Rachel lay on her bed and chatted on her phone, she had a
way of busying herself with social media so she didn’t have to help out around
the house.
“Rachel!” Her mother called out.
Rachel didn’t respond, she was sending a message to her
“Rachel!” Her mother called again and this time, she walked
into the room she shared with her


“What do you want mom? Na wah for you sef.” Rachel said.
“Come and clear the kitchen this minute.”
Rachel groaned in frustration and quickly typed a message to
her crush.
‘Be right back! Momsy
and her wahala…’

“If you don’t get up from that bed, I’ll drag you up
myself!” Her mother shouted. “Look at your room. Look at the room of a sixteen
year old. Very dirty and messed up! I bet your undies are soaked under your
bed as usual and you haven’t washed them.” Her mother shouted.
“Tell her ooo…mommy, the things she soaks under the bed
smells ehn.” Her brother, Aiden said as he perched on the side of his bed.
“Oh shut up…what do you know?” Rachel groaned as she stood
up from the bed.
Rachel was a very beautiful girl, she stood at five feet
nine inches and she had the hips and figure of a mature woman, her mother only had to look
at her shape and fear teenage pregnancy but she wasn’t doing anything to curb
that as she couldn’t help boasting to all her friends how many suitors her
daughter was already gathering for herself at the age of sixteen.
“Look at those bones sticking out…hahahaha…stupid pig!” Her
twelve year old brother hurled at her.
“What do you know? You bony legged fish!” Rachel spat. “The so called bones are hips and thank God you’re not a girl or you won’t even have any cos for a boy, you’re so lanky!”
“Hips? Hahaahahahaaha….all I see is bones.” Her brother mocked.
“Go to the kitchen now and clean up or there’ll be no lunch
for you guys.” Her mother threatened.
“Why isn’t Aiden doing chores?”
“I’m a boy and a girl’s place is in the kitchen.” Aiden
“You’re mad.” Rachel spat.
“That’s true Rach, do you see your dad in the kitchen?” Her
mother asked.
Rachel rolled her eyes at the mention of her dad. Her father
ran his own business but most of the money he got from it was spent on small
girls, barely older than his daughter, he chased everything in skirts and that’s
the reason they never had a help, besides they couldn’t afford it. They lived
in a two bedroom apartment and struggled to pay the rent as it is, their
parents even struggled to pay their school fees and every term, they made it
sound like they wanted to change them to government schools.
“That mentality of yours will lead you nowhere mom!” Rach said and stormed off to the kitchen.
She sighed at the clutter,
her mother was a legendary mess when it came to cooking. For instance, the
spoon was on the water bucket and the pot was on the floor, she sighed as she
began to work. She was wiping off the kitchen table when she came across a
poster which read.
School Opens it’s doors this Summer! Bring your children and wards for a summer
tutorial and you’ll be glad you did.’

