Raymond watched the driver scream at him, he had actually
stepped into the road just as the driver drove into the street but luckily, the
man had pressed his brakes fast enough so no damage was done.
“I am sorry…I am so sorry…” Ray said in tears.
The man looked at him and sighed.
“It’s okay, I am sorry for yelling at you but you should be
careful with the way you cross the road. I could have run you over…” He said.
“I am sorry sir and I…it won’t happen again.” Raymond

“Where are your parents?” The man inquired.
Raymond pointed at Kendra’s house.
“Alright, go inside and meet them and please, stay safe.”
The man said.
Raymond walked over to Kendra’s house, most of the people
who had come to their house were already leaving. He walked into the sitting room to see a woman
sitting on the ground and crying loudly while another woman sat beside her sobbing. Ray stood there and stared at them, the woman who had led
his parents to the other sitting room walked up to him.
“Were you close friends of Kendra?” She asked kindly.
“Yea…she was a really nice girl and I liked her a lot.”
Ray said.
“Did you come to pay your respects?” She asked.
“I actually came with my parents some minutes ago and you showed us into the
other sitting room but I stepped out for a bit.” He said.
“I am sorry, we had so much guests…I kinda lost track.”
She said sniffing back the tears. “My name is Aunt Carol, what’s your name?”
Ray stared at the woman who was wailing loudly.
“My name is Raymond but my friends call me Ray.” He said,
then after a while he asked. “Is that Kendra’s mom?”
“Yea…that’s her mom.” She said then quickly changed the
topic. “I guess you’d want to join your family in the other sitting room.”
Raymond nodded and followed her to the next second sitting
room. The door was pushed open and Ray saw his parents sitting in silence as
Kendra’s father spoke.
“My daughter died a sad girl because your son didn’t tell the
truth. If he did, she might still have gone for the abortion but she might have
been happier that the boy who was responsible for her pregnancy, told the truth.” Kendra’s father said.
“We are very sorry, our heart goes out to you in this
difficult time and whatever help you need, please don’t hesitate to ask.”
Raymond’s father said.
Kendra’s father nodded.
“Thank you for coming here to clear things out, I feel bad
for not believing her when she told me the truth.” He said. “Please don’t forget to keep the news of her abortion a secret.”
“We are really sorry Michael…” Raymond’s mother said. “And yes, we won’t tell a soul.”
Kendra’s father nodded again. James fell on his knees and
“I am deeply sorry and I don’t think I’d ever forgive myself
for this. I led her astray and I didn’t even admit to what I did, instead I lied
and tried to cover up the truth. I am sorry…” James said.
“Well….you are not supposed to apologise to me, you didn’t
lie against me but against Kendra…” Her father said.
“But she’s gone…” James cried.
Aunty Carol spoke up.
“This is the reason we are always admonished to act
appropriately and behave accordingly because we can’t tell what life has in
store for us. That person you might be keeping grudges with, may not be here
tomorrow and you’ll end up regretting your actions for the rest of your life.”
James’s father nodded in agreement.
“When is the burial?” James’s mother asked quietly.
“Tomorrow…she’s a young girl so, there won’t be a large ceremony. we’ll just have a service for her at the church and proceed to bury her. I have informed her school of her death and her classmates would be coming over to
the church tomorrow to say their goodbyes. There’s really no need delaying her burial.”
He said.
They nodded and stood up to leave.
“We’ll be there.” James’s father said.
As they left the house, James strode out feeling like the
most terrible person in the world while all that went through Raymond’s mind was the fact  that he’d never see
Kendra’s beautiful smile again.
It was a hard moment for Clara as she picked out her sister’s
favourite dress, a yellow sunflower dress and matching shoes. She also picked
out Kendra’s favourite watch and bracelets and as she handed them over to her aunt
to take to the morgue she fought the tears.
“Is Kendra going to be buried with her wristwatches and bracelets too?” Emerald
Clara nodded.
“Clara…” Zika called her name.
