Daniel and Monica sat and stared as Mira’s father paced the
house in worry, they too had paced about the house as well but they were
already getting tired of pretending. When Mira’s father walked out to the
balcony to take a phone call from the D.P.O, they both whispered to each other.
“I hope your friends were able to do things discreetly.”
Monica said to Daniel.
“Yes…they are very coded guys and they have promised to be
very professional.” Daniel said to his mother.
“How much are they intending to ask for?” She asked.
“Ten million.”

“Mira’s father has well over that amount of money, they
would have asked for twenty million or more.”
“Well…we want him to quickly pay us up without wasting any
“How much commission are they going to ask for?” His mother
“They are taking one million while nine million is ours.
They are not expecting to hold her for more than three days.” He said.
“Good.” Monica said as the door to the balcony opened and
Mira’s father stepped out into the sitting room.
“I just spoke to the D.P.O…” He said to them in panic. “He’s
coming over with a team of police officers…”
“Oh my darling, this will be over before you know it. I’m
sure your enemies have this all planned out but they will fail.” Monica said.
“I can’t believe this! How could they have taken Mira? What
have I done wrong?” Mira’s father groaned and collapsed on the sofa with his
head in his palms.
“Calm down honey, lemme make a cup of tea for you.” Monica
said walking up to sit by Mira’s father.
“How can you tell me to relax? This is my daughter we’re
talking about…” He started but his phone began to ring. He held up the phone and
stared at his caller ID.
Monica took a peek at the caller ID and frowned.
“What does she want?” Monica spat.
“She’s her mother and she deserves to know what’s happening.”
Mira’s father said answering the phone. “Hello, it’s been confirmed that Mira’s
been kidnapped.” He said into the phone.
“What? Mira! Kidnapped?” Her mother screamed. “How? How did
you allow this to happen?”
“I wasn’t at home when it happened and…” He stammered.
“That’s not a logical explanation! Where is my baby? Where
is Mira?” His wife screamed at him.
“I’m so sorry…I should have paid more attention…” He
“That’s no excuse! She’s missing! Do you know what they do
to kidnapped people? How could let this happen? How could you?” She screamed.
Mira’s father was tongue-tied, he listened in silence while
his wife spoke to him. Monica was furious, she wanted to drag the phone from
his hands and rain insults on Mira’s mother.
“Give me the phone lemme talk to her. Who does she think she
is to blame you for her daughter’s disappearance? Why didn’t she take her
daughter with her when she left this house?” Monica spat.
“Will you shut up?” Mira’s father spat at Monica as he held
the receiver away from his ear. Addressing Mira’s mother, he continued. “I
promise she will be found, I have called all my contacts and everything will be
handled…I promise.”
“I’m coming to Lagos first thing tomorrow….and when I get
there you’d better hand my daughter over to me in one piece. Am I clear?” She
screamed and hung up the phone.
“I hate that woman!” Monica spat.
“Don’t you dare speak against my wife in that tone.” Mira’s
father shouted at her.
“I’ll speak about about her anyway I damn well please! She’s
not worthy of you, she’s not worthy of anything.” Monica spat.
“Shut up that mouth of yours. God knows that everything
began to go wrong between me and my daughter once you stepped your feet into
this house. The only value you brought is Daniel!” He said and stormed off in
As soon as he left the sitting room, Daniel looked at his
mother and said.
“I told you that this man doesn’t deserve you and that our
kidnapping his daughter is the best way to get any money from the old fool.”
“You’re right son, even though his wife left him he’s still attached
to her. Did you see the way he was shaking like a leaf when she was speaking to
him? She still has control over him. I don’t have that kind of control over
him.” Monica said sounding depressed.
“That’s why we have to get all we can and leave this place.
That man is no good for us and especially you.” Daniel said.
“You’re right son…” Monica said nodding silently.
Winnie and Rachel were up for breakfast on time on Monday
morning. Neither of them had called Mira as they felt she hadn’t called them
either. Rachel loved Winnie’s house so much, except her mother whom she tried
so hard to avoid. Winnie’s brothers cracked jokes and made her laugh while her
step-father made her feel at home. He was working on her situation with Black
as he had informed the authorities.
“Rachel, do you think it’s wise for you to go to the summer
school today?” Winnie’s dad asked.
