“Kendra, are you okay?” Her mother asked checking her
temperature with the back of her palm.
Kendra lay on the bed she shared with her mother and sister
and closed her eyes.
“Hmm….I feel a bit dizzy and weak…but I’ll be fine…”
“I should give you some medicine….” Her mother said.
“Daddy is the one who prescribes the medicines….he’s the doctor
remember? Besides I really don’t think this is anything to be worried about.”
Kendra said.

“Perhaps you could drink a glass of cold milk and water….and
get ready for church…” Her mother said.
“I won’t be able to make church today mom….” She said.
Emerald walked into the room, she was already dressed and
ready to go to church.
“Aunty Dumebi’s husband asked that I join them in the car
since you’re not ready to leave for church yet…can I?” Emerald asked.
“Sure….we are going to the same church anyway…” Her
mother responded.
Kendra’s mom had decided to start attending church at her
sister’s church because she didn’t want to go to the one her family used to
attend, for fear of bumping into her husband constantly.
“Bye then…” Emerald said and hurried off.
“Are you sure you’re going to be fine on your own?” Her
mother asked worriedly.
“Yes….” Kendra nodded.
Kendra watched her mother prop pillows under her head and fuss over her. As soon as her mother left, she felt her stomach rumble and
she hurried over to the bathroom to throw up.
James and Raymond waited for their mother to get prepared
for church, she always took her time with make-up and gele-tying.
“You look good mom…as always…” James said to his mom.
“Yea….you look swell…” Raymond smiled.
“Thank you boys…” Their mother answered with a larger
smile. “I was wondering if we could change churches for today and err…attend
the church of your friend, Raymond…”
Raymond looked up at his mother, puzzled by her words.
“What do you mean mommy?” He asked.
“I mean that we could visit the church of err…that girl we
saw at the gate of your friend’s house….she’s your friend too right?” His
mother asked.
“No, she’s not…she’s the sister of my friend….”
Ray said.
“What is mom talking about? What friend?” James asked.
“I went to Kendra’s house yesterday….to see her and…”Raymond
“You what? You like trouble ooo…what were you doing there?”
James asked in disgust.
“I went to apologize, since some people have no decency to
apologize for their mistakes.” Raymond spat.
“Hey boys….stop the bickering.” Their mother admonished,
addressing James, she asked. “Do you know the girl?”
“You mean Kendra? She was the girl you dropped off on our
first day at school…have you forgotten?” James said.
“Oh yes….I do have a short memory…” His mother said.
“Well, if this dumb head of my brother asked questions
before embarking on the journey to her house, he’d have known that she doesn’t live there
anymore…” James said.
“That’s her house! Stop lying. I saw her sister and she said
she wasn’t around…” Raymond accused.
“Yea….she isn’t around, apparently, her parents separated
for a bit so she lives with her mom’s sister….” Raymond snapped.
“Calm down boys…I am actually asking about one of the
girls I saw outside the gate yesterday.” Their mother said.
“I don’t know them….” Raymond said uninterestedly.
“I know everyone close to Kendra….so, who are you asking
about?” James said arrogantly.
“One of the girls I saw there, dyed her hair
and looked really chic…she  is
taller than the other one…” Their mother said.
“Oh…Clara and Rose?” James said.
“Yes! You got it right James, she said her name is Rose.”
His mother smiled.
“She’s a friend of Kendra’s sister, Clara, I’ve met her
once at the cinemas and I liked the both of them instantly, especially Rose,
she looks very different from the girls I’ve met.” James said.
“Do you know the church she attends? I’d like to see her…” Their mother said.
“Why?” Raymond and James asked at the same time.
“I errr….you know I am opening a new clothing shop and I
want someone to model for the billboard for the shop…” Their mother said too
“Oh…okay…I really don’t know her church though….”
James shrugged.
“Can we go to church now?” Raymond said. “Our own church…” He emphasized, sounding quite upset.
Their mother nodded in disappointment and they all left the
house together.
Rose slowly ate her porridge, she was feeling a bit crampy
and all she wanted to do was go back to bed. Aunt Cassie walked into the
sitting room and looked at her.
“Are you okay?”
“Yea….” Rose said.
“I hope you’re cheerful enough to join Clara’s dad to his
function today…” Her aunt said.
“Do you know where we’re going?” Rose asked.
“No…he just said he wanted us to hang out after
church…so, since he’s gone to church…we’ll wait till he gets back.”
“Okay…” Rose said.
“You don’t look too happy. Is it because of Clara?”
Rose shrugged and said nothing.
“Friends come and go but family lasts forever…” Her aunt
“Some friends are like family…”Rose said.
“Stop sulking abeg….you knew what you had to do from the
beginning. Why do you feel so guilty?”
“I feel guilty because she looks at me as though I destroyed
her family and I did.”
“No you didn’t! The stupid woman left after her husband
couldn’t chose between her and his daughter ….I only came in when coast was
clear and she was out of sight.” Aunt Cassie shouted.
Rose looked away, she was still unhappy.
“Better wash those dishes and get ready because he said the
function is at two pm and we can’t afford to keep him waiting” Aunt Cassie said.
Rose sighed and picked up her plates from the side stool and
headed towards the kitchen.
“Daddy, could you drop me off at the tutorial school?” Clara
asked her dad.
Service was over and they were on their way home but Clara
had carried a backpack with the clothes she intended to wear for the performance.
“Okay….” Her father said.
Clara smiled and latched her seatbelt.
“So, your school’s new year party is going to be fun right?”
Her father asked.
“I guess…I haven’t attended it before so…” Clara said.
“All parents are supposed to come?”
“No!” Clara said too abruptly. “Not all parents, it’s just
for those whose schedule permits…”
“Hmmm…you might be surprised.” Her father said.
Clara looked at him and held her breath.
“Surprised at what?”
“Never mind. I hope you’ve had something to eat? Should we
get something at a fast food?”
“Don’t worry dad, I’ll be fine….I ate some sandwich this
Her father turned on the music and drove towards the
tutorial school.
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To be continued tomorrow….



  2. I warned Kendra not to allow this boy to sentence her to 9 months imprisonment but she didn't listen to me.*sigh

  3. I warned Kendra not to allow this boy to sentence her to 9 months imprisonment but she didn't listen to me.*sigh


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