Clara turned to look at her brother who was still lying in bed.
“Promise that you would never leave us…” He said.
Clara felt tears form in her eyes and she held out her hands
to her siblings who rushed to give her a hug.
“I won’t ever leave you guys, we are a team…forever.” She sniffed.
They were still hugging themselves when they heard the loud noise from
the sitting room. 
Clara left her siblings in order to find out what was happening.
Her father was screaming at mommy who was in tears, aunt Dumebi was seated on
the sofa crying loudly too.
“It is over! This marriage is finished! As soon as we’ve
buried our daughter, we’re done!” Her father screamed with pain in his eyes.
“Michael please…I beg of you in the name of God…don’t do
this to me, I’ll kill myself, I’ll die.” Mommy cried.
“You deserve to die after you led our daughter to the
slaughter house! Did you do a background check on the clinic before you sought
their services? The police men went to the clinic and they attest that
none of those so-called midwives were actually real midwives! For pete’s sake I
am a doctor! What stopped you from coming to me? What stopped you from seeking
my advice? What stopped you from telling me what you’d planned to do? After the
burial, I want you to pack your things and leave this house for good!” He
Aunt Dumebi stood up and regarded her brother in-law.
“That’s so heartless of you! How can you do this to her when
you know she just lost her baby?”
“You! How dare you speak to me as though you are blameless
in my daughter’s death? How dare you call me heartless when you also had a hand in my
daughter’s death?” He screamed.
Kendra’s mother wailed loudly. Clara took a step forward and
“Dad, mom, I’m sure Kendra won’t like to see her parents
this way. Let’s give the respect she deserves and prepare for her funeral like
one family, please.”
Her father nodded and with tears in his eyes he turned on
his heels and headed out of the sitting room. Clara turned to go but mommy’s
voice stopped her.
“Clara…please wait…” She said.
Clara turned back to look at her.
“Thank you so much…. I am so sorry for all I have
said…to hurt you in the past, please forgive me…” Mommy said.
“There’s nothing to forgive…” Clara said and walked away.
Rose Lily slipped on the black dress she had brought out for
Kendra’s burial and stared t her reflection in the mirror, her eyes were red as she
had spent the better part of the night crying. She hadn’t really liked Kendra
when she was alive and she wished she had strove to know her better.
There was a knock at the door and the door opened to reveal
aunt Cassie and aunt Lizzie, they were dressed too in dark colours.
“Are you going for the burial too?” Rose asked.
“Yes…we are…” Aunt Cassie said.
“I don’t think it’s a good idea. You remember the last time
you went to their house and saw Kendra’s mother. I don’t want that to repeat itself
“That’s rubbish! Kendra is Michael’s daughter and I have
to be there at his difficult time.” Aunt Cassie said.
“Get ready quickly, church service starts at ten am and I
don’t want to go to the burial place so, let’s be quick.” Auntie Lizzie said.
Rose zipped up her dress, placed a shawl on her head and
stepped out of the room with her aunts. She prayed in her heart that her aunts
turn back on their heels as she wasn’t ready for any ruckus.
The service had just begun when James and his family arrived
at the church, just as they alighted from their car, the school bus arrived and
all Kendra’s classmates alighted. They saw James and his family members and
some of them waved at him while some ignored him totally. James wasn’t happy,
he hadn’t eaten last night and he wasn’t hungry this morning, he wished Kendra
didn’t die, he wished he had told the truth, he wished he’d been a better person.
They all walked towards the entrance of the church and as
soon as they reached the doors an Usher said to them.
“Good morning everyone, the eulogy readings have started and
we won’t want to disturb those already seated in the church. Once the first set of eulogies has been read, we’ll usher you in.” He said.
James’s mother nodded and stood outside with her family
while the students of the school stood on the other side.
“It’s just five minutes past ten am, they could have just
let us in.” Raymond sulked.
“Shhh…stop talking.” His mother cautioned.
