Veronica stared at Cassandra and Elizabeth with scorn-filled
eyes, the two women stared at her in silence, Rose stared at her aunts and
James’s mother, she had no idea of what’s going on.
“Rose…can you excuse us?” Aunt Lizzie said.
“What’s going on?” Rose asked.

“Follow instructions! Go and wait for us somewhere!” Aunt
Cassie said.
Rose nodded and walked away, as soon as she was out of
sight, Veronica spoke.
“You guys are so heartless! It’s been fifteen years since I laid
my eyes on her! How could you take her away from me?”
“Hello Veronica, you look well.” Cassie said.
“Answer me dammit! I have spent the past fifteen years
searching for that girl, how could you take her away from me?” Veronica asked
with tears in her eyes.
“She’s our brother’s biological daughter and he has a right
to be with his child.”
“Where is your brother? I don’t see him with her….where is
he? He kidnapped my child…”
“No, he didn’t kidnap her. Your dad gave him the permission
to take her away.” Lizzie said
Veronica’s eyes widened in shock.
“My what?”
“Yes, your dad told our brother to take her away….besides
wasn’t she taken away at the same time your sister’s daughter was taken as well?”
Aunt Lizzie spat. “Your dad was the creative mastermind behind it all.”
Veronica couldn’t speak, she was too stunned for words. How
could her father have given her ex-husband the right to take her daughter away.
“That’s not true!” Veronica stammered.
“Well, I guess you’d better ask him.”
“He’s dead.” Veronica said.
“Oh…I guess you can’t ask him then.” Cassie said in scorn.
“Where’s Preye’s father?”
“She’s better known with Rose Lily, she doesn’t answer that
name you gave her.” Lizzie said.
“I want her back!”
“Go ahead, go and have her back!” Lizzie said with a mock
expression of delight. “Go and tell her the reason you left her…”
“I didn’t leave her and you know that I didn’t!” Veronica shouted.
“Well, whose side do you think she’d take? The side of the
mother who abandoned her, or the side of her aunts who have sacrificed their
lives for her’s.”
Veronica swallowed the bile in her throat, she had been
relieved to have found that she had indeed been right that Rose was her
daughter but now, a bigger dilemma faced her.
“Where’s her father?” Veronica asked.
“He’s not in town…”
“I want to speak to him!” Veronica said.
“Go ahead and look for him.” Cassie hissed.
“I need my daughter back! I am going to have her back even
if it’s the last thing I do!”
“Good luck to you.” Cassie laughed.
“Rose is not your typical kind of girl, she’s not like
anyone you’ve ever met, Rose Lily is tough, she’s brave and she’s an
independent girl. Even with us, she’s never clung to us or craved attention,
she’s a free bird and a very rude one too. If you like yourself, stay away from
her or I promise you that by the time she’s done with you, you’ll wish you kept
your distance.” Lizzie said.
Veronica’s husband chose that moment to walk up to them.
“Hello.” He greeted Rose’s aunts.
“Hey…” They greeted with smiles.
“Am I interrupting something?” He asked.
“Oh no, we were just leaving.” Cassie smiled. “Is he your
husband? He’s cute.”
As Cassie and Lizzie left, Veronica stared at them with a
murderous look in her eyes.
“Are you okay?” Her husband asked.
“I’ll tell you later…at home.” She said.
Her husband looked at her and at the retreating backs of the
ladies who had just beckoned to a young girl and were leaving the gate of the
church with her.
“Okay, the service is over. The family is headed over to the
cemetery. We’ll need to go home now.” He said.
“Are we not going back to their house?” Veronica asked.
“No, all visitation ends here. There will be no get-together
at their house.” Her husband said.
“Where are James and Raymond?”
“They took the other exit out of the church and they’re
headed to the car.”
“Okay then, let’s go.” His wife said.
As they left, all Veronica thought of was, getting her
daughter back and she was very determined to do so.
Rose was in her room, she had changed clothes and was
stationed at her room window, watching Clara’s house in order to know when they
returned. She was still there when her aunt walked into the room.
“Waiting for them to return home?” Aunt Cassie asked.
“Yea…I want to see Clara.” Rose said.
“I’m so glad that you are friends with her now.”
“Yea, me too.” Rose said.
“We both know that her step-mom is such a hypocrite too.”
Rose didn’t say anything, she hadn’t told any of her aunts
the cause of Kendra’s death and she was never telling them.
