When Kendra’s body was wheeled into her father’s clinic,
nurse Bola had rushed to inform her father and he ran out of his office blindly
but it was already too late.
He returned to see his wife and sister in-law in his office,
wailing and praying for a miracle, he regarded them with pain in his eyes.

“Why?” He asked.
“Tell me she’s alive…tell me, Michael please…”His wife
cried in anguish.
“Why?” He asked again, this time, tears fell from his eyes.
“Did she survive?” Aunt Dumebi asked.
“You brought a dead girl to this clinic, what do you think
we are? Miracle workers! She’s dead! Our daughter is dead!” He screamed at his
“Oh my God! She’s dead? Noooooo…no…give me my baby, I
need to take her somewhere else, I know she’s not dead….” His wife cried.
Kendra’s father crouched to the ground and cried, he
screamed and hit his fists on the ground in fury.
“I am sorry…I thought the abortion was the best
option…please…I wish I could take back the hands of time…” His wife
cried. “I’ll sue that clinc! I’ll sue them and they’ll pay with their blood!”
“Get out! Get the hell out of my office, both of you!” He
screamed at them.
“Please…Michael please…” Kendra’s mother knelt beside
her husband in tears.
“Get out!” He screamed.
Kendra’s mother and sister hurried out of the office.
“Kendra! My God! Kendra….” Her father cried like a baby.
Clara was strolling with Oliver in the school compound
during break session, she was trying to laugh at his jokes but something held
her back, it was as though something bad had happened.
“You don’t look too happy.” Oliver noticed.
“I don’t know…I just have this feeling that something is
not right.” She said.
She was still talking to Oliver when she looked up to see
Kendra walk into her school gate and just as she stepped into the compound, her eyes caught Clara’s and she waved. Just then, she
turned away and started heading out.
“I am leaving in two weeks…”Oliver was saying.
“Kendra! That’s my sister…. Kendra!”
Clara called out leaving Oliver’s side and running towards the girl who headed
towards the school gate and left the compound.
Clara hurried to the gate and the security man stood in her
“Going somewhere?” He asked.
“My sister just came into the building, I need to see her.” Clara said.
“Your sister? No one entered the compound…” He informed.
“Can I please go out and see her?” She asked.
There was a knock at the gate and the security walked over
to open it. Clara’s father stood at the entrance of the gate.
“Clara, I came to take you home.” He said.
“Daddy! What are you doing here?” Clara asked.
“Just come with me…” He said. Then to the security man, he
said. “I am taking my daughter home for the day.”
“Let me go and get my bag.” Clara said as she hurried back
to her class to pick up her bag. Soon she came out and headed out through the
gate. Her father was still there waiting for her.
 “Daddy, I just saw
Kendra…right now! Is she with you in the car?”
Her father turned to regard her.
“No, she’s not.”
“But I saw her, right now…she walked into the school
compound and left again, she waved at me.” Clara said.
Her father didn’t reply, he walked over to the car and got
in, she got in too.
“Where are we headed?” She asked, quite upset that her
father had ignored her question.
“To Zika and Emerald’s school.” He said.
“What’s up? Are we going to pick them up?” She asked.
“Yes…” He said in a broken voice.
Clara looked at her father, there was something strange
about him, he didn’t look like his normal self and his eyes looked puffy.
“Daddy…is anything the matter?” She asked, placing her
palm on his hand.
Her father turned on the ignition of the car and let it run
without moving the car.
“What’s wrong daddy? You aren’t speaking to me…” She
He turned to look at her and the tears fell. Clara panicked,
she had never seen her father cry before.
“Kendra…” He said.
“Yes, I saw her…at the school but she left before I could
get to her.”
“She’s gone…” He said.
“She went home?” Clara asked.
“She died, Clara.”
Clara’s eyes widened and then she let out a piercing scream.
It was evening when Rose came home from school, she was
about entering her compound when she saw the line of cars outside Clara’s
house, including a bus from their church.
“What’s going on?” She wondered as she approached the house.
She saw the gateman standing outside the compound and asked. “What’s going on?
It’s a full house…”
“Kendra don die.” The gateman said.
Rose was shocked.
“Who?” She asked again as she thought she wasn’t hearing
“Kendra, dem never talk wetin kill am but she don die.” The
gateman said in a sad voice.
“Oh my God!” Rose screamed as she ran into the house.
As soon as she stepped inside, she saw Kendra’s parents, as
well as a lot of people in the house, but she didn’t see Clara or her siblings.
There was a pastor, who was leading in a prayers while Kendra’s mother cried.
Rose hurriedly entered the house and went to Clara’s room. The door was closed,
so she knocked but there was no answer.
“Clara, if you’re in there, it’s me…” She called out.
Clara opened the door and she stepped inside the room, Zika
and Emerald were lying on the bed in silence. She took one look at her friend
and hugged her.
“I am so sorry…” Rose said.
Clara nodded. They both sat down on the bed and Rose didn’t
know what else to say.
“I saw her….” Clara wiped a stray tear from her eyes. “At
the school…she came looking for me.”
“She came?”
“But she was already gone by that time, I guess her spirit
