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It’s August already! Can you believe it? Happy new month dears! We’re counting down to our month, which is September. Next month is the blogversary of this blog and this is the first time I’m actually talking about a blogversary but on the 28th of September, AdaezeWrites will be four years! Whoop Whoop!
Anyway, we’ll talk about that later. I wish us all a fulfilled month of August. Stay Blessed!
Winnie stared at her hands
as she listened to her parents argue literally outside her bedroom door. Her
mother’s shrill voice pierced through the door while her father’s deep baritone
“No! I don’t want Winnie
out of my sight!” Her mother said.
“Why not? Besides, you
haven’t been at home of late as your job seems to take you away.”
“I’m at a rush period
because of my customers but soon I’ll have time for my kids.” She said.
“Listen to me dear,
Theodora wants Winnie to keep her company. You keep telling me that my kids are
not bonding well enough with the kids and now is the chance.”
“When I spoke of bonding, I
didn’t mean Winnie, she’s not really a part of all this.” Her mother said.
Winnie cringed as she
listened to her mother’s words. Even her mother thinks she’s not a part of this
family and she felt bad about it.
“What are you saying?
Winnie is my child just like the boys.” Daddy said.
“I know she is…but we both
know she bears her father’s name and his family still has a say in her life.”
“What family? People that
don’t pay her school fees, or ask about her general welfare? When last did she
visit her father’s family? A decade ago? Let’s face it! Those people have no
interest in Winnie and the earlier you admit that she’s mine more than theirs,
the better for all of us.”
“That doesn’t still take
away the fact that she’s their daughter.”
“Well, that’s not the
point. The point is, Theodora wants her to come stay with her and I’m very sure
she’ll be in good hands.” Daddy said.
Mummy paused for a while.
“Winnie is growing up and
this is the stage where everything happens, this is the stage
where she battles with crushes, makes decisions as regards sex and many more…”
“You’re speaking as though
she’s going away forever. She’s going for the summer vacay! It’s not rocket
science.” Daddy said.
“Okay…she can go.” Mummy
said exasperatingly.
“That’s my baby!” Daddy
said in triumph.
Winnie whooped for joy in
her room.
“But, she must return home
every weekend.” Mummy said.
“Okay whatever…” Daddy
Winnie heard her mother’s
footsteps approach the room and she quickly picked up a novel to read. Her
mother opened the door and she quickly got up and genuflected.
“Good evening mom.” Winnie
Winnie had never been close
to her mother, and had thought that her mother found it quite impossible to
relate with her because she was a child but on the contrary, mommy was really
close to her male siblings. Winnie always heard her mother tell her friends
of how difficult it was training a female child and somehow Winnie looked at
herself as a plague of some sort rather than a human being.
“How are you Winnie?” Her
mom asked.
“I’m fine ma.”
“How was your day?” Her
mother asked sitting on the bed and picking up the novel Winnie was reading.
“Fine ma.”
Her mother looked at the
novel with a frown on her face and asked.
“Where did you get this
book from?”
“I saw it in the store…it
was packed with other books.” Winnie said speaking of the books which belonged
to her step-dad’s first children.
“This is Harlequin…” Her
mother said disapprovingly.
“Yes…I just started reading
“It’s not age appropriate…so,
keep it back where you got it. Kids your age shouldn’t read Harlequin,
Silhouette, Mills and Boons amongst others. I’ll write out a list of books you
should avoid reading.” Her mother said firmly.
“Yes ma.” Winnie said.
“Your father said aunt
Theodora wants you to stay with her for the holidays.”
“Yes ma, she told me ma.”
“I’ll let you go but I need
to trust that you’d stay out of trouble and you won’t return home worse than you
“I promise to stay out of
trouble ma.” Winnie said.
“Good…because I expect to
see you home every weekend. Although next weekend, I’ll be at Asaba for a
wedding.” Her mother said.
Winnie nodded. Her mother
stood up, looked around her daughter’s well-arranged room and finding nothing to
complain about, said;
“I’ll come and help you
pack your clothes.” Her mother said.
