Rose Lily opened the doors of
her house to Shalewa, Ifeoma, Ejiro and Bolanle. They all screamed in
excitement as soon as they saw her and she too, screamed in delight.
“See dis geh ooo…see as you
don fresh…” Shalewa started, complimenting her looks.
“Abegi…I look the same.” Rose
Lily said.
“How far? Where are your
aunties?” Ifeoma asked.
“They stepped out…” Rose

“Take us on a tour of this
house biko…” Ejiro said walking over to open the door leading to inside the
They all walked from room to
room and soon, they stopped at Rose Lily’s room.
“You sef nor dey try at
all….” Ejiro hissed.
“What happened?” Rose asked.
“If na me get dis kain room
ehn, if you see de kain decoration I go do ehn…” Ejiro said.
“Rose, it’s true ooo…since
you have this room to yourself, why don’t you pimp it?” Ifeoma asked.
“We just moved in and besides,
we spent so much money renting the house that we really have nothing left. When
money comes in, I’ll work on my room.”
Shalewa was at the window,
peeking out.
“See rich folks ooo…” Shalewa
was saying, pointing at the next building.
The girls all hurried up to the
window to have a look.
In the next compound, Kendra
had just walked in through the gate and was speaking to Emerald who was
standing outside the house, still in her school uniform.
“I know them…” Rose boasted.
“You do?” The girls asked her
in surprise.
“Yes, the bigger girl is
Kendra, the second is Emerald while their brother is Zika. They have an elder
sister who happens to be my friend and who’s going to come and say hello to me
tonight. She went for lesson and she’s coming home with her dad this evening,
her name is Clara.”
“Eh hen! Rosie…you have gone
PLC ooo…so you mean that you’ve hardly moved in here and you already have
rich kids as friends. Your levels don change oooo….” Shalewa said in envy.
“That’s not all, Clara dashed
me an iphone sef…” Rosie said taking her lie too far.
“A what? Are you serious? So
you mean she has nothing to do with such big phone that she just gave you
one…” Shalewa asked.
“I need such rich friends in my
life ooo…” Ifeoma said.
“I know right?” Ejiro echoed.
“Maybe when she comes, I’ll ask
her to dash me a new phone.” Ejiro said.
“Hehhhhh! Abeg nor carry ya
razzness into this house biko! Is it because I told you? You’d better act like someone
who has everything ooo…these kids are snobs and they’ll look for every
opportunity to snob you if you give them a chance.”
“Na wah…” Ifeoma echoed.
“Ehen, your birthday party is in less than one week, what’s the plan?”
“I don’t know….my aunties
will decide.”
“Abeg…stop it! Stop that! You
nor be big girl again?” Ejiro asked.
“What of Eno? Have you guys
been speaking?” Ifeoma asked.
“Abeg leave that man jare…”
Rose said.
“Leave what? That guy has so
much money….he took us out one time and closed the bar for us…abeg don’t be
“Well…he’s gone back to
Malaysia and since then, we’ve not been speaking…” Rose informed.
“Don’t you have his number?
Can’t you call him?” Ifeoma asked.
“Abeg joorr….you know I don’t
want to…” Rose started.
“Don’t tell me you’ve not had
sex with him…” Shalewa asked in surprise.
“No I haven’t and that was what
put a strain in our friendship….he wants sex and I can’t give it to him.”
“See dis one ooo…you be
virgin?” Bolanle said. She was the quiet one who liked to observe.
“Please! Stop pressuring me!”
Rose shouted.
“Pressure ke? Hope say you know
that eighteen years nor be beans ooo…you better make this celebration a big
affair.” Ejiro said.
“Even if it means you flying to
Malaysia and sleeping with him there.” Shalewa concluded.
The girls laughed except Rose,
she wasn’t tickled at all.
“I like that girl and I think
that she’ll make a good friend.” James mother said to him.
“Well, I don’t like her and I
don’t think we’d make good friends.” James supplied.
They were at the dinning eating
“I like her and even though
she’s in a class higher than mine, I’m sure we can be friends.” Raymond said.
“Whatever!” James spat.
“James, that girl sounds
brilliant and I want you to have such friends around you…” His mother said.
“Whatever mom!” James said
again, slowly eating his dinner of beans and plantain.
“So, mom, when are you
travelling?” Raymond asked.
“In two days….” Their mother
“I don’t know why you always
love to travel to your mom’s place….” James said.
“Aside from the fact that I
love to see my mom, I have some unfinished business there…”
“Hmmmm…Suspicious…” Raymond
said playfully.
“Stop it Ray! Eat your food.”
His mom cautioned.
“So when’s aunt Dracula coming
to stay with us. You know I hate her right?” James said.
“Me too…she likes to say ‘curfew
is at four pm’ who does that? Four pm is the time we close from school. Is she
high on drugs or something?” Ray asked.
The brothers laughed.
“Stop it! She’s my sister and
your aunt and you should respect her.”
“Do you know that if we had an
older sister, we won’t have to be left in aunt Dracula’s care?” Raymond said.
Their mother froze at the
mention of an elder sister and suddenly started shouting at them.
“You are both unappreciative
children, very ungrateful kids, what have I not done for you? What have I not
done to make you happy?” She shouted with tears in her eyes.
James and Raymond stared at
their mother in surprise and while she ranted, James and Raymond carried their plates
of food and went to their room to continue their meal. They knew that when
their mother threw unnecessary tantrums like this, they had to quickly
Clara returned home with her
dad at about five minutes past nine pm, and as her dad was about to drive into
the compound, Clara quickly said.
“Daddy, I forgot to take the
receipt of your clothing from the dry cleaners, you can stop me at the gate,
lemme quickly go and get it.”
“You are too forgetful!” Her
father grumbled.
Clara didn’t even wait for his
response and pushing the door of the car open, she alighted while he drove into
the house. As soon as the gate closed, Clara hurried into the next compound.
She reached Rose’s house door
and knocked, a woman answered.
“Hello dear…” The woman
“Good evening ma, I am looking
for Rose…”
“Oh…Rose! She stepped out a
few minutes ago with her friends…”
“Her friends?” Clara echoed,
disappointment clearly written on her face.
“Yes, her friends from our
former area came visiting and she’s been showing them around.”
“Oh…my bad, she sent me a
text message to come after lessons so…”
“Oh I am so sorry about that my
“Thank you ma…please tell her
that Clara came calling…”
“Okay…bye…” The woman said
and closed the door.

Clara’s shoulders fell, she had
endured her time at her dad’s hospital knowing that she’ll see her friend
tonight. Now, she was faced with the reality that Rose had other friends than herself
who might even be best friends with her. As she walked out of the compound and
headed to hers, she felt jealous. 



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