As soon as Morenike got home, she walked straight to her
small room and shut the door behind her.
‘Frieda had condoms?’ She thought to herself and shook her head. 
She might not be the saint but when it came to sex,
Morenike’s mother had schooled her about it and it wasn’t a pleasant story at
all. Her mom had told her that it was like a hot knife piercing through the skin
and after a long nine months of torture, a baby is born and taking care of a baby wasn’t an easy task.
Morenike had heard of condoms but she really didn’t understand it’s use even though she knew that it was for sex. Finding out that Frieda possessed such was an eye-opener and she really didn’t want to get involved with the ‘bad girls’.
She was still pondering on the events of the
day when there was a knock at her door and not waiting to be ushered in, the
intruder entered, it was her sister.

“What do you want? I don’t have any money to loan you.”
Morenike said snobbishly.
“Chill…calm down…c’mon! I just came to borrow a book from
you.” Her sister said.
Morenike almost laughed, everyone knew that Tolani, her
sister, was not good with books which was the more reason she had had to resit
her jamb and WAEC exams more than once.
“Books? You really want books?” Morenike asked
“Don’t give me that look! I am not reading them…I really
can’t be bothered, however there’s a ‘smart alec’ who wants to help me sit for
the next jamb exam, so he needs to read inorder to pass.”
“Someone is writing your exam for you? Tolani! Isn’t that
“Yea…I heard it is but everyone does it…I mean…how do you
think dumb kids get into the University? Besides I am tired of this house and I
heard that girls get better guys while in the University so…I’d like to…join
What a motive for going to school, Morenike thought.
“What book do you want?” Morenike asked.
“Err…I need your maths text books, English language,
“Hey…that’s too much! I am still in school remember? If this
guy takes all these books, what would be left for me to read?”
“Oh…I never thought of that…” 
“I’ll give you what I can spare for now! The Literature
teacher won’t be around next week so, I can spare that but you must promise to
bring it back to me by next weekend.”
“I promise…”
Morenike handed the book over to Tolani and she collected it
and turned to leave the room.
“Tolani…” Morenike called.
“Yea…” Tolani turned to regard her.
“Can I ask you a question?”
“Sure…as long as it has nothing to do with books…”
“What’s a condom used for…I mean…I see the adverts on
television but I’ve not been able to figure it out…I know its for sex but what is its use?”
“Excuse me? A condom? Why are you asking me such question?”
“Will you answer me or not?”
“Why are you asking about condoms? Morenike!” Tolani asked
“I just want to know…you see…there’s this new friend that I
have in school. She’s like the most popular girl in school and I am so happy
that she’s my new bestie. Well, today, we attended a birthday party and when we
came back to her house, her mother brought out packs of condoms from her room
and asked her where she got it from and when she refused to answer, her mom
beat her up, that was when I left their house because things were getting
awkward.” Morenike supplied.
“Wow! How old is she?”
“She turns sixteen next month…”
“Honestly Morenike, you can be many things but I don’t see
you as a girl who should mingle with such people. If your new friend has a
condom, then it’s obvious that she’s sexually active.”
“Really? What’s a condom then?”
“It’s a kind of protective shield to avoid contracting
STD’s, HIV and pregnancy but from what I learnt, it’s not a hundred percent
safe.” Tolani informed.
“Mom told me that sex is like a hot burning knife twisted
into your body and…” Morenike started.
“What? You mom told you that? Hahahahahaha…” Tolani laughed.
“Why are you laughing? Is that not true?”
“I don’t know…hahahahaha…your mom is very funny…hahahaha…”
“Please go away, leave my room, since you are laughing at
“I am sorry but it was really funny. I want you to know
something really important. Sex is not for teenagers…it’s for those who can
bear its consequences.”
“Consequences? Does sex come with that?”
“Sure…unwanted pregnancies are one of its risks and also infections…”
“Yea…mom told me that…”
“That’s exactly why you should stay away from sex…” Tolani said.
“What of you? You are having sex and you’re nineteen…and please don’t deny it because I know that you are.”
“Well…mine is a long story but the truth is…I left my mom’s
place to stay with daddy for so many reasons…her husband was…he was…” Tolani
said and stopped mid-way.
“He was what?” Morenike asked.
“Honestly, I am the way that I am because of the
circumstances I have faced so far and I regret it a lot but I really don’t have
any choice. My mom doesn’t care, and to daddy I am just one of his many kids
so, I have no choice but to struggle. But you Morenike must fight against
peer pressure, it is strong and can be overwhelming. This friend of yours, is
no good and if she’s the way you say she is, I bet she got popular in school
for the wrong reasons. I advise that you revaluate yourself and ask yourself
why you want her friendship. Is it because she’s popular? Is it her beauty? Is
it her good character? If what you see in her is what you want in a friend, then go
ahead and continue the friendship but if it isn’t, then you might have to let
the friendship go.” Tolani said.
“Really? Should I?”
“Reevaluate the foundation of your friendship with her and
decide if you want to be in it or not!” Tolani said and left the room.
As soon as the door closed behind her, Morenike took in a
deep breath and closed her eyes. Her phone chose that moment to ring and she
saw that the caller ID was Frieda. She picked the call.
“Hello Morenike, what’s up? You didn’t even tell me when you
left the house.” Frieda said through the phone.
“Your mom was beating you so…I didn’t want to interrupt…”
“That was so stupid of you…and I hope you know that what you saw my mom do to me is top secret. No one must know about it… anyway…don’t mind that incident,
my mom acts like she’s senile sometimes.” Frieda said.
“You can’t say that about your mom…that’s disrespectful.” Morenike said.
“Excuse me? I can call my mom whatever I want to…besides
she’s my mom…” Frieda shouted down the line.
“Well… Frieda, today has been the most frantic day of my
life and I just realized that, we can’t be friends. I like you for the wrong
reasons and I know that I am not perfect but I can’t have a girl like you as a
friend. So, I’m out!”
“What? Don’t you dare…Morenike! I am the one who calls the
shots and I decide if I want you as a friend or not! You can’t turn around and
be the boss all of a sudden. This friendship is over when I say it is over!”
Frieda screamed.

“Goodbye Frieda, it was nice knowing you…” Morenike said and
hung up the call and for the first time in a long time, she felt absolutely
To be continued tomorrow….


  1. Babe…

    This your site don pass reading blog, with information and tips that you pack in here.. i like the #100,000 Adaeze story, its real enough and can be related to..

    As for this ya teenage series, my dear, somehow you bring it all together. I noticed that you usually post a day before, i dont know how you keep up but May God bless You real good.

    For the book thing, don't you think its time to meet up with other young writers like yourself and also to start the manuscript thing going? You will be surprised at the reception that you will receive.

    Cheers My Lady and keep bringing it on…

    • Thank you so much dear La Ville Bilingue, you've been such a huge inspiration.
      I love Adaeze's inspirational story and the realness of it hence I was moved to post it here for readers to be inspired.
      Sure, I'll definitely publish next year (so help me God).
      God bless you dear!

    • I felt like giving Morenike a round of applause. It's not everyday you see teenagers break-away from friends that could destroy them.
      Thanks for reading namsie!

    • I am glad Tolani was the vessel used in speaking sense to her. Yes, teenagers need people who can relate to them and guide them.
      Thanks for reading consistently dear!

  2. Some parents have brought up good children but often times, they lack the ability to trust these children to make wise decisions. If only they could see what their teenage children go through each day, they would probably give them more credit.

    ……..and to think that I earlier commented that God should save us from the Morenikes of this world. Now this same Morenike has made up her mind to become a changed person. One shouldn't be quick to write people off.


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