Winnie nodded and watched
her mother leave the room, as soon as she left, she let out loud breath.
A few days later, Winnie
walked into her sister’s house with Theodora in tow. The house was very decent
and quite beautiful. It was a flat with three rooms each having toilets and
bathrooms attached to them and she was given one lovely room.
“I wish I could live here
forever!” Winnie said wistfully.
“Hahaha…I don’t’ want your
mom’s wahala ooo…” Her sister said.
“Living in that house feels
like walking on eggshells. I wish mummy was a bit nicer…she’s just too stiff
and I hate it whenever she’s around.”
“But she’s your mom and
believe it or not, she loves you.”
“Well, I really don’t know…I
feel trapped there and I really want to be free.”
“Well, guess what? There’s
freedom in this house…” Her sister said with a laughing voice.
Winnie smiled at her and
walked over to the window.
“Was your mom strict with
you while growing up?” Winnie asked.
“Nope, she was strict when necessary
but I could go to her for everything and anything. I even told her about boys
and whenever they asked me out.”
“Really? You did that? If I
told my mom about boys, she’ll slap me.”
“That’s harsh but I guess
that’s how she does her own parenting. You see, parenting differs, but at the
end of the day, many kids turn out right.”
“I’m so glad I’m with you
sister Theodora, and I wish the long vacay lasts forever!”
Theodora laughed and said.
“Me too hun.”
It was the first day of the
Greenwichspring summer coaching and students arrived at the school, some with
taxi cabs and a lot others with shinny rides. The school was one of the best in
the area but the students that attended the classes were mostly not from the
school as the new subsidized rates which wasn’t cheap drew the attention of
many. There was a heavy traffic at the front of the school because students were being dropped off.
Rachel had taken a keke
napep to the school junction and leaning beside a car, she quickly wore her
sandals and removed the leggings she wore under the short body con gown she
wore. She placed the slippers she wore from home into her bag as well as the leggings. She checked the car mirror to see if her make-up was in place and when
she was satisfied, she made her way towards the school, making sure to sandwich
herself by cars on the streets so as to avoid the attention of those headed to
the school in their luxurious rides.
Mira was seated at the back
of the car, pressing her phone, she was pissed that she was attending the lousy
summer lesson and the traffic was annoying.
“Can you turn on the A/C?”
She said to her mom’s new driver.
“It’s up.” The driver said.
“What do you mean it’s up?
Turn it up!” She said.
The driver gave her a stony
glare and turned the air conditioning to the highest.
“Better…” Mira said and
scrolled through her Facebook posts.
Winnie was in the car with
her sister, they were both heading to the school. Winnie was wearing an
over-sized trousers and a denim shirt.
“Don’t be bothered about
appearances.” Her sister said, recalling with displeasure voice at the clothes Winnie had in her bag.
“You said it and it’s true, my clothes
are all ill-fitted or not flattering at all.” Winnie said sadly.
“Hey…it’s okay…” Her sister
Winnie looked out the
window and saw a young girl of about her age, making her way through the side
of the cars, she could tell that her dress was really lovely. It was as though
her sister knew she was staring at the girl and said.
“That girl is not going for
your coaching. She’s definitely done with school.”
Winnie didn’t speak, she
kept staring out the window.
“Do you know what? I could
help you get better clothes.”
Winnie turned to face her
sister and hugged her fiercely, pressing the horn in the process.
“Hey! Chill…” Her sister
laughed. “But, when you’re going back home, you’ll have to drop all the clothes
cos your mom won’t approve.”
“Thank you…thank you…”
Winnie said.
Classes started at the
Senior secondary two were shared into five arms. Rachel stared in awe at the
classroom which had air conditioning and shook her head in disbelief, this was
luxury compared to her school. Mira on the other hand, couldn’t wait to get out
of the class, she felt as though she was choking, the class was too small, the air condition wasn’t even cooling at all and some of the students didn’t wear deodorant.