“Yes sir…why do you say that sir?” Rachel asked.
“Well, I was wondering if the guy, Black, knows where you
attend lessons? Have you been speaking with your family? Have they told you
anything strange? Has Black paid them a visit?”
“No, not at all…I spoke to my brother and he said that no
one has come looking for me.”
“I’m sure that Black knows where your summer lesson is…he
would have asked around.” Winnie’s father said.
“Do you suggest that we stay home today?” Winnie asked her
“I was suggesting that Rachel could stay home today because
I don’t want Black looking for her and tracing her to the school.”
“If Rachel stays, then I’ll stay too.” Winnie said.
“But we have our revision this week because our final test
comes up on Friday as we round off the summer lessons next week.” Rachel said. “You
can’t afford to skip lessons.”
“Well…I’m doing this for you too…” Winnie said. “I can’t
imagine you staying here alone at home because it’s going to be boring for you.
I’m sure my dad would sort out your issues soon enough so that you can continue
your life without problems.”
Rachel wanted to protest but Winnie’s phone rang, it was
“Excuse me…” Winnie said leaving the dining and walking
out towards the kitchen. “Hello…” She said into the receiver.
“You’ve forgotten all about me huh?” Steve said.
“That’s not true…I still think of you from time to time.
How are you?” She asked.
“I’m okay…” He said. “You dumped me…”
“I never dated you so I don’t know why you’d say I dumped
you.” She said to him.
“You refused to date me…” He stressed.
“Can we not just be friends?” She said.
“You’re passing on a good offer…” He said.
“I know but I’m not ready for any kind of commitment right
now.” She said quietly.
“Well then, I’d just accept that we are friends then.” He
“Sure…” She replied.
“Are you on your way to summer school?”
“No…I have to stay home today because my friend is here
with me…” She said.
“Oh really? What friend? Do you mean Mira?”
“What of Mira?” He asked.
“I haven’t spoken to her since Saturday but I’ll call her
when I’m done talking to you.”
“So you’re telling me to hang up right?”
“Don’t be silly Steve…I’m doing so such thing…” She said
with a smile.
“Okay…then…I’ll speak to you later.” He said.
“Sure.” She replied and hung up.
As soon as she hung up she heard someone clear her throat
behind her, she turned and was shocked to see that it was her mother.
“Good morning mom.” She greeted.
“I heard you mention the name, Steve.” Her mother said.
“He’s a friend.” She said.
“A friend?”
“Yes mom, he’s just a friend.” Winnie said and headed back
to the dining room, as she took her seat, she kept dialling Mira’s number but
it was switched off.
Mira looked at the rotten food that she was given. God
forbid that she’d taste such repulsive meal so she shook her head and cringed.
Her captors sat before her, staring at her while she stared back at them. They
were two guys and a lady and funny enough, they didn’t wear masks to hide their
faces from her.
“I want to go home.” Mira yelled at them.
“You’d better eat to get the strength you need, besides you’ll
be calling your father in five minutes to tell him that we need ten million
naira from him.” The lady said.
“Ten million what?” Mira squeaked.
They were in a small room, it wasn’t smelly or dirty but it
was very small and she could almost smell everyone’s breath.
“Ten million naira in cash. He has just three days to
deliver or you’re dead.” The man who had come to pick her up at the house and
had pretended to be her father’s driver said to her.
“What? My dad doesn’t have that kind of money.” Mira said.
“Well, you have two sisters in universities abroad and their
school fees are very expensive. In fact, what he spends on one of his daughters
in a year is about seven million so ten million naira is nonsense to him.”
Mira stared at them, suddenly she realized that an insider
must be in on this kidnap and her mind kept screaming to her that it was
“That’s not true.” Mira defended.
“Oh shut up! What do you know?” The lady said.
“What makes you think that you can demand that he gives you
his money? Did you work for it?”
A loud slap fell on her cheek and Mira screamed in pain.
“Listen here little brat and listen good, we know that you’re
pampered, spoiled and very silly but we won’t allow you insult us.” The second
man said to her in a sneer.
Mira rubbed her cheeks and stared at her captors in confusion,
she didn’t know what to do.


To be continued tomorrow…..


  1. Ha! I hope Steve has no hand in Mira or Rachel's matter. Daniel is really dangerous, even more than his mother knows. She'll suffer the consequences of his actions. It's only a matter of time.


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