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Mira was very afraid. From the mouths of the kidnappers,
she’d heard that her parents were getting the police involved and it made them

“What does he mean by her father is getting the police
involved? I thought we gave a clear warning.” The girl in the gang of
kidnappers known as Esther said.
“That’s what I was told.” The second guy known as AKA said.
“Then we have no choice but to threaten her family. They’d
better not do anything stupid.” Esther said.
“What do we do? How do we threaten them?” AKA asked.
“It’s very easy, we only have to send them her body part…”
Mira had been tied to a corner of the room and was listening
to all they were saying, her heart skipped a beat as she listened in fear.
“Body part? Do we need to get so messy?” The first guy who’d
doubled as the driver and who’d picked her from her house said.
“Yes, we need to threaten them that if they report to
the police, she’ll be killed in no time.” Esther said sounding hardened.
“Oh my God!” Mira said in alarm.
They all turned to look at her, then AKA smiled.
“I bet you never imagined that you’d ever be in such
situation…right?” He said to her.
“Please…I’ll talk to my dad…he’ll send you guys the
money…please don’t hurt me…don’t…” Mira cried.
“It’s the second day already and we’ve not heard from him.
We gave him a place to drop off the money and he hasn’t done anything about it yet. I doubt that your dad loves you as much as you think.” AKA
“He loves…me…I know he does….” Mira cried, praying
that she didn’t have to spend an extra day in this place.
“Your life is in your family’s hand right now…if they don’t
pay up…you’ll be dead.” Esther sneered.
Winnie stared at her parents, she wondered how they knew
Steve. Rachel quickly excused herself and hurried upstairs.
“Steve?” Winnie echoed.
“Yes…who is he?” Her mother shouted.
“Calm down Kate, we agreed to ask her this question very calmly…”
Her husband said.
“Steve is my friend.” Winnie said. “How do you know about him?”
“How did you meet him?” Her father asked calmly.
“I met him while I was with sister Theodora, he…errm…”
She started.
“Did you see what I told you? Haven’t I been right all
along?” Kate cried as she spoke to her husband. “Whenever I tell you that I don’t
want my kids to spend time with your children, you feel as though I want to
divide the family when that’s not true. Did you hear her?”
“Calm down Kate, let Winnie finish.” Her husband said
“What’s going on dad? What’s up?” Winnie asked in confusion.
“Tell us more about Steve.” Her father asked.
“Well, I saw him on my way back from the supermarket while I
was still at sister Theo’s. He’s been a good friend so far…and…”
“And what else?” Her mother stared at her in anticipation.
“I don’t understand you…” Winnie said.
“Tell us more dear.” Her father said to her.
“Do you think I’m dating Steve?” Winnie asked with eyes
wide. “Yes, he asked that we start going out but I refused and he’s been a good
friend to me ever since.”
“I believe you dear but next time, whenever you have these
random friends that are not from school or church, please tell us.” Her father said to her.
“Do you see? Do you see that they’ve been plotting against
my daughter all along? Are you satisfied now?” Kate cried louder.
“What is going on mom, dad?” Winnie asked, staring at her
“Don’t worry about it, just go to your room.” Her father
“No! She deserves to know the truth so that she doesn’t
continue pointing accusing fingers at me or believing that I’m out for her
downfall.” Her mother said in tears.
“No Kate, don’t…please don’t…” Her husband said.
“Winnie, it was all a trap set by your aunt Eva, she planted
Steve as a bait for you. She came here and threatened me and said that Steve
failed in his quest and that’s why she came to seek vengeance by herself. She
planned to bring you down with Theodora.” Her mother spat.
“I don’t believe it…there’s no way Steve knows my
sisters…” Winnie said.
“Are you sure of that? How did we know his name? Why did we
ask you if you know anyone called Steve?” Her mother asked.
Winnie couldn’t believe it, she brought out her phone and
dialled Steve’s number right there before her parents.
“Hello Steve…” She greeted.
“I just spoke to you a while ago…missing me already?”
Steve asked.
“Do you know my sisters Theodora and Eva?” She asked.
“Who? No…I don’t…I don’t know them.” He stammered
sounding unsure of himself.
