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Osas lay on the hospital bed and his family surrounded him in silence, he was in a coma and
the doctors feared the worst. Miyebi stood there shivering and crying at his
side, Osas’s mother and father sat down beside the bed in tears, while Isiuwa
and Mense held on to eachother and cried.

“Why? Osas why?” His father asked.
“You caused all this! This is your fault!” Isuiwa’s mom
screamed at her husband.
“Why are you saying this? How did I cause it?” Osas’s
father shouted.
“You led him to commit suicide! Osas is such a gentle boy
and he never would have thought of suicide if you didn’t push him to
it. You saw the letter where he said that he couldn’t get married at this
age…he…he…” His mother cried.
“I thought I was doing the right thing…I thought that my
forcing him to get married will instil some kind of discipline in him…I
didn’t know that it would turn out this way…” Osa’s father cried.
“It’s all my fault Mr. and Mrs. Igbinovia…”Miyebi cried.
“What are you talking about? Osas is lying here in coma and
you’re crying that its all your fault! Yes, it is all your fault! For tempting
my son! For making him eat the forbidden fruit like Adam in the bible! You are Jezebel!” Mrs.
Igbinovia screamed.
“Mom…she’s devastated too…I think we should hear her out…she
wants to say something.” Isuiwa said.
“I am so sorry that I dragged this family through this
mess…I am sorry that I lied to a pastor and his wife for selfish reasons.
But, the truth is…if I told the truth, my dad will kill me!” Miyebi cried.
“What truth? Miyebi…what are you talking about?” Pastor
Igbinovia inquired.
“Osas…is not…the father of the baby…I had a wild night
at school with some friends and we were drugged and ….taken advantage
of…that was how I got pregnant….I only framed Osas because I knew he had
always liked me and I knew that it’s better to tell my dad that he’s the father
of the baby than say that it’s a group of guys that I know nothing about.”
Miyebi cried.
“What? What did you just say? My son isn’t the father of the
baby? Osas isn’t responsible? And you made him go through all these pains for
nothing?” Osas’s mother screamed as she lunged at Miyebi. “Do you know that he might die?
Miyebi ran to the other side of the hospital room and
crouched at the side of the wall in tears.
“I had no choice! I had to lie against him and I am really
sorry….I never knew that it would end like this…” Miyebi cried.
“You! You made my son attempt suicide! What do I tell the elders at the church? They would hear that my son attempted suicide and might remove me from the
board. They’ll say that I’m not an ideal father. You have ended up messing up my ideal family!” Mr. Igbinovia shouted.
“You are wicked! Very wicked!” Mense supplied, wagging her
finger at Miyebi. “God will punish you for your lies…”
Isiuwa wanted to say something, she wanted to insult Miyebi
but she couldn’t, she wasn’t perfect and she couldn’t hurl insults at a
young girl who had looked for alternatives to save herself from being punished severely by her dad. If she was in such position, rather than telling her dad the truth, she might just do the same as Miyebi did.
“Oh my God! What kind of a human being is this? If my son
dies….his death is on your head….you’ll suffer for it” Mrs. Igbinovia
Miyebi felt better after telling the truth, she hurdled at
the corner and cried.

