Sesan quickly rushed to have his bath and carrying his lunch to his dad’s room, he locked the door behind him, placed his plate of food on the table beside the computer and quickly turned it on. As he ate with his left hand, he used his right to navigate the mouse around, he quickly opened the web browser and went to google but a suggestion popped up on his dad’s screen which read;
‘Your system did not shut down properly. Restore pages?’
Sesan wanted to open another window but the mouse mistakenly clicked on the restore icon.
“Aww mehn! Now, I’ll have to close it again and relaunch the browser. Such time wasted!” Sesan complained.
The pages opened and what Sesan saw on his father’s screen almost gave him shivers. His eyes widened in shock and he quickly checked all the pages up on the screen and was surprised to see that they all had almost the same content. His father’s computer had different sorts of pornographic websites running on it. Sesan closed his eyes and opened it again, he darted his gaze to the door and was reassured that it was locked, then, instead of closing the pages and going the site he intended at the first place, he sat still and watched all the X-rated videos from start to finish!

Frieda literally counted the days till Isiuwa’s birthday party, she already had an outfit picked out and she was very prepared to burst her former friends bubble right before her parents’ eyes. It was a Thursday morning and she was readying herself for school, she had just buckled her shoes when her mother walked into her room.
“Mom! I thought the sign outside my door says, knock!”
“We are in Africa, Frieda, and African parents don’t knock before entering their children’s room, besides what are you hiding?”
“Whatever!” Frieda said rudely.
“What do you want mom?” Frieda asked.
“I’m not going anywhere today so, I was thinking that instead of you, walking to school, I could drive you to school.” Her mother said.
“With your ‘Tuke Tuke’ vehicle? No way!” Frieda said.
“C’mon…whatever happened to being content? The car is in good condition…”
“No thanks mom…I’ll rather ride a bike to school than be seen in that useless car! Do you know that I am one of the popular girls in school? Other popular big girls have drivers who come to pick them up with flashy cars while I walk to school because my house is close to the school, I can’t let them see that my mom drives a stupid jalopy car!”
“Shut up you ungrateful child, after all your father and I have suffered for you, you dare to insult the car we bought we our hard earned money?”
“Stop calling that piece of metal a car mom! Look at Uncle Fry’s machines, I mean…have you seen his latest? That man has class and he has money to support it!” Frieda said.
“Really? So it has come to the point where you compare us with your uncle right?”
“I’m not comparing, I’m just telling the truth. If it were left to you and dad, I wouldn’t be in such a cool school and I’ll be in tatters by now.”
“Where are all these words coming from? Frieda! I see that you prefer your uncle to us…”
“Isn’t that obvious? He gets me whatever I want!”
“Well, this is the last time I’ll let your uncle take you about for those stupid shopping sprees, expensive vacations or lavish you with frivolous items. I have had it!” Her mother shouted.
“You can’t do that?”
“Says who?” Her mother retorted.
“You can’t do that, I’ll tell uncle Fry and he’ll rescue me from your wickedness!”
“Who is your mother? Who gave birth to you? Uncle Fry doesn’t have any authority over you. You are my daughter and he has no choice but to do as I bid.” Her mother turned to go but stopped briefly to regard her, “You can keep walking to school since our car is not befitting for her royal highness and a quick advice. Do take good care of your shoes and their soles because you’ll never get anything from Uncle Fry again and your father and I are busy trying to make ends meet to buy you new pairs!” Her mother said, hissing as she went.
“She can’t do that! She’s bluffing! My uncle will never leave me! He loves me! He will never listen to her, never!” Frieda spat in frustration to herself.
“Sesan! I am leaving in the next ten minutes, stop wasting my time!” Abigail screamed through the door.
Sesan was lying on his bed, his face beaded with sweat, he had not had his bath, brushed his teeth or even had his breakfast but he had been up for the past two hours. What had he been doing? His hand quickly left the confines of his pajama trouser as he stood up feeling weak.
Sesan quickly rushed out of his room and headed to the bathroom with his towel. Abigail caught sight of him as he hurried out still in his pajamas.
“Mom! You might have to tell the driver to take me to school and come back for Sesan! He still hasn’t had his bath and it’s almost seven am.” Abigail shouted.
“Sesan! What have you been doing?” His mother called out from the dining where she was rushing up a quick cup of tea, already dressed in her corporate wear and ready for work.
Sesan didn’t reply, he was already inside the bathroom and had turned on the shower, he didn’t bother using soap, he splashed water on his body and in no time left the bathroom and headed to his room to prepare for school.
Since he saw the X-rated videos, his mind hasn’t been able to concentrate on anything but his desire and somehow he had found out that he could teach himself some acts without anyone’s help. As soon as he quickly pulled out the pornographic magazines which he had stashed under his pillow and climbing his wardrobe, he threw them on top of the wardobe. The X-rated videos he had seen on his father’s screen had awoken a feeling he never knew existed and that evening after seeing the videos, he had gone in search for the magazines that the boys had stashed into his bag a few weeks ago. At that time, the magazines and its images came to life in his head as he could imagine and envision everything he never knew about before.
“Sesan!” His sister called out again.
“Coming!” Sesan called out.
 Soon he ran out of his room with an unbuttoned shirt flying at both sides, an unbuckled belt, unlaced shoes, uncombed hair and a half-open school bag.
“I’m ready, let’s go!” He said.
“Who’s going to school with a mad man? Please set yourself in order before stepping out of this house!” His sister said.
“I’ll slap you o!” Sesan said in warning.
“Slap yourself first you buffoon!” Abigail said and quickly ran to the door afraid that her brother might actually pounce on her.
Sesan growled and followed in hot pursuit.
“Sesan if I as much as see a mark on your sister, I’ll have your head!” His mother called out to him.

