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watched her mother confront Preye, they had gotten back to the house ten
minutes ago and had both gone to her bedroom, only to see a very disheveled
looking Preye perched at the side of the bed and smoking a cigarette.
baby!!!” He had greeted her, not surprised to see her mother storm into the
yourself! I’d like it if you left this house right this minute!” Her mother
said albeit politely.
down Mama-jama, that’s not how to treat a guest you know…” Preye said, sucking
in another long drawl of the cigarette smoke.
my parents house this minute! Leave!” Nike’s mother ordered.
talking as if I forced my way in, your daughter gave me a duplicate key, so
literally, I’m a part of this family as much as she is.” Preye said.
over! Do as my mother says.” Nike said quietly.
me? What’s over? Who calls the shots? It’s over when I say it is over and not
the other way around.” Preye barked.
that moment, Nike’s grandparents walked into the room.
we are just coming home from the church’s elders meeting, what’s the commotion about? Who is
this man?” Nike’s grandmother asked her daughter.
says he’s her boyfriend and do you know that he has been living in this house
for some weeks now?” Nike’s mother said angrily.
man, leave this house!” Nike’s grandfather ordered, trying hard to re-enact the
voice he used to have years ago.
is issuing a threat!” Preye said standing up from the bed, he was bare-chested
and wearing only jeans trousers. “Do you know that where I served jail-time
abroad, we had a man as old as you are, his name is McKenzie but we inmates
used to call him Pa Macluski…hahaha…” Preye laughed heartily.
You were in prison? Excuse me?” Nike asked in shock.
else did you think I was contacting you from? The Bahamas? We prisoners, somehow got
internet, it was either because you earned it or you bribed your way to get it.
That was how I found you, a desperate young girl looking for love. So naïve, so
stupid and trusting, immediately I saw your picture on Facebook I laughed in
delight. I knew you’d be my meal ticket when I was deported to Nigeria and
truly, you were.”
Deported? Prison?” Nike cried.
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my God! I have a criminal in my father’s house.” Nike’s mother cried.
you see what I was talking about when Nike’s father bought her that tablet?
Parents of nowadays are the people that are destroying the lives of their
children! Why would you buy a tablet for your child of fifteen years old and
subscribe a data bundle for her, when there’s a computer in this house and at her school that she could use for homework. If her father hadn’t bought her
that tablet, this would never have happened! It lured her Facebook and she’s
not even old enough to register for social media. Look at what she brought home from Facebook, a criminal, a leech and a delinquent.” Her grandfather spat.
me? What did you just call me? You old pa…” Preye spat getting really upset.
called you useless and that’s what you really are…useless…get out of my house
or I’ll call the police.” Nike’s grandfather warned.
happened next was so fast, in split second, Preye retrieved a gun from his back
pocket and shot Nike’s grandfather on his thigh, the old man collapsed to the
ground. Nike, her mother and grandmother’s screams reverberated the house.
you guys! The gun wasn’t meant for you but for my crappy aunt…f**k it!” Preye
my God! Grandpa! No!” Nike cried.
she felt a rough hand grab her by the hair and lift her off the ground.
We are going to stay real quiet. You brought out the beast in me and I had to
use the gun. You are going to live under my terms now! My terms!” Preye
shouted. He held Nike close to himself and whispered into her ears.
lock the doors and don’t try anything stupid or all your family dies!”
Nike nodded and shakily ran out of the room in tears to do his bidding.
are you doing this? You have hurt an old man, a man that could be your
grandfather! Why are you in our home? Why are you tormenting us?” Nike’s mother
to me and listen well. No one is leaving this house, Nike will only leave this
house if we need foodstuff…and if she tries anything stupid, I’ll kill all of
you one by one. Remember, I have the loaded gun.”
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is bleeding…he is dying…we have to call a doctor.” Nike’s grandma pleaded in
must be a first aid kit in this house, attend to him with that.” Preye spat.
so much blood.” Nike’s mother cried as she tried putting pressure on the wound.”
Nike’s grandfather lay unconscious.
returned in tears, she had just secured the main entrance to the house with a
padlock and shakily handed the key over to Preye.
today, I am the man of the house. If I so much as see you attempting to call
the police or a doctor or even attract unwanted attention to this house, you
are dead. Remember, I am an ex-convict and I can do anything to survive.” Preye
had just finished his statement when there was a heavy bang at the entrance door.
Shouted a voice from the door.
kept silent.
are you at home? Pa and Madam Ayinde, are you in the house? Nike are you home?” Shouted the male
voice. “We just heard a gunshot and the street patrol team are going around to
see where the shot came from? Hello! Is anyone home?”

gave them a menacing stare and placing a lone finger against his lips he dared
them to be silent.


  1. This Preye of a guy na waooo…wat a bully he is. I think they should scream for help else they remain dere for as long as he wants. I really feel he is bluffing about kill them all.


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