Frieda couldn’t decide on what dress to wear for Isuiwa’s
birthday, should she wear the short dress or the long one? Should she wear the
distressed denim or the ripped jeans? She finally settled on one very
inappropriate outfit which she was sure that Isiuwa’s prim and proper parents
wouldn’t approve of. Her intention was to spill all of Isiuwa’s secrets to her parents on her birthday party. She had already imagined the scenario, ‘she’ll walk
into Isiuwa’s house, dressed in a fashion that Isiuwa’s mom and dad would
recoil at and when they began preaching to her, she’ll bring out her phone and
show them images of Isiuwa dressed in clothes that they didn’t approve of.’ She
had it all planned out and she couldn’t wait to execute it. Next time, Isiuwa
would think properly before deciding to abandon their friendship just like that!
She had just selected the clothes and was about to take them
to the ironing table to iron them when the electricity was seized.
“Oh crap! What am I going to do? How am I going to iron these clothes?”
 At that moment her phone rang, it was her uncle.
“Hello Uncle dear…” Freida sang out.
“What’s this I’m hearing from your parents? Your mom called
me to tell me that you haven’t been respectful and that you told her that she
and your dad are poor and that you wished that I were your dad instead.” Her
uncle said over the phone.
“Don’t mind her uncle…she’s just seeking attention. Can
you imagine her wanting to drive me to school with her dirty ratchet vehicle? I
had to decline of course, I am better than that!”
“You are very stupid for that statement!” Her uncle barked.
“Excuse me? Why are you talking to me like that?”
“Your parents have banned me from seeing you…that’s what!”
“They can’t do that…uncle…you know that they can’t do
that to us…we love each other too much…”
“Yes they can because you insulted them and openly preferred me to them.”
“But if you stop seeing me, what happens to our friendship?”
“They also told me to stop helping them out with your school
fees, they have decided to enroll you in another more affordable school at the
end of the term.”
“What? They can’t do that! No! No!” Frieda screamed as tears
welled up in her eyes.
“You had better go and apologize, or else our friendship
might be over as we speak and you know that you need me…” Her uncle said.
“Me? Need you? You are talking as though you don’t need me
as well…” Freida snapped.
“There are a lot of willing girls that would like to be in
your position…” Her uncle threatened and hung up.
“Why? Oh why?” Frieda screamed as she tossed the phone on
her bed and stormed out of the room in a bid to talk some sense into her
parent’s heads.

Sesan was a wreck, he had spent his pocket money on X-rated
magazines which he had stacked up under his bed. He had met up with some very ‘coded’ boys in school that seemed to have a regular supply of the material and he had purchased it from them. He was slowly getting addicted
to porn and he was as loosing focus from his studies as he had stopped
spending time reading his books instead, he perused through pornographic
It was eleven pm at night and his eyes were as wide as the
owl, he was trying to resist the urge to take one last peek at the magazines he
had stashed under his bed to no avail. He got up from his bed and crouching
low, he snaked his arms under the bed and brought out some of the magazines he
had hidden and began to read. It’s needless to say that he read for the better
part of the night.

Morenike watched her parents fight, it was a Saturday
morning and she was already ready for Isiuwa’s party, she was only waiting for
Frieda’s call.
“Stupid woman! Useless thing! You trapped me with the pregnancy
of your bastard daughter and that’s why I married you!” Her father screamed at
her mother.
“Mad man! I should have followed Olayinka back then, I
should have married him seeing that he loved me so much and that he was richer
and better established than you are.” Her mother screamed in return.
Morenike was used to this life, her parents argued and
fought everywhere, in the house, in car, at the church, the supermarket, in
front of friends and family and everywhere. Being the only child of her mother
but not of her dad, Morenike took sides with her mother rather than her father.
Her father had married a total of three women but out of the three, he lived
with one as the other two had divorced him and moved on with their lives,
proclaiming that he was too difficult to live with.
Morenike ignored her parents and sent a DM to Frieda via
twitter as she had seen the tweet that Frieda had posed that morning which read
‘life sucks’
As her parents quarrelled heavily in her presence, she
quickly typed out her text.
ready! Should I wait for you to come or catch up with you at your house?’

Morenike texted.
She waited for five full minutes but there was no reply, by
this time, her mother had started screaming and clapping hands at her father.
“Morenike! Do not be like this foolish father of yours! He
is no role model, he is a mad man!” Her mother screamed.
“Morenike, if you take your mother’s traits you would not
last long in your husband’s home!” Her father screamed in return.
Morenike stood up from the sofa and held out her palm
towards her dad, he knew the signal and not breaking off the insults he was
hurling at her mother, he fished his pocket for some notes and slapped it on
her palm. Morenike took the money and not bothering to say thanks to her
father, she left the house. As she hurried out of her compound, she could hear
the loud noise from her parents as they insulted eachother. Just as she left
her house gate, she heard the smirk of the lady who sold drinks in the shop
beside her house.
“They have started again! Mad couple! That’s why the children from that household are so ill-mannered and unruly! Hmmm…what kind of example are they
setting for their kids? Nonsense!” The woman said.
Morenike had hardly left the street when she saw her
step-sister, Tolani alight from a jeep at the entrance to the street. It was a
known fact that her sister made ‘friends’ with certain kinds of people. Tolani
was the one of Morenike’s siblings who lived in the same house with her
and the both sisters were far from close. As soon as the jeep rounded off the
corner, Tolani walked purposefuly towards her, Morenike looked away as  Tolani walked past her and Tolani did the
same. That was the way life operated in her household!

