Winnie sat cross-legged on
the bed and rolled her eyes as she stared at her phone, her mother had sent her
a message to wait for her call by nine pm and she was sleepy. She dragged in a
rough breath and waited, the clock chimed nine pm and her mother’s call hadn’t come through yet.
Her eyes were drooping already as she desperately wanted to sleep. She was
yawning loudly when her phone rang, it was her mother.

mom…” She greeted.
how are you?”
good…about to go to bed.”
dunno…I guess she’s in her room. The last time I saw her was when we ate dinner
at seven pm or thereabout.” Winnie said.
so you are alone?”
alone.” Winnie assured.
to me, I want to tell you something really serious.” Her mother said.
is it mom?”
trust your step-father’s daughter completely.” Her mother said. “She’s not as good as you think.”
do you mean? Sis Theodora  is really
nice…” Winnie started.
argue with me Winnie, you know I hate it when you do.”
sorry ma.”
won’t repeat myself again, be careful where Theodora is concerned, am I clear?”
I will.” Winnie said.
counting down to the next six weeks before you return home.” Her mother said.
didn’t respond, she didn’t want to go back home, she wanted to stay with
Theodora forever. When her mother hung up the call, there was a knock at her
room door and Theodora walked in.
dear…I didn’t know you’d still be awake.” Theodora said.
was just speaking to my mom…”
did she want?” Theodora asked, perching on the bed.
Winnie lied swiftly.
looked at Winnie and smiled then held out her hand to her.
you are a special little girl, you’re like an angel…don’t let your mom make
you feel less than you really are. You know we are friends right? We’re not
just sisters but friends and we can tell each other everything.”
do and I’m really glad about that.” Winnie said.
what?” Theodora said.
looked at her questioningly and she brought out a small pouch and handed it
over to her. Winnie opened the pouch and her eyes widened.
makeup purse with my very own makeup?” Winnie asked in surprise.
Her mother would be mad with fury if she saw this.
Theodora smiled.
screamed in delight as she threw her hands over Theodora’s neck and hugged her
you for this, thank you so much….” 
Winnie said with so much joy.
welcome dear.”
took out the small tubes of lip gloss and powder and shrieked in joy.
am so glad…oh my goodness! This is a dream come true!” Winnie smiled.
know you have to hide it from the big witch.” Theodora said referring to her mother.
didn’t really like that her mother had been referred to as the witch but she
shrugged, sister Theodora didn’t mean any harm, she thought.
know what? You can be whatever you want to be here in my house…and when you
go home, you can change back to being whoever you were back there.” Theodora
said with a smile. “How about that?”
“That sounds great.” She said.

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waited for her father to return, she felt so betrayed. He stepped in through
the door and she quickly walked up to meet him.
how could you?” Mira screamed.
father was taken aback for a moment.
Have you gone mad? Where has your common sense gone?” He asked.
brought in that woman into the family! You brought her in with that hoodlum who
almost killed me!” Mira shouted.
are you talking about? Monica and her son are a bonafide members of this
family, it’s a pity it took me so long to realise that.” He said to her.
threw everything we had away, you threw our lives to the dirt because you
want a son.” Mira spat at her dad.
that what your mother told you?”
and I believe her!”
that’s not true. She refused to let my son become a full part of this family
and we got into a fight. I had a choice to make and she had too.”
not true…you’re not happy that mommy had all girl children.” Mira said
with tears in her eyes.
father sighed deeply.
have told you the truth young lady, take it or leave it! Besides I am expecting
to have your sisters on Skype call today to tell them about the new addition to the family,
that’s if you haven’t told them already.”
know and they hate you for it! They hate you so much!” Mira said in tears.
love all of you but I have neglected my son these past years and now that I
know he exists, I want him to be a part of my life and yours as well.”
don’t want him to be! He pushed me, he almost wounded me.” Mira said in tears.
not true.” A voice said from behind her. It was Daniel.
my boy, come and say a proper hello to your father.” Mira’s father said as he
held out his hands to the boy.
walked over to Mira’s father and gave him a quick hug. Mira stared at the boy
who bore no resemblance to her father in any way.
you do a DNA test to be sure he’s yours?” Mira asked.
your tongue Mira.” Her father warned.
was your day dad?” Daniel asked, taking her father’s briefcase from him and
playing the role of the good son.
was very good my dear, I hope you’re settling in nicely.”
I am dad, although I haven’t found a room yet.” Daniel said.
are vacant rooms…”
are locked.”
only vacant rooms here are my sister’s rooms and one guest room.” Mira spat.
sure your sisters won’t mind if Daniel occupies any of their rooms, besides
they are abroad.”
worry dad, I don’t want to start on the wrong foot with my pretty sisters. I’ll
make do with the guest room.” Daniel said.
you for that, my boy.” Mira’s father said in approval. “Mira, you should be
very selfless like your brother, you know…” He said as he walked towards his room
with Daniel in tow.
watched the young boy who’d knocked her to the ground that afternoon as he left
the sitting room with her father.
was he up to?