Rachel’s eyes widened, this was the dream school! It was the
biggest school in the area and many big girls and boys attended the school.
Their school fees alone stood at more than half a million naira. She looked at
the price for the tuition for the duration of the summer school and almost
whooped in delight, it was twenty thousand naira. Last year, it was rumored to
have been about seventy thousand naira. Rachel’s school fees was twenty-nine
thousand naira, so, in real sense, attending the coaching didn’t stop her
parents from paying school fees during the holiday. She cringed to think of
attending the coaching her school offered, which stood at two thousand five
hundred naira.
With the flier in her hands, she rushed out of the kitchen
to the sitting room, her father was there watching a football match and making
a call, with the way he was smiling over the phone, she could tell that he was
speaking to one of his numerous girlfriends. She thought of things to say to convince her dad to pay the tutorial fees. When he hung up the phone, he
turned to stare at her, still with a smile on his lips.
“My queen, my gorgeous angel, the daughter after her father’s
heart. I have good news!” He said with a smile.
“What’s the news about?” She asked, not sure whether to
break the news that she wanted to attend the summer holiday coaching for Greenwichspring,
just yet.
“Go and call your mother and brother.” He said to her.
Like lightening, Rachel was out of the room and soon she was
back with her mother and brother in tow.
“What’s happening?” Her mother asked.
“My brother, Zach, is wiring money to me this week.” He said
with a smile as he spoke of his brother in Germany.
“Are you for real?” His wife asked.
“Yes and he said to give Rachel, an equivalent of fifty thousand
naira and Aiden, thirty thousand.”
Rachel’s joy couldn’t be more complete, it was too good to be true, now she could pay
for her summer school with the money her uncle was sending.
“Yay!” Rachel and her brother whooped.
“That’s so cool…we could use that for their next term school
fees.” Her mother said.
“No mom, that’s our money and we won’t allow you do that.”
Rachel said.
“Yeah!” Her brother echoed.
“Tell me, what will you use the money for?” Her mother
“I want to attend Greenwichsprings school’s tutorial classes
for summer and it’s twenty thousand naira. I’ll save ten thousand naira and use
twenty thousand naira to buff my wardrobe for the lesson.” Rachel said.
“That’s a good plan.” Her father said.
“Green what? That school is freaking expensive…where did you
get the idea that their summer school goes for twenty thousand. Last year it
was almost a hundred.” Her mother said.
Rachel handed her the flier.
“Look at all the cool things we get to do during summer
coaching mom, we get to swim, have dancing classes, go for excursions and even
have a party at the end of the lesson with a beauty pageant. This is where I’ll
shine mom.” Rachel said desperately.
“Well…” Her mom said looking at the flier. “You know it’s a
big school and lots of these big kids will be attending with big rides and all,
your dad doesn’t even own a keke.”
“Oh keep silent, it’s your bad mouth that has held me back
for years.” Her husband said.
“It’s your whoring ways!” Her mother spat.
Their parents argued and even fought in their kids presence all
the time so, Rachel and her brother were used to it.
“Cut it out guys, we are discussing about my lesson here.”
“Oh…true…” Her mother said. “The school is pretty far, how
would you get there? The money spent on transportation everyday should be like two
hundred naira.”
“I’ll manage mummy…” Rachel said.
Her mother looked at her and nodded.
“Okay…you can go but it’s because it’s your money, so better
thank your uncle for his generosity even though he forgot to send me money.” She
Rachel smiled in excitement.
“I’ll go to the market and get some cool clothes for myself
from okirika first grade.” Rachel said.
“You be forming! When you get there now, everyone would
think your dad is Aliko Dangote.” Aiden said.
Rachel punched him in the belly and everyone laughed.
“Wait, are you sure your brother didn’t send me any money?” Her mother asked her dad.
“If I remember correctly, he warned me against marrying you so…no show for you!” Her father said.
“You’re a mad man!” Rachel’s mother screamed.
As her parents quarreled, Rachel made her way to her room, she need to write a list of things to buy.
Image Source: bossip.com
Mira stared at her phone in despair, she was very pissed,
angry, upset and everything combined. The reason was, her parents had told her
that there would be no summer vacation for her this year as they were both
swamped with work. She wanted to scream, yell and tear the roof of their
apartment down.
Mirabel, short for Mira was fifteen years old and the last
child of three girls. Her elder sisters schooled abroad and she was the only
one left in Nigeria. She lived with her parents in a two winged duplex which
was by the way, rented as her parents spent lavishly and loved to live the
luxurious lifestyle than investing any of their income.
She watched the phone ring and soon, her sister’s face
popped on the screen of her iphone.
“Hey Miralicious!” Her immediate elder sister said.
“Hey…” Mira answered looking downcast.
“I heard about the no vacay this summer and I’m so bummed for
you…I’m sorry dear.” Her sister said.
“I’m so pissed, how could they? If they knew they’d have so
much work to do, why didn’t they send me to stay with you?”
“I’m in a hostel honey and little sisters are not allowed.”
She said.
Mira heard a deep throat-ed chuckle in the background.
“Who’s that?” She asked.
“I heard a male voice.”
“Oh…that would be my boyfriend.”
“How come I don’t know him?”
“Pause babe, I don’t need to introduce you to everyone I
meet.” Her sister said. “So how are you going to spend the summer?”
“My school has a summer program but it’s really far from
home and mommy sacked the driver so, she hired a new one and says that she can’t
trust him to take me to school everyday for tutorials since it’s far so, she enrolled me in
“Yuck! Green what? That cheap school?”
“Her excuse is that it’s closer to the house and guess how
much we’re paying for a whole summer term?”
“How much?”
“Twenty thousand.”
“Hahahahahaha…mommy has finally outdone herself! That school
is nowhere close to the school you attend and to think that their summer fees is your
pocket money?”
“Do you see why I’m pissed?”
“Wow…I don’t want to be in your shoes right now babe. So
what are you going to do?”
“I have no choice but to go but I’ve promised myself that I’m
making no friends there. I can’t mingle with people that are not in my social strata. I
wonder what Gregg, Soluzo and Titilayo would say if they found out that I went
to a school that paid twenty thousand naira for summer school. I’ll be the
subject of discussion in the class for years to come.”
“I’m really sorry babe, I’m more sorry that your friends are
not in the country ….”
“Do you know another reason I’m pissed? Titilayo’s
family traveled to Hawaii and they actually wanted to take me along with them
just for fun and I turned them down because I believed that mommy and daddy
had plans for summer.” Mira said and began to cry.
“I’m sorry sugar plum, don’t cry please…I have to go now…I’ll
talk to you later.”
“No…don’t go…stay with me…let’s gist please.”
“You know I can’t…you called me when I was pretty busy…bye
hun.” Her sister said and hung up.
Mira threw her phone on the ground and watched it crash, she
didn’t care, her parents could buy her another one, besides, this is the third
phone they are changing this year and she didn’t care about their pockets, besides they were the ones that made her this miserable.
She hit her fists repeatedly on her bed and cried.

To be continued next week….


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