wanted to say goodbye.” Clara said as tears fell from her eyes.
“I am so sorry…”
“I can’t believe I’d never see her again…” Clara cried.
Emerald started crying and Zika joined too. Rose turned to
them and patted their backs.
“I’m sorry guys…I’m so sorry…” Rose consoled.
“Daddy said she went for an abortion and there was a
mistake…so she bled out. Oh, if someone could have been there to stop the
bleeding on time.” Clara said.
“She bled out? Where did she go for the abortion?”
“Mommy took her there…they didn’t want daddy to know, so
she was taken to a place that’s not even registered and someone did the
procedure….oh I feel like killing that person…I feel like murdering that
person.” Clara cried.
“What? A quack? In this day and age?” Rose asked, as tears
also escaped her lids.
“Yes, a quack and daddy has already reported to the police.”
“Oh my God!”
“You can’t tell anyone about this, daddy said we should not
let it out. Everyone else thinks she was run over by a hit and run.” Clara said
wiping the tears that were still trickling from her eyes.
“My lips are sealed forever!” Rose said.
“If only I advised her, if only I hadn’t been jealous and
let her fall in love with that buffoon! If only….I taught her better…I was
her older sister and I was supposed to protect her…” Clara cried. “I’ll never
forgive myself.”
“Don’t blame yourself, she’d have been alive if her mom hadn’t
taken her to that quack place. This is not your fault. Nothing that happened is
your fault.” Rose said wiping the tears from her eyes.
“I won’t ever see her again…at least, not in this life, she
won’t be the doctor she’s always wanted to be….we won’t grow up
together…..why is life so cruel…oh why is death so cruel?” Clara cried.
Rose held her in her arms and they both cried together.
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James, Raymond and his parents drove into Kendra’s estate,
his father was still angry with him and he had locked him up in his room all
day. They arrived Kendra’s house and saw the large number of cars parked
outside the house.
“Is this not the same house we came to this morning?” His
father asked.
“Yes it is…I guess they are in the middle of something….”
His mother said.
James’s father parked the car behind another vehicle and
they all alighted and made their way towards Kendra’s family house. They got in
and walked into the sitting room filled with people. They had no idea who
Kendra’s parents were but they saw some women crying and a man being consoled
by some men while others sat still and stared at the walls. In a framed picture
was Kendra’s smiling face and candles were lit around her picture.
“What’s going on here?” James’s mother whispered.
Someone turned to look at her and answered.
“Their daughter, Kendra, died today. Such a pity.” The
person said.
James stood still in shock. ‘Kendra was dead?’ Raymond
turned away and left the sitting room, heading outside the house to cry.
“Who are you here to see?” A young woman walked towards
them, she was dressed in black and her face was swollen.
“We are here to see Kendra’s family…I…” James’s mother
“You heard the news?” She asked.
“No, actually we didn’t hear the news, we are here for
something else…” James’s mother said.
At that moment, Kendra’s father looked up at James’s mother
and their eyes met. He stood up and walked over to meet them. Turning to regard
the woman who had been speaking to them, he said.
“Carol, could you direct them to the other sitting room?”
She nodded and they followed her into the second sitting
room, once they were settled, she left them there and closed the door.
“She’s dead? James!” His father spoke to him.
James stared at the ground, he couldn’t speak.
“Could it be that it’s because of James that she died?” His
mother asked.
“Are you seriously asking me that sort of question? You
covered up for your son’s mistakes and now a girl is dead and it could be
because of him.”
James fell on his knees before his parents.
“I am a terrible person….Kendra’s is dead because of me…”
He cried.
“Will you shut that mouth of yours?” His father screamed at
“Where is Raymond?” His mother asked.
“I thought he was here with us….” Her husband replied.
“No, he’s not here…” James’s mother said.
“It’s my fault that she’s dead! If only I had provided the
proof earlier enough…I am as evil as my brother….” Raymond cried as he
stormed out of Kendra’s compound into the road.
He saw a vehicle coming at top speed and ran into the road.

To be continued tomorrow….


  1. Tears actually dropped from my eyes reading this,wow,Kendra's mom should be killed in my opinion,I hope nothing bad happens to Raymond sha,so many people blaming themselves,this is what happens when parents leave their job of training their kids to teachers forgetting there's only little teachers can do,these days we run after material things forgetting that its the child you refuse to build that will sell off the house we are struggling to build,may the Lord help us all
    Welcome Ada,thanks for this

  2. This is way too sad.. Kendra's god bye to Clara was most touching for me. Poor Raymond, nothing will happen to you. Raymond's Mother and Kendra's Mother are soo arrgh…

    @sweetdee I agree with you 100%.
    The word parenthood is way more than how people interpret it in this generation. May God help us and give us more wisdom,knowledge and understanding.
    Ada Darling thanks for this. You are amazing. #ehus.


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