Another car pulled up at the gate and Veronica looked to see
Rose Lily step out of the taxi cab, her breath caught in her throat as she
stared at the girl she was so sure was her daughter. Two women stepped out of
the vehicle and her mouth flew open in surprise, they were none other than
Elizabeth and Cassandra, the sisters of her former husband.
Clara stepped up shakily to the podium, she looked at the
crowd and saw Oliver smile at her. She was so grateful for his friendship as
well as a few others in the performance group, they had taken time off their
classes to be with her and she was grateful. It was time for her say her last tribute to her sister. She looked at the coffin where Kendra lay and
thought of how beautiful she looked in her pale yellow dress. She smiled
shakily and faced the crowd.
“My sister hated it when I wore her dress, especially the
yellow one she’s wearing now, we used to argue about the littlest things and we
used to fight over silly issues. We were always at war with each other because
it was like a competition  at home to
outshine the other.” She paused. “Oh how I hated when we argued and she told me
I couldn’t borrow her dresses! But now, those dresses hang in the wardrobe and
I’ll gladly not wear them if she could come back to me…to us…to my family. I
love my sister, so much but I guess God said ‘enough of your squabbles child,
come home and be at peace and leave that troublesome sister of yours.” She
smiled and everyone chuckled. “Kendra was the most intelligent, clever and
smartest girl I knew, she could calculate huge sums in her head and make chemistry
seem like easy peasy. I love her so much and deep down, I know she’s at peace.
Good bye Kendra.” Clara said and stepped down the podium, her father stood up
to hug her and they took their seat.
The door was opened and those who were a little late walked
into the church hurriedly. Rose and her aunts took their seats at the back
while James’s family stood their seats at other side of the church, all the
while Veronica’s eyes kept going back to where Rose was seated.
“What are you looking for?” Her husband asked.
“I’m just checking something..” She answered.
“Please stop looking and let’s pay our respects…” Her
husband said.
Rose sat beside her aunts, she had heard the words from her
friend and was sad that she hadn’t been in the church when Clara made her short
speech. She watched at some students of Kendra’s school walked up to the podium
and set up their musical instruments and sang a beautiful song. As soon as they were
done, the principal of the school came forth to talk about Kendra followed by
some of her classmates and a few of her family relatives.
The service soon ended and those who wanted to see Kendra
one last time were asked to approach the front of the church and also greet the family of the deceased.
“I’m going to the front.” Aunt Cassie said.
“C’mon aunt, please…” Rose pleaded, she was afraid that
Kendra’s mother might cause a scene.
“She’ll be shameless to cause a scene during her daughter’s
burial service.” Aunt Cassie hissed.
They all walked towards the front and following them closely
behind was James’s family, Veronica watched Rose and her aunts and felt like
screaming out loud, ‘that’s my daughter’ but she silently walked behind them.
Clara’s father and mother stood beside their daughter’s
casket, while their children stood by their side, nodding at those who had come
to pay their condolences. Rose held her breath when she saw Kendra’s body in
the coffin, she didn’t look dead but asleep. Her aunts walked over to greet her
parents and Rose noticed that Kendra’s mother just stood there and nodded as
she held a handkerchief close to her eyes, she breathed freely once they left
the family and walked outside the church.
“See? Easy peasy…” Aunt Cassie said.
Rose saw James’s mother walk out of the church and head
towards them, and as soon as she reached them, she stopped.
“Cassandra! Elizabeth!” Veronica called out.
Aunt Cassie and Lizzie turned around to look at Veronica,
they didn’t recognise her at first but when they did, their faces were filled
with horror.
“I believe you have something that belongs to me!” Veronica
To be continued on Monday…..


  1. SAD episode still.
    Ada,well delivered. Oshey
    Lol@James mother….
    “I believe you have something that belongs to me!” Veronica said.

    • Thank you for reading Ayo dear…the episode was sad for me too. I wonder how I'll cope without Kendra in the story but anyhow sha…God dey.


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