Winnie was fast asleep when her sister’s guest walked into her apartment.

“Hey Steve…you look good.” Theodora said with a smile.

“Yea, I’ve been gymming a lot.” He replied.

“Do you want anything to eat or drink?” Theodora asked.

“You called me here for a mission and I need a deposit.” He said, with his charming smile.

Steve was a twenty year old guy who had a way with the ladies, he was home from Uni and he was a very close friend of Theodora’s elder sister who was his elder brother’s fiancee. Steve was never particularly interested in any girl, in fact, he had never been really interested in any girl as he felt that love was just a fake expression. When Theodora’s sister had complained to him about her father’s wife and how she wanted to get back at her for destroying their home, she had mentioned that there was a young girl Winnie. She had also mentioned that she would love nothing better than to make Winnie’s mother weep. They had come up with a plan and it involved, Steve seducing Winnie and turning her against her mother. His brother’s fiancee had also pointed out that Winnie was such a good girl so he had to help poison her mind and make her do a miraculous turn from good to evil.

“My sister sent you huh? And she didn’t even think of giving you any money?” Theodora said.

“Well…I guess you guys should trash out the money part yourself, I just came to check on my merchandise.” Steve said with a smile.

“She’s asleep…she’s a school girl besides she shouldn’t see you here.” Theodora said.

“I hope she’s hot…I’m not ready to woo an ugly duckling.”

“Winnie is pretty and I just stocked her up with some make-up.” Theodora said.

“I really don’t care, I’m sure she’s not my type besides I’m only here for the money.” Steve said.

“Steve, I hope you understand that this is a revenge plot. Winnie’s mother broke our home and now, she’s trying to bring her daughter up to be very decent, prim and proper and my sister and I don’t want that. Winnie’s with me all through the holiday and your cousin’s crib is not too far from here so we expect you to woo her till she’s completely, totally and hopelessly in love with you. She’s a fresher so she’s never been in love before and doesn’t even think she’s pretty enough so she has loads of self-esteem issues so, it won’t be hard for you to break in and confuse her completely.”

“So what’s the goal to all of this?” Steve asked.

“The goal is, that you must get her pregnant and rebellious.” Theodora said. “Remember that she must not know that we know you or that your brother is my elder sister’s fiance.”

“Sure…that’s no problem. I’ve just moved into my cousin’s place down the road, I’d like to know her routine so that I can bump into her.”

“Do you know what? I am sending her out to the supermarket before her lesson starts tomorrow, so, you can plan a meet up.” Theodora said.


“Thanks for this.” Theodora said.

“I just need the money…that’s all and the prospect seem like fun since I’ll be wooing the little innocent.” He chuckled.

Theodora punched him in the arm.

“She’s a small girl…”

“Dang! Are you being protective? I thought you hated her mom and all…” Steve said.

“Yea, I do but not as much as my sister and besides, I really like Winnie…I just don’t like it that she’s going to be paying for her mother’s sins.”

Steve shook his head and said.

“You and your sister are complicated beings aren’t you?”

To be
continued tomorrow….

I’m supposed to start a new daily Series this week and I’ve been thinking of what to write about. I’d like
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  1. Yaay, new daily series coming back. What about series on housewives, people think they are very boring and monotonous but im sure you can bring life to it, their interactions, frioends etc. Or a crime detective series? Absolutely love crime detective series like CSI, NCIS.

    • I like the idea of housewives and true, people think they are boring but they are quite an interesting group of individuals. We'll cast a vote and see…
      Thank you for the amazing suggestion Chu.

  2. I know you are a female, Ada but how about something on married men
    How they manage society's expectation of them, their responsibilities as fathers and husbands, not showing their emotional side or discussing their problems,temptations to commit adultery….that sort of thing.
    Exploring from the point of view that they are usually not as trained as females but thrust with the responsibility of being men


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