Emeka and Dayo sat down in the sitting room of Osas’s house, their legs shook in fear as they half-expected Osas’s parents to descend on them with canes and whips.
“O boy…we for no come ooo.” Dayo whispered in a shaky voice.
“Relax…we came to say hi and err…find out why we’ve not been seeing him…” Emeka said, trying to reassure Dayo of their intention of visiting.
“Man, I am scared of Osas’s parents ooo…” Dayo said, wiping off sweat with the back of his palms in the air conditioned sitting room.
“My boys! How are you doing?” Osas’s father’s voice boomed as he walked down the stairs.
“Good evening sir!” Emeka and Dayo chorused, standing up to greet him respectfully.
Osas’s father looked at his wristwatch.
“It’s some minutes past ten am, where did evening come from?”
“Sorry sir, I mean good morning…” Emeka said.
Dayo bowed his head and said nothing.
“You are here to see…” Osas’s father asked as if he didn’t know who they sought, he walked up to them, motioned that they sit and took a seat as well.
“Osas sir…” Emeka supplied, boldly.
“Oh…Osas! Hmmm…”
“Yes sir…” They chorused.
“Hmmm…” Turning to address Emeka, he asked. “Who is your girlfriend?”
“Me? Sir? I have never seen a girl in my life sir, maka-chukuwu!” Emeka swore placing his finger on his tongue and pointing it to the ceiling.
“Really?” Pastor Igbinovia asked, staring at them sternly. “Are you swearing in my house?”
“No sir, I mean…I am just trying to say that I have seen girls but I look straight-forward all the time so, I don’t mind them at all. Girls are evil.” Emeka said.
“Sir, girls are devils!” Dayo supplied in support of his friend.
“Really? Does that mean that my wife, and Isiuwa my daughter, are devils?” Pastor Igbinovia asked.
The two teenage boys looked at eachother and shook their heads.
“Sir, not at all, Isiuwa is an angel sir…” Emeka said.
“Really? You noticed? What attributes does she have that makes you think she’s an angel?” Pastor Igbinovia asked.
“Sir?” Emeka echoed, a lump forming in his throat.
“Yes, I asked you a question.”
“Yes sir, you did. Isiuwa is an angel because she prays regularly, she acts well and speaks well too. She is also beautiful and angels are beautiful.” Emeka knew that he shouldn’t have said the last sentence because Osas’s father’s eyes flashed at him.
“So you noticed that I have a beautiful daughter…right?”
“Sir…may we be excused? We will be back in the next errrmmm…time when Osas is around.” Dayo said quickly.
“Yes sir, my mommy said that I should go to the market and buy food stuff for lunch…” Emeka lied quickly, desperately looking for an excuse, any excuse to get out of Osas’s house.
Pastor Igbinovia watched the two boys get up, bow slightly, said their goodbyes and scampered off, each trying to outrun the other. By the time they reached the door, pastor Igbinovia called out to them.
“You are both cordially invited to the wedding ceremony between Osas and Miyebi on Sunday. Reception follows after service at this venue.”
The boys looked at eachother in fright and raced out of the building as though pursued by wild dogs. They vowed never to step into Osa’s house again.


  1. But Ada na. This one is short o. And now we have to wait for next episode. #sadface.
    Don't mind me jare. As always…keep up the good work. God bless u HUN.

  2. Sesan's father has led by example and now his son is towing a path of destruction. Life has a way of revealing through our children, what we do in secret. One major lesson here is that, as we train our children, we should lead by example – both in secret and in the open.

  3. Sesan's father has led by example and now his son is towing a path of destruction. Life has a way of revealing through our children, what we do in secret. One major lesson here is that, as we train our children, we should lead by example – both in secret and in the open.


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