Winnie wasn’t even looking at the class, she was so conscious of her appearance,
she wanted to make a hole in the classroom floor and fall right in. She saw the young girl she’d seen on her way to the school, she remembered that Theodora had told her that the girl wasn’t attending the tutorial but here she was, in her class.
A young woman dressed in
pencil trousers and a chiffon top walked into the class, her heels clicked the
marbled gleaming floors of the classroom and she stopped at its center.
“Welcome to
Greenwichsprings International training and learning center.” She said. “My
name is Mrs. Taiwo Coker and I am your head teacher for the period of the
The students stared at her.
“Good morning class.” She
“Good morning Mrs. Taiwo.”
Replied the students of the school while the students from other schools
replied. “Good morning ma.”
“The right reply is, good
morning Mrs. Taiwo and not ma. This is an institution which places
communication at its top priorities and we feel that students communicate better with teachers they address by their names than ma’s or sirs.” She said looking at everyone. “This class
has twenty five students and since you all are going to be together for the
rest of your coaching, I’d like you all to step out of your seats and introduce
The first boy on the seat
walked up to the front of the class and said his name, his age, his school and
same with the second student. When it was Mira’s turn, she took her time, she
slowly rose from her chair and walked up to the center of the class. With her
nose in the air, she said.
“I am Mira Johnson, I’m
fifteen years old and I school at Highschool Prep.” She said.
Everyone gasped, that was a
very expensive school they thought but Mira wasn’t through with speaking.
“I really didn’t want to be
here because of the school’s standard which I’m sure is not same with mine but
since my mom says I should give it a try, I will.” She said and walked away
while everyone stared.
“Thank you Mira, I hope you
get to like it here.” Mrs. Taiwo said.
Rachel was next, she had
seen the way Mira spoke, dressed and carried herself and instantly wanted to be like her. She also stood tall and walked to the center of the classroom, hoping the students would notice how shapely she was and how tall.
“My name is Rayy Omoregie,
I am sixteen.” She said.
“You didn’t tell us your
school and I hope you know that makeup is not allowed.” Mrs. Taiwo said referring to the makeup on her face.
Rachel looked at the lady
and wanted to reply but the words hung in her throat.
“I…had no idea.” Rachel
“I don’t expect to see this
next time.” Mrs. Taiwo said, then addressing the students, she said. 
“I want
you all to remember that this is a learning ground and not a night club. You
can only make use of make-up whenever you have to attend a function, that’s if
your parents permit but here, in this school, make-up is prohibited.”
Everyone nodded. Rachel
headed to her seat.
“You didn’t tell us your
school.” A young girl said.
Rachel stopped midway and
“Premier…” She said quickly
and hurried to her seat.
“What’s a Premier?”
Students asked each other.
By the time it came to
Winnie’s turn, she quickly rushed her name, her age and her school and
disappeared like lightening to her seat.
The first lessons began and
all Rachel could think of was how to be friends with the rich girl, the one who’d
mentioned her school and everyone whispered. The girl sat right in front of her
seat and she thought of what to say to the girl so that they could become fast
“Hey…” Rachel said, taping
the girl at the back.
Mira turned to stare at
Rachel in hostility.
“Did you tap me?” Mira
“Yes…I did, I was wondering
if you had an eraser.” Rachel said with a smile, as she knew she had an eraser
in her bag and only wanted to speak with the girl.
“Did you sanitize your
hands before touching me?” Mira asked.
“Excuse me?” Rachel asked
in shock.
“Don’t you ever touch me
again!” Mira said and raised up her hand to the teacher.
“Can I help you?” The
teacher asked.
“I’d like a change of seat
please?” Mira said.
Rachel stared at the girl
incredulously as the teacher pointed to a space beside Winnie and Mira picked
up her bag and relocated.

To be continued…

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  1. Mira is a little diva isn't she? Rachel setting herself up for a summer of pretense. Winnie, I love her already, hope she builds on her self esteem before the end of the summer. Nice one Ada, you always excel yourself.

  2. hummm Mira is too arrogant, Rachel is not true to herself and all Winnie needs is to build up herself esteem as Chu said because her mother has only succeeded in make her fill unloved.


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