“Errm….” James stammered.
“James?” His mother called again this time walking towards
the door
 “Is this the boy who’s responsible?”
Kendra’s father asked his daughter.
“Yes he is….” Kendra said in a shaky voice as she pointed
at James.

“Excuse me…is anything the matter?” James mother asked.
She looked at the guests and her eyes widened in recognition. “Michael?” She
called out in surprise.
“Veronica!” Kendra’s father said.
“You two know each other?” Kendra’s mother asked.

“Oh my God! Michael! I heard you relocated to Abuja…when did you return to Lagos?” James’s mother asked.

“I didn’t relocate…I wanted to at first but changed my mind.”

“Please come on in…” James’s mother said pulling the door
wider. “Oh my goodness! What a small world? It’s been ages!”
Kendra and her parents walked into the sitting room, Raymond
stepped out into the sitting room and greeted the guests, he wondered why
Kendra was in his home with her family.
“How are you Mike? It’s been….fifteen long years…” James
mother said. “I can’t believe I’m seeing you again after such a long time…”
“Yes. It’s been fifteen long years….how are you? How’s
your husband? What’s his name again? Reginald?” Kendra’s father asked.
James mother shifted uncomfortably. “I have no idea where Reginald is, we…broke up…” She said.
“That’s so sad..” He said and looked at James and his
brother. “I guess you remarried then?”
“Yes…I did…” She smiled uncomfortably again. “What do I
owe this visit? How’s Clara?”
Kendra’s mother visibly froze at the mention of Clara’s
“She’s fine…she’s at home…”
“My mother asks of her all the time, I recently paid her a
visit at the village.” She said.
“Oh…did she move to the village?”
“Yes, after she retired, she left Lagos for the village…”
James mother said. “Clara must be a big girl now….it’s been so long. You took her away and didn’t even bother bringing her to us for visits.”
“I am sorry that I haven’t been in touch. I can’t believe you live quite close to us and I
haven’t bumped into you.” Kendra’s dad said.
“That’s quite a surprise. I’d love to see Clara one of these
days…..she’s a big girl now I guess. It’s never too late to reconnect family ties.”

‘Family ties?’ Kendra asked herself.

“Who is she?” Kendra’s mother asked her husband.
“This is not the issue that brought us here but since you’re
meeting her for the first time, I’ll do the introduction. She is Veronica,
Clara’s mother’s elder sister.”
Kendra’s eyes widened, she couldn’t believe that James’s
mother was actually related to Clara.
“You were saying something about an issue that brought you
here.” Is something wrong? James’s mother said.
“Yes, my daughter is pregnant, all thanks to your son, James.”
Kendra’s mother said.
“What? Who? How?” James’s mother asked.
“Me? No way! I am not the father of that child, infact I
have never had sex…what are you talking about?” James asked rudely.
“Are you talking to me?” Kendra’s mother faced James. “Show some respect boy!”
“How dare you tell my son to show some respect? I brought him up well…” James mother defended.
“Calm down…we’re not going to fight to resolve this
issue.” Kendra’s father said. “Veronica, my daughter claims that your son put her in the family way.”
“My son? No way…not James! My kids can be anything but
indulge in sex at this age? No way!” Veronica said aloud.
“Mom, she’s lying! Everyone would attest to the fact that
she’s always thrown herself at me in school and I refused to look at her. Now,
she’s coming here with the claims that I got her pregnant when it’s a bloody
lie!” James said.
“James! How can you lie against me? You know that you were
the first and only guy I’ve ever had sex with…” Kendra cried.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about? How dare you come
into my house and pin a pregnancy on me?” James shouted.
“I have proof, I’ll talk to Emeka and he’ll provide the
video you sent to him and his friends.” Kendra flung.
James was gripped with fear at what she said but refused to
be threatened.
“I don’t know what you are talking about?” James said.
Kendra’s father was tired of the charade, he looked at his
daughter and asked.
“Tell me the truth Kendra, who’s responsible?”
“I have said the truth! James is the father…I am sure of
“I am sorry to say this Michael but your daughter could be
lying to you. Maybe someone stronger or bigger than her got her pregnant and she’s afraid of telling you the person’s name. I doubt that James knows anything about sex.” His mother defended.
“I don’t know anything about sex ooo…nothing at all…I
don’t know what happens between a guy and a girl.” James lied.
“I am sorry but I’ll have to believe my son…” Veronica
“I bet you will! Go ahead and keep believing him when you
know that he’s lying!” Kendra’s mother flung at her in tears.
“How dare you come into my house to insult me? I raised up
my sons in the best ways and I know that they are very well-behaved boys. Your
daughter is wayward and she got knocked up by someone and decided to be
irresponsible about it and pin it on my son.”
“If you think you train your sons so well, what stopped you
from coming to take your niece from my house? At least I trained her! I brought
her up and she’s turned out well…” Kendra’s mother shouted.
“I have actually being looking for ways to contact Michael
and even my mother has been doing the same. Thank God, fate played you right
into my hands and I’m going to pay Clara a visit after such a long time.”

“Good luck with that…” Kendra’s mother said.

