Kendra was eating breakfast at the dining room, everyone had left the house; Zika and Emerald had left for school with the school bus and Aunty Carol, daddy
and Clara had left together as daddy dropped Clara off at her lessons while
Aunty Carol didn’t want to stay home so she opted to stay with her brother at his clinic.

“Can you believe what was done to my pots?” Her mother
shouted as she walked into the sitting room. “Whoever cooked the meals in this
house is either inexperienced or stupid.”
“The housekeeper cooked, I believe….” Kendra said.
“That’s not true. I have been with the housekeeper for some
years now and she doesn’t burn the pots. I’m so sure that it’s no one else but
that woman your father brought into this house.”
“You mean, Rose Lily’s aunt?”
“Yea…whatever! I will deal with that woman and she’ll pay
for trying to ruin my home.”
Kendra kept eating but all of a sudden, felt the urge to
throw up so she stopped.
“What’s wrong honey? Aren’t you hungry?”
“Yes I am hungry but I can’t seem to get anything into my
tummy without feeling the urge to throw up. Mom, I am officially tired. Is
this how pregnancy is? Am I going to feel this uncomfortable till the baby
Her mother walked to sit close to her at the dinning, she
took her hand in hers and looking into her eyes she said.
“How would you feel if you don’t have to carry this burden
to term?”
Kendra’s eyes widened as she looked at her.
“I don’t even feel anything for the baby and I’ll be
overjoyed if this would all go away.”
“Good. That’s why I have an idea.” Her mother smiled.
“What’s the idea?”
“That you go for an abortion!”
“What? Mom, that’s scary…daddy says no abortions.”
“Mtchewww…I’ll tell you a little secret. I got pregnant
when I was a teenager too…”
Kendra looked at her mother in surprise.
“Where’s the child? Is it me?”
“No…I didn’t have you till I was in my twenties. I aborted
the baby because I wasn’t ready to have a child at that age. Do you know what
teenage motherhood brings? So many responsibilities, scorn from your mates who
used to respect you, and a stigma that you can never outgrow because as long as
you look at that child, you’ll feel incomplete.”
“You had an abortion? And you still had kids? There are scary
stories of abortions and many people who go ahead for the procedure have
difficulties in giving birth in future.”
“That’s not true. Many girls who had abortions have dozens
of kids, it never affects your fertility unless the doctors are not skilled at
what they are doing.”
“That’s not what I heard.”
“Understand this, not all girls are the same, some go
through the knife and come out unscathed while a few others …..” She trailed
off. “But you know what? If your mother could do it and come out unscathed, why
not you? Aren’t you the true daughter of your mother?”
“Yes, I am…”
“Then what are you waiting for?”
“I am ready to do it…anything to free me of this burden. I just want to go back to school, I want to write my exams….I want to be a doctor like daddy when I grow up and I want to be many things
but not a mother at his age, at least not now.”
“Good. I have spoken to aunt Dumebi and she knows someplace
where abortions are done. Just go and have your bath and she’ll take us there. The
procedure will be done today and you’ll come home as though nothing happened.”
“What will we tell daddy?”
“We don’t owe him any explanations. After a while, you can
say that you were bleeding and that you miscarried. We’ll definitely find a way
around it. You see, men never understand anything about this. How can he tell
you to have the baby at this age when he’s never been pregnant before? He doesn’t know how
challenging a pregnancy can be.”
Kendra nodded quickly.
“I’ll go and have my bath and get prepared. Thank you so
much mom. You’re the best.” She said and sprinted off to her room.
James opened the door and his father dragged him out into
the sitting room and gave him a terrible beating. James thought he’d die, everyone
begged on his behalf. Uncle W, came out of his room when he heard the commotion
and begged his brother-in-law to stop the beatings, his mother screamed as she
tried fighting off her husband to no avail, Raymond cried because he knew how
painful his father’s whips could be.
“I am sorry…” James cried when his father roughly pushed
him to the chair.
“Why did you lie when you were asked?” His father thundered.
“I don’t know…I thought that I could get away with it…”
He cried.
“So, you wanted to eat your cake and have it huh? Do you
know what you might have put that girl through?” His father shouted.
“I am so sorry…I promise I’d never ever do it again…I
promise…” James cried.
“Ofcourse you’d never do it again. You all are relocating
with me to Kaduna, I have made a mistake of leaving my family in Lagos without
me. If we had been together, I’d have instilled discipline into you.” His
father shouted.
“You want to move us? No! I won’t allow that…” His mother
“Yes I will because they need me as much as they need you
and I won’t allow this sort of mistake ever rear its ugly head again.” His
father shouted.