“There’s no use lying to me Steve…I wondered why a
university guy like you took interest in plain me but now I’ve figured it all
out.” Winnie said bitterly.
“Wait…Winnie, I can explain…I beg of you…I can
explain…” Steve begged.
“Our friendship is over!” Winnie said and hung up the phone. She was very hurt.
Her father stared at her in pity.
“I’m sorry Winnie…” He said.
“It’s okay dad…I guess that’s life.” She said and hurried
As soon as she left, her father turned around to face her
“You’re so insensitive Kate. Even if we wanted to tell her
the whole truth, you should have at least waited a while and revealed it to her
in a calmer way.”
“You are just protecting your daughters, because you don’t
want my daughter to hate them like I do. Guess what? Winnie is my daughter and
I’m protecting her too.” Kate said and headed upstairs.
“Winnie, stop this…c’mon.” Rachel said, patting her friend
on the leg while she sobbed.
Winnie’s head was buried under her pillow and she was crying
heart brokenly.
“How can I stop crying? All those I thought had my best
interests at heart, have failed me. Do you know I used to wish that Theodora
was my mother? I feel so bad…” She sobbed louder.
“Hey…it’s good that you found out the truth about her. What if you never did?”
Rachel asked.
“I just feel so hurt that Steve made me feel as though we are good friends, I feel so bad that I asked for advice from Theodora rather than
my own mother.” Winnie cried.
“You can’t blame yourself for that. Theodora was so close to
you, she was nice too and kind, that’s why you were closer to her. No one knew
she didn’t have your good intentions at heart.” Rachel said.
“I feel so betrayed! I’m still so young to be experiencing
all this at once. First, Mira is kidnapped, second, I find that Steve is a
two-faced liar and same goes for Theodora and sister Eva. Now, it’s as though my mom has been right all along. I feel so stupid.”
“Calm down Winnie…” Rachel started.
There was a rap at Winnie’s door and it opened to reveal her
“She’s refused to stop crying…” Rachel said to him.
He nodded and said to her.
“I have invited a lawyer here to the house, he’s in charge of
cases like yours. He has contacted an NGO that deals with young people who have been through similar cases like yours. They will be here this evening for dinner.”
“Thank you so much sir…I really appreciate your help.” Rachel
said in gratitude.
“You have to be ready to face Black and his members, you
also have to be ready to expose them because you are also saving other young
girls like yourself who are lured into their den.” He informed.
“Thank you sir…thank you…” Rachel said with tears in her
“Could you leave us for a while? I’d like to talk to Winnie.”
He said.
Rachel nodded and left the room. As soon as she left, Winnie’s
step father sat on the bed beside his daughter.
“I’m sorry Winnie…”
“Don’t be…I was so stupid. I was so stupid daddy… I
thought Theodora loved me…I thought she really loved me.” Winnie cried.
“I believe she does…” Her father said.
“You know that’s not true…” Winnie said. “You’re just
taking sides because she’s your real daughter.”
“There’s nothing like a real or fake daughter.” Her father
said to her. “We have just jumped into conclusions…so far, the only thing that
Eva said was that she shouldn’t have confronted your mother if Steve had done a
proper job…we don’t even know if she’s speaking about the Steve that you know.”
Winnie sat up and looked at her father, her eyes were
“I have always wanted people to love me for who I am. Is that too
much to ask?” Winnie asked in tears.
“We love you…” Her father said.
“As far as I know, you are the only one who really loves me
but I don’t think that the others do too. Your kids don’t love me, my mother
says she loves me but her actions prove otherwise. I feel as though I don’t
have a real family. My brothers share the same blood with your children and
they are bonafide members of this family.”
“Hey…there’s nothing like that…do you hear me? We all
love you and this is your family, Winnie.” Her father reassured.
Winnie stood up from her bed and walked out of the room
while her father stared at her retreating frame in shock. She walked out to the
corridor and reached her mother’s bedroom. She knocked.
“Come on in.” Her mother said.
Winnie opened the door and walked in. Her mother and
brothers were on the bed watching cartoon. Her mother’s eyes lightened when she
saw her.
“Winnie!” Her mother said.
“Mom, I think it’s time I knew my father’s family.” Winnie
To be continued tomorrow….
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