Freida was at the school canteen munching her chicken when
Morenike walked in and sat beside her. Frieda almost rolled her eyes, she
didn’t like Morenike, she was too clumpy and ate too much, plus she loved to
talk about people a lot. Morenike could spend the whole break period gossiping
about people.

“Hey best friend!” Morenike said in glee.
“Morenike…what’s up?”
“I like what you’re eating ooo…” Morenike said, eyeing the
“It’s chicken! What’s new about it?” Freida said haughtily.
“I heard your former bestie got suspended…because she
cheated!” Morenike changed the topic when she found out that Frieda wasn’t
going to give her a piece.
“Yep! I’m surprised that her pastor parents haven’t stormed
the school demanding an explanation as to why their holy daughter got
suspended.” Frieda said disinterestedly.
“I have a big surprise for you…” Morenike said.
“What surprise?”
Morenike brought out Isiuwa’s birthday invites from her bag
and dropped them on the table. Frieda’s eyes widened as she picked one and
“What? Isiuwa is having a birthday party?” Frieda asked.
“Yep and guess where I saw the invites?”
“In the senior secondary one student, Sesan’s, bag!”
“Sesan! Isiuwa doesn’t talk to Sesan…wait ooo…does it mean
that friends are scarce that she’ll put up her tent with a junior student?”
“Well…from all indications, she didn’t want to invite any of
us.” Morenike said.
“Wait…I know Isiuwa more than you do and I know that she’s a
sucker for the fine things of life! Her parents have never thrown her a party
as a teen before and I’m sure that this is a first for her. Why hasn’t word
spread that her party comes up on Saturday?”
“I dunno…I guess it’s because she got suspended that she
hasn’t been able to tell everyone and share invites as well. Maybe she gave
Sesan to share it for her…”
“I got it!” Frieda screamed in triumph.
“Got what?” Morenike asked in confusion.
“Isiuwa’s parents have no clue that their daughter has been
suspended. They are throwing her a party to reward her for good behaviour, something
she always tells me about. She says that if she’s been good, her parents give
her what she asks for –which should be within their ideals. So, I guess that
her parents have rewarded her for good behaviour with a party and she gave
Sesan the invites to maybe share with his friends at home but she’s not inviting
anyone of us from school.”
“Why?” Morenike asked.
“You’re so stupid! So that we don’t go to her party and let
the cat out of the bag, dummy!”
“What cat?” Morenike asked still confused.
Frieda shook her head in disbelief and stared at the girl
she had drawn into her friend circle and said. “I should slap you, you know…Isiuwa’s
suspension of course is the cat in the bag! If we go to Isiuwa’s house for her
party then, it can slip that she’s been suspended and her parents would be mad
about it.”
“Serious? This is big ooo…”
“As in…”
“So what do we do?”
“We attend the party of course, besides we have invites or
don’t we?” Frieda said, smiling slyly.

By the time Sesan and Abigail got home, Isiuwa had left Jibo’s
house. Sesan quickly ran upstairs to Jibo’s house to explain Isiuwa’s
predicament to him.
“So you are harbouring a truant right?” Jibo said to Sesan,
trying to look stern.
“She’s not a truant Jibs, she was suspended and she’s so
scared of her parents that she can’t tell them the truth.” Sesan defended.
“Hmmm…I hope you know that its bad to hide things from your
folks. It never pays!”
“I know but her folks are really strict….” Sesan continued.
“It’s okay but next time, I won’t allow any of your friends
into my house unannounced, am I clear?”
“Yes…sure…thanks…” Sesan said and turned to go.
“You like her don’t you?” Jibo’s words startled him.
Sesan didn’t turn around, he nodded silently.
“Watch your heart, man, first crushes mostly leave people with
heartbreaks…because, your crush might actually be crushing on someone else…and
might not be interested in you.” Jibo said.
Sesan didn’t reply, he hurried out of Jibo’s house quickly.
Jibo shook his head at Sesan’s retreating back, he loved his
neighbour’s kids but he felt that their parents didn’t spend enough time with
them. Sesan and Abigail had everything they needed and wanted, they had phones,
gadgets, laptops, tablets and the like and all these were handed to them on a
platter. They were mostly unsupervised while using the internet as he had seen them
on countless occasions at home, surfing the web innocently. In his opinion,
Sesan needed to have a man to man talk with his dad about life and the
challenges of growing up, same with Abigail but their parents seemed to be
obsessed with Abigail’s frequent crisis and their children’s physical needs
more than their psychological needs. He sincerely hoped that when he got
married later in life, he’d be more sensitive to his children’s needs and be
the best father he could be.

As soon as Sesan entered the flat he shared with his family
he almost stomped his foot in anger. Abigail was already seated before the
computer, surfing the internet.
“Abigail you know I need to use that system now! I have
something to search for!” Sesan shouted.
“I was here first!” Abigail shouted back.
“But I have something really important to check. My teacher
said that I’m representing the school for an arts festival and he’s given me a
website to check, I need to do this please…” Sesan said almost losing his
“I advise that you forget whatever you intended to check
because I am going to be here for a while.” Abigail sang out.
“I hate you! I hate you so much!” Sesan gritted.
“Same here…I can’t believe we shared the same womb at the
same time!”
“Thank your God that we were in separate sacs or I’ll have
strangled you in mommy’s tummy.” Sesan shouted.
“Hey…keep quiet guys…enough!” Their nanny said from the
“It’s Abigail!”
“It’s Sesan!”
“Calm down both of you, what is the problem?”
“I want to search for something important via the internet
and Abigail refuses to leave the computer!”
“I got here first!” Abigail shouted.
“Why don’t you use the laptop, Sesan?” The nanny asked
“The wifi doesn’t work on the laptops anymore…daddy said he
was going to take a look at it this weekend.” Sesan whined.
“Okay then, why don’t you use your dad’s system in his
room?” The nanny suggested.
“That’s true…thank you so much!” Sesan said and hurried out
of the sitting room.
“And you, Abigail, you should learn to share…” The nanny
“Oh please…Sesan is so selfish…I can’t share anything with
him.” Abigail said as she typed in the words ‘how to make your crush fall in love with you’ on the google browser.

To be continued tomorrow…


  1. I'm sorry dear, I was even surprised to see it up! I scheduled for Monday and found that my blogger time has a mind of its own. The Teenage Series still stands as a Monday post and not a Sunday post.
    Thanks for the headsup!

  2. *your crush might actually be crushing on someone else* meaning *even your boo get a boo* lol don't mind me o
    Parents need to balance a whole lot to raise kids in the best possible way,only God can help us,weldone Ada


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