Sesan rushed home and pushed open the door to his bedroom,
no one was at home yet, just the maid who had opened the door to the house for
him. He wiped off the sweat from his forehead and literally slumped on his
bed, closing his eyes and counting one to five, he opened them again.

‘What had just happened to me?’ He thought to himself as he
reminisced his experience at the library and his narrow escape from the senior
students. ‘I am never going to the library on weekends ever again!’ he vowed
silently to himself as he sat up on his bed and opened his school bag. ‘I’d
rather read here jor, what rubbish! If daddy sees me looking at those kind of
magazines, I’m sure he’ll disown me.’
He pushed his hand into his bag and made to bring out his
Literature text book when his palms touched a sleek-kind of book, he pulled it
out and his eyes widened in surprise. Right there in his hands was one of the forbidden
magazines that the senior boys had been reading at the library.
“Oh no! I didn’t put it in there…what is this naw?” He
lamented. “I’m sure it’s those boys that put it into my bag when the librarian
came and this happened while I was in the toilet. Oh my God! This is not
happening!” Sesan thought aloud and scratched his head. “I’m going to throw it
in the trash…no…mommy checks the trash, I’m going to burn it…no…if I do, the
neighbours will tell my parents that I polluted the air with smoke and daddy
and mommy will demand to know what I burnt and all hell will break loose. Okay,
what if I flush it down the toilet…am I mad? That’s suicidal, it will block the
sewage pipes. All I have to do is hide it somewhere and on Monday, I’ll take it
to school and return it to the boys. That’s better.” Sesan exhaled.
He stood up from his bed and looked for where to hide it,
all the while averting his gaze from the front cover of the magazine which
featured a nude woman. He opened his wardrobe and climbed the wooden panes
inorder to get to the top of the wardrobe, he had just hidden the magazine and
was still hanging from the top of the wardrobe when the door to his room opened
and his mother walked in.
“Sesan! What are you doing up there?” She demanded.
“I…err…I am just relaxing…” Sesan said, smiling and placing
his hand on his chin in a casual pose while supporting his elbow at the wardrobe edge.
“What? Relaxing? At the top of the wardrobe?” Sesan’s mother
asked in surprise.
Sesan quickly jumped down from the wardrobe and regarded his
mother calmly.
“I’m sorry mom…I won’t do it again.” He said.
His mother nodded and left the room, Sesan sighed audibly, ‘that
was close.’ He said to himself and opening his door, he left the room.
Osas was so shaken, ‘did he do it? Had he done it already?’
he asked himself. After his encounter with Miyebi, he had quickly rushed home
and hurried to get his laptop and began Googling stuff like ‘how do you know when you have had sex?’ 
This and many more were the questions he typed on his
screen while waiting impatiently to read answers. After browsing through the
sites for more than an hour, he resolved to call his friend Dayo to ask him
instead. Osas knew that Dayo was going to make a fuss out of the question but
he really had to be sure. Dayo answered the phone on the second ring.
“Hey my man!” Dayo greeted.
“Dayo…how far?”
“I dey ooo…dis house dry ehn!” Dayo complained.
“Abeg I fit ask you quick question?” Osas said in a hushed
voice as he looked around the sitting room to be sure that no one was in sight.
“Ask away! As long as nor be school work…”
“Have you ever had sex? I mean real sex.”
“Which kain question be dat one? You think say I be you? I
am a real man jo…”
“Please be serious…I need to know…”
“Okay…yes I have…a couple of times though!” Dayo answered.
“How does the stuff work? I mean…err…must the guy really…”
Osas couldn’t finish his question, he didn’t know how else to explain his
“Wait…you don break?” Dayo asked in glee.
“I don’t know…I was with her and all of a sudden, I felt
“Naahhh, that’s not sex…” Dayo said quickly.
“Yep…that’s not sex…you didn’t do anything. The only thing
you did was, embarrass yourself in the presence of the young lady. I’m sure she
and her friends must be laughing at you now…” Dayo said dryly.
“Are you serious? It wasn’t sex?” Osas said in relief.
“Are you happy you didn’t have sex or are you daft not to be
worried that some girl is dissing you about town and telling everyone who cares
to know that you are not good in bed.”
“What does that have to do with anything? I just wanted to
be sure if I had sex or not…”
“Well…no you didn’t…unless there’s more to the story that
you’re not telling…” Dayo started.
At that moment, the door to the house opened and closed,
Osas knew he had to hang up the call.
“I’ll call you later bye.” Osas said hurriedly and hung up
the phone.
Isiuwa walked into the sitting room suspiciously, her school
bag which she carried at her bag looked very big as though over-stuffed.
“Good evening bro.” Isiuwa said hurriedly and headed
“Where did you go?” Osas asked.
“I err…I went to see my friend…we had to study for our
“How come your bag is so big?” Osas asked.
“My bag? It’s filled with books…”
“I remember carrying this same type of bag when I was in
secondary school and even after I had packed all my books, it didn’t look as
shapeless as it does now. It looks like it has been stuffed with clothes or
“You are entitled to your own opinion. I am off to my room,
see you later.” Isiuwa said quickly and was just about hurrying out of the
sitting room when the phone in her bag rang. Isiuwa stopped dead in her tracks
at the sound of the phone ringtone.
“That’s not my ring tone…” Osas said then glaring at her
accusingly, he said, “Do you have a phone? Isiuwa, the noise is coming from
your bag.”

Isiuwa shut her eyes in frustration, she had forgotten to
place the notifications on silent before coming home.


  1. But I marvel at the kind of behaviour exhibited by the teenagers in this series. For example, Isi having to tell her mother that she is officially out of the kitchen and walking out on her mother? or the way Seyi spoke to her parents in the previous series.

    Old as I am now, I cannot imagine myself doing such to my parents or even my elder ones. In fact, God forbid that I should have such a child. Such a child would understand clearly that he/she came into the world to meet me there already. Not the other way round. Hian!!

    May God help parents like Isi's to stop acting helpless around their children.


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