looked up at her and said.
“You watch it!”
Mira looked at the dingy-looking boy and shook her head in
disgust, she could bet he was just visiting one of his fancy relatives in the apartment block and
desperately wanted to feel among. For starters, he didn’t look clean or rich,
he had this rough and rugged look about him.
“Ugly witch!” The boy yelled at her and hurried down the
“Starved barbarian!” Mira yelled back at him and hurried up
the stairs, forgetting to continue her conversation with the housekeeper.
She got into the house and noticed that the sitting room was
occupied with some luggage and she shrugged. Maybe it was her dad’s, she
thought. She walked into her bedroom, opened the door and froze. There were bags
in her room. She hurried out screaming.
Mira was furious, she stormed into the sitting room
to see the housekeeper walk in bearing some bags while a woman followed her
behind with the boy who had insulted her at the stairs.
“What’s going on here? What bags are in my room?” Mira asked
in anger.
“Oh…it’s you…” The boy said. “Hello sister.”
“What? Who in the world are you?” Mira asked in anger.
“We are your new family and you must be Mira.” The woman
“My new family? I already have a family…” Mira said.
‘Your dad said you’re stubborn and he said you have a sharp
tongue.” The woman said walking up to meet Mira. “That’s my son Daniel and I’m
your dad’s new wife.”
“You are an usurper! This is my house, my mom’s house…you
have no place here.” Mira said in anger.
“Agatha, take my bags in…” The woman said, ignoring her
statement completely.
“My name is Monica.” The woman said.
“I don’t bloody care, get out of my house now!” Mira said.
Monica looked at her son and they both burst out laughing as though
Mira was talking nonsense, then Monica said.
“Have you picked a room of your choice?” She asked her son.
“Well, I didn’t have much to chose from. Two rooms were locked
and just two are open. I picked one though.” He said.
“I’m guessing you picked my room and I’m ordering you to
take your things out of my room now!” Mira screamed.
“Ordering me? How old are you? Twelve? Thirteen?” He
snickered as he walked up to her.
“I’m fifteen!” Mira shouted.
“Well, I’m seventeen so that’s two years older than your
sorry arse…” He said with spite as he was inches away from her.
“Pack your things out of my room now!” Mira shouted.
“Or what?” He asked, taking another step towards her till
their breaths touched.
“Or else I’ll throw your things out!” Mira demanded.
The boy laughed like a mad man and as though possessed, he
pushed her hard and roughly to the ground.
“You want to fight? Do you want to fight?” He asked prancing
about. At that instant, he looked like a proper street kid.
Mira fell to the ground and yelled in pain, the housekeeper
rushed to her side.
“Agatha, why don’t you go to the kitchen?” Monica said. “We’re
just teaching the little girl to show some respect.”
Mira stared at Daniel and his mother, fear clouded her gaze. ‘What in the world had her father let into their home?’ she thought.

To be continued on Monday….


  1. Wow. Feel bittersweet. I like the girls friendship but feel sorry for Mira. Oh well even Rachel and Winnie have their own challenges to face.


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