“I expect that soon she’d be gone and I’ll find my way back
to Clara’s father’s heart.” Aunt Cassie said.
Rose didn’t respond.
“You are so glum, is anything the matter?”
“If you expect me to help you with anything, forget it!”
Rose said.
“What are you saying?” Her aunt asked innocently.
“That family have been through enough already!”
“Am I the cause of their calamity? For pete’s sake Rose, why
are you so protective of them all of a sudden?”
“Clara is my friend and she’s been so hurt since her
siblings left the house with their mother and she’s more hurt now that Kendra’s
“How is it my fault?” Her aunt asked.
Rose didn’t respond, she kept staring out of the window.
“Well, I didn’t come here to discuss this…I have something
to tell you.” Her aunt said.
“What do you want?” Rose asked not looking away from the
“I want to tell you about yourself and everything you need
to know.”
Rose looked at her.
“I’ve asked you this question for years and you’ve never
answered me, now you want to tell me what I’ve always wanted to know? You are
so predictable Aunt Cassie….it’s either you want something or you want to lie
to me.” Rose said.
Cassie walked up to her and placed her hand on her shoulder.
“Rose Lily, I confess that I haven’t been honest with you
and that’s the reason I and Lizzie, kept things from you.”
Rose didn’t reply, she really wasn’t in the mood for life’s
“Your mother came back!” Aunt Cassie said to her.
Rose startled and looked at her aunt.
“Yes, and I’m certain that soon, she’ll come to you.”
 “You said she’s with
my dad abroad and they have been sending money to you for my upkeep.” Rose
“I was lying to you Rose…we were lying.” Her aunt said
taking a seat on the bed. “The truth is, your father is dead.”
Rose stood up and stared at her aunt in shock.
“Your mother left him and married someone else and it broke
his heart so, he died and that’s how we took you.”
“I don’t…I don’t understand.”
“Your mother is cruel…she’s evil and she’s devilish. She’s
never loved you, all she wanted was money and more money. One day, she dumped
you with your dad and left the house and the next time we heard of her, she had
run off with another man and was married to him. My brother…God rest his
soul.” Aunt Cassie said while tears fell from her eyes. “He was devastated, he
was heartbroken, he’d lost everything, his wife, his job…everything and he suddenly
took ill and died. We wanted to protect you that’s why we never told you the
Rose shook in anger.
“My mother did all that?” Rose asked.
“Please promise me that you won’t forgive her for all she
did to my brother.” Her aunt said. “Your aunt Lizzie and I, have sacrificed so
much for you, we even took up this kind of life just to make sure you had the
best in life because that was my brother’s dying wish, he said; ‘take good care
of my baby, I know I left nothing for you both to look after her but I want the
very best for her. I want when her mother sees her, she’ll be so ashamed to think
that I never had enough money to give her everything she deserves’. Your aunt
and I, turned down so many marriage proposals because we didn’t want to have to
compromise. We had made a promise to our brother and are indebted to him.”
Rose stared at her aunt as tears fell from her eyes.
“I don’t want to see her, ever!” Rose cried.
“You’ve seen her already.” Her aunt said in tears.
“I have?”
“Yes, she’s none other than the woman your aunt and I were
speaking with at the church today, when we asked that you’d excuse us.”
“What? That’s James’s mother!” Rose whispered in shock.

To be continued tomorrow…
The first episode for ‘The Escape’ begins today and it would be posted daily -every evening from about 5pm- 6pm. It’s still under the PAYR option and will continue till the season ends. I read all the comments under the post and my answers to the questions for the PAYR option will be given under the post. Thank you.


  1. WOW, just as I thought the series was rounding off, it took another curve, I love this series. Keep up the good work Ada the word smith.

  2. Aunt Cassy tried sha…..but I believe that Rose, when left alone to think things through would see the holes in th story and I can't wait to see them exposed. Something tells me Rose was taken away without her father's consent, considering how greedy Rose's aunts are.

    I love the suspense you have created in this episode. Well done.


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