James cried louder than he’d ever cried in his life, he
wished he hadn’t done anything. He wished he had just let the girl be and
forgot about the bet, now he was going to leave Lagos for good and head to
“I am not going with you.” Their mother said.
“Well, you can stay here but I’m taking my kids with me.”
“No! They are used to staying with me.” Their mother cried.
“I have made up my mind, it’s either you come with us or you
stay here. It was because of your bank job that you never relocated with me to
the north but now that you are an entrepreneur, you can take your business to
anywhere in Nigeria, you can even have a branch in Lagos and have someone
manage it for you.” Her husband said, throwing the whip he had just used on
James onto the sitting room sofa.
“I don’t want to go…you know I don’t want to go…” His
wife cried.
“Right now, we have a pressing issue at hand and that includes visiting the house of the girl James impregnated. James
needs to apologise and stand up for what he did.” Their father said.
His wife nodded and kept sobbing, Uncle W offered to drive
them to the girl’s house and the whole family entered the car as they headed to
Kendra’s house.
Kendra sat at the waiting room of the small clinic her
mother with her mother and aunt. She could hear her mother’s whispers of doubt
to her sister.
“Dumebi, are you sure this place can be trusted? What of the
bigger clinics in town?”
“Your husband is a doctor and many of these doctors know
each other. If we are to register her in one of the big clinics, they would ask
for her name and I don’t want them linking it to him. If they tell him that his
child is about to risk an abortion, he’ll rush down there before we say jack.
Besides, the women here are good, they are like midwives and they have helped
with a lot of flushing…”
“Okay…but we could have changed her name at those
clinics…” Kendra’s mother said.
A woman walked up to them, she was dressed in white.
“Good morning…” She smiled.
“Good morning…” Kendra, her mother and aunt greeted.
“You registered for a D & C and it costs twenty thousand naira.” The woman said with
a smile.
Kendra’s mother opened her purse and handed the money over
to the woman.
“Who’s the patient?”
“My daughter…” Kendra’s mother said in a low tone.
The woman smiled. “Teenagers make mistakes and it’s our job
as parents to help fix it.” To Kendra she said. “Come with me darling.”
As Kendra followed her she turned and waved to her mom and
aunt, she was quite scared but happy that everything would be over soon.
Clara was trying to concentrate in class. The tutor was
revising with them on all he had taught and her mind was far away, she wanted
to go home. She wanted to stay with Kendra and cheer her up. She took an excuse
and left the class, calling Kendra’s phone but there was no answer as the phone
was switched off.
James and his family arrived at Kendra’s house but were
informed at the gate that there was no one at home. Despite the situation at
hand, his mother looked around, hoping that Rose would come out so that she can
see her again.
“They are not around but we will be back this evening and we
will see them.” James’s father said.
They drove away.
The procedure had begun and Kendra lay still while it was
done, she thought of the years to come and how she’ll never let any boy close
to her ever again. She was wide awake while the procedure was being performed and had been
promised little pain by the woman who performed the procedure. She’d been
given some pills before it all started.
Kendra’s mother and sister waited anxiously in the waiting
“Isn’t this taking too long?” Kendra’s mother asked.
“Yes, it’s more than three hours already…” Dumebi said
standing up to walk to the door where Kendra had been taken to.
“There’s no nurse here…only the woman who took Kendra in.
Is she the one to perform the procedure?”
“I think there’s someone else inside the clinic asides her.” Aunty
Dumebi said.
They waited for some minutes and aunt Dumebi went to push
open the door where Kendra had been taken to. Her sister was closely behind and
as soon as she opened it, they stepped into an empty corridor.
“Where did she take her? Let’s check the rooms.”
They saw a young lady cleaning one of the rooms in the clinic and asked
if she knew where the procedure was taking place.
“What procedure?” The cleaner asked.
“The abortion procedure on my daughter…” Kendra’s mother
“The midwives that perform the abortions aren’t
available. They aren’t here till tomorrow…” The cleaner said.
“What? But we saw a woman here, she collected money and told
my daughter to follow her.” Kendra’s mother shouted, nearly hysterical.
“The only other person here with me is the nurse who stays
at the reception, she’s not a certified nurse but she works here and attends to
the patients…”
Kendra’s mother and aunt didn’t wait for the woman to
finish, they ran from room to room, shouting Kendra’s name. They finally opened
a room door and saw Kendra lying on the bed alone, around her on the bed were
cotton wool soaked in blood and blood was everywhere.