Frieda’s phone battery had died, there was no electricity in
the area and her parents had refused to fuel the generator, all in a bid to
discipline their wayward daughter. They had spent the night together in a dark house, with no Television, no charged laptop, or anything! Frieda had retired to bed early. She had told Morenike that she would text
her early this morning but the only thing she had been able to do with her
phone was tweet two words ‘Life sucks’.
She had gone to accost her parents last night after speaking
to her uncle, demanding an explanation as to the reason, her uncle wasn’t
allowed into her life anymore and she got the backlash she didn’t expect. Her
parents had shouted her down and threatened to seize everything she owned if
she didn’t show them some respect.
“Respect! Rubbish! They don’t deserve respect because they
have no money!” She muttered under her breath.
She stood at the bustop dressed in her white ripped jeans
and her floral off the shoulder crop top, which she paired with a dark sunshade and a wide
brimmed hat, to shield her from the sun, she had also worn a heely pair of pink sandals. She was about to stop a taxi when she
saw Morenike advance towards her. Frieda was relieved, even though she had
prepared herself to destroy Isiuwa’s party, she wasn’t ready to do so alone.
“Frieda! Wait up!” Morenike shouted as she ran up to meet
“I was supposed to send you a text but my battery died.”
Frieda said.
“That’s no problem, thank God, I was able to meet you on
time. You look glamorous!” Morenike exclaimed.
“Thanks…as always.” Frieda boasted.
Morenike smiled and nodded, she had worn a short skater
dress which she had to wrestle from the breeze as it never failed to get caught
in the wind whenever she walked, she had paired her outfit with her sneakers and a
sling bag.
“Isiuwa’s house is not far from here but I’m not ready to
trek, I’m taking a taxi…” Frieda said.
“Oh okay…but isn’t that going to be expensive? We can take
a keke…” Morenike proffered.
“God forbid that anyone sees me in that thing! If you want
to take a keke or whatever you call it, go ahead, I’m a big girl and can’t ride
in such.” Frieda said.
“No, I was just trying to say that…”
“I know what you were trying to say but the last time I
checked, I didn’t ask for your opinion on the most suitable transportation to
the venue. Besides, you weren’t invited to the party and even though I didn’t receive an invite from Isiuwa, she used to be my best friend so it’s
necessary that I go to the party. 
Isiuwa never liked you because you aren’t
her type…you see…you are unkempt, dull and quite dirty….I’m just doing
you a favour by being your friend and you know that you’re still on probation right?” Frieda spat.
“Probation?” Morenike croaked.
“Yep…you are on friendship probation which lasts for about six weeks. If you fail the test, you’re back to square one or we forget the friendship.” Frieda said.
“Okay…” Morenike said in a subdued voice.
“How much do you have on you?” Frieda asked.
“My dad gave me two hundred and fifty naira, and I have some
change….I think I have about three hundred and fifty thousand naira…”
Morenike said.
“What? Three hundred and what? Oh my God! What am I doing
with a pauper? I deal in thousands babe and not in hundreds. I actually have
about two thousand five hundred on me and today is not even my buoyant day.
What are you using three hundred naira for? To buy buns?” Frieda laughed.
Morenike didn’t like the manner in which Frieda spoke to her
but she didn’t say anything, she really wanted to be Frieda’s bestie and if receiving all the insults in the world was going to make her so, then so be it.
The two girls flagged down a taxi cab, and got in.
To be continued tomorrow….


  1. It pains me when a family member fails in one area and all one or both parents think of is their reputation. So all the spirituality displayed by Osas' parents is just for show off? Where does that leave their children?

    As for Frieda, I am very glad her parents are giving her the much needed scolding and training…….Of course her uncle would move on to the next prey, unknown to the greedy Frieda.


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