 James’s uncle W walked into the sitting room, he
had heard the loud noises from his bedroom. Immediately he saw Kendra’s father,
he said in anger.
“Michael? What are you doing here?”

“Wekpe? You’ve grown so big, the last time I saw you, you were a young boy.”

“Calm down Wekpe, he’s here for something else.” His sister
“He took his daughter, I wonder why he’s here. What does he want?” Uncle W started.
“I am not here to discuss about Clara, I am here to talk
about my daughter, Kendra.” Kendra’s father said.
Uncle W, turned to look at a tearful Kendra.
“What happened?” Uncle W asked.
“She claims James got her pregnant.” James’s mother said.
Uncle W shrugged and said nothing.
“I have told them that James cannot do such thing, he is too
disciplined for that.” James’s mother continued.
Uncle W still didn’t say anything.
Kendra’s father stood up to leave.
“I guess our visit is over. We have to go now…”
“Wait Michael, I’d like to pay Clara a visit someday…I’m sure
she’s a big girl now…” James mother said.
“You’ve seen her mom, it’s the girl we saw in front of her
house on the day I went to pay Kendra a visit. The girl that was with the other
one who was quite rude to you and stormed off to her house.” Raymond said.
“You were at my house? What for?” Kendra’s father asked
“I…errr….went to…” Raymond stammered and looked at his
brother who gave him a killer glare. “I went to borrow a book from Kendra but I found that
she wasn’t at home.” He said breathlessly.
“We’ll be going now, do stop by to see Clara any time you
want.” Kendra’s father said.
“I definitely will… please take care….teenagers make
lots of mistakes but it’s our jobs as parents to help lead them.” James mother
Kendra’s father nodded and left the house with his wife and
“What do you think could be happening right now at James’s house?” Rose asked.
“I dunno…” Clara shrugged.
“I bet it’s going to be a big revelation huh….Kendra is
going to let her parents know who she’s had sex with.”
“That doesn’t seem like a thrilling topic.” Clara
said as she stared unseeingly at the television.
The bell rang and Emerald hurried to open the door, it was Aunt
“Aunt Cassie!” Rose called out in shock.
“I came to see what’s happening? Where is your dad, Clara?”
She asked.
“Auntie Cassie…do you know that your being here might cause trouble? Clara’s step-mom is around!” Rose said.
“So what?” Aunt Cassie asked, hissing angrily. “Abeg, I’m
sure Clara and her dad haven’t eaten so, I’m going to make lunch for them.” She
said as she stalked into the kitchen.
Rose looked at her with fear in her eyes.
“You shouldn’t be worried or scared you know, anyway, you
are the one who let her in…using me as a bait of course.” Clara said.
“Can’t you forgive me already? C’mon Clara!”
“You destroyed this family.”
“What are you talking about? I destroyed nothing! Your
step-mom made you feel bad and your dad didn’t even fashi you, so don’t spit crap about family destruction.”
As Rose spoke, the gate to the house opened and Kendra and
her parents stepped out of the car.
“You have refused to speak the truth…” Her father shouted.
“I have told you the truth, James is responsible!” Kendra
“Do you know how I feel when I look at you? I feel so much
anger and hate and God knows that I want to wash my hands off you!  Clara is definitely better behaved than you are and to think that I just realized that.” Her father
“No! Daddy please…it was a mistake…”
“How can you say such cruel words to her? We are a family
and we have to weather the storm together.” His wife said.
“Are we a family? I don’t think we are anymore…” Her
husband said and stormed into the house.
As soon as Kendra and her parents entered the house, aunt
Cassie appeared from the kitchen.
“Hello darling…” She greeted, hurrying over to give Kendra’s
dad a quick kiss on his cheek.
Kendra’s mother saw red and she quickly lunged at aunt
“Leave my husband alone you evil witch!” She screamed.
“Have I strapped him to my side?” Auntie Cassie screamed as she grabbed Mommy’s dress collar.
The two women began to fight while the kids and Clara’s dad
stared at them in confusion.
“Even if your mother is so stupidly gullible where you are
concerned, I will never believe that you had no hand in that pregnancy.” Uncle
W, said to James once they were in the boys room.
“Does your opinion matter? You are living off my parents
favours so, it doesn’t matter what you think or don’t think.” James said.
Raymond stepped into the room and stared at his uncle and
“I had to lie for you and now I hate myself.” Raymond said.
“Who sent you to their house to apologize? You just love
playing the saint…” James scoffed. “You shouldn’t have even mentioned that you went to their place.”
“If I were you, I’d go and apologize to that girl’s family
right away….and take responsibility for my actions.” Uncle W said.
“I would do no such thing!” James said and left the room. “She’s so stupid to get pregnant.”
“I wonder why he’s like that. Mommy always indulges him
too…” Raymond said in a small voice.
“She thinks she’s loving him but she doesn’t know she’s
harming him.” Uncle W said.
“Why does mommy never see any wrong in James?” Raymond
“Well, its because a long time ago, she lost something so
precious to her and when she had James, she felt as though God was giving her a
second chance.” Uncle W said.
Raymond looked at his uncle, he was clueless as he had no idea of what uncle W was talking about.
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