“Kendra! Kendra!” Her mother screamed and ran to her.
Kendra opened her eyes and stared at her mother weakly.
“I don’t know where she went…she said she’s going to call
the midwives…” Kendra said weakly.
“She’s losing a lot of blood. Let’s take her away from here.”
Aunt Dumebi screamed.
The cleaner joined them and they carried Kendra out of the
hospital, she was wearing the clinic gown and it was soaked in blood. Kendra
was placed at the back of the car and her mother was with her while aunt Dumebi
jumped in the driver’s seat.
“If anything happens to my baby, I’ll sue! I swear I’ll
sue…”Kendra’s mother cried as she screamed at the cleaner who stared at her
in pity.
Aunt Dumebi started the car and drove out of the clinic.
“Take us to my husband’s clinic…he’ll know what to do. Oh
my God! My baby…Kendra….oh my God!” Kendra’s mother cried.
“Mom….I’m sorry….I disappointed you…and daddy…tell
him I’m sorry too…tell Clara, Zika and Em’ that…I love them and will always
be…their sister…”
“No, you’ll tell them yourself, stop talking rubbish Kendra.”
Her mother said as her aunt sped dangerously down the road.
Kendra felt extremely weak, she opened her mouth to speak again but something held her back, it was as though the world echoed. She couldn’t keep her eyes open anymore so she shut them. 

She was gone.

Her mother saw that her daughter’s body had grown still, she shook her gently at first. 

“Kendra…” She called out. “Dumebi, she’s not moving!”

“That’s not true, you’re just being paranoid.” Her sister said from the driver’s seat.

“She’s not moving! Kendra, open your eyes baby…look at mommy please.” 

Kendra didn’t budge.

Kendra! Kendra don’t do this to me please,  Kendraaaaaaaaa!” Her mother screamed as she
shook her daughter’s lifeless body.

To be continued on Monday…..


  1. YEEEEEPPAAA, this was too much na, why did Kendra have to die? Her mother is foolish, im notin support of abortion but if she had to do one why not go to a reputable hospital and change her name? This is reaaly sad.

  2. YEEEEEPPAAA, this was too much na, why did Kendra have to die? Her mother is foolish, im not in support of abortion but if she had to do one why not go to a reputable hospital and change her name? This is reaaly sad.

    • It pained me ooo…she shouldn't have died if she atleast went to a registered hospital. I am against abortions but when it has to do with health, it must be done right.
      Thank you for reading Chu.

    • I actually cried when I was writing the Kendra part, it was so emotional for me but as they say, 'when writing, your character tells his or her story' so it's not my story but hers. I really love Kendra but alas, she had to go…*bawls loudly*
      Hehehehe @you're not my friend again….
      Issalie jo, we are still friends.
      Thank you for reading namsie.


  4. Kendra's mum just ended her marriage with her own two hands and korokoro eyes. Person wey no go hear with ear go hear for body.


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