Osas was so deep in thought, he hardly knew when the clock
struck seven that morning, he had been seated on the sitting room sofa all
through the night just as he had done, the night before and the night before
that as well. He was thinking of Miyebi, the pregnancy news and a lot of other

“My parents are going to kill me! I am dead! Goodbye
education! Goodbye Pilot Osas! All your dreams are nothing but mirage now! Welcome
fatherhood!” He sighed aloud.
His parents had traveled yesterday, leaving him and his
sister, Isiuwa, at home alone and he was thankful for that, atleast, he was
able to think about the consequences of his actions. He recalled the
conversation he had with Miyebi some days ago as regards the pregnancy issue.
“Are you playing a prank on me?” He had asked.
“Prank? Are you stupid or plain daft?” Miyebi had asked him
in fury.
“I am so confused…so…confused…” Osas continued.
“I am scared! I’ll start showing soon and I really don’t know
what to do…”
“Are you sure it’s mine? Please think back. Maybe there was
someone else…” He started.
The loud slap from Miyebi caught him off-guard.
“Are you trying to run away from your responsibility? You
are a coward! Do you know what? Forget I told you anything. I am going to your
dad right now and I’m going to tell him that his son got me pregnant.” Miyebi
“No…No…you can’t do that! We have to sort this out between
us, we are not getting my parents involved.” Osas said, rubbing his hurting
“Then you better fix this and for your information, an
abortion is out of the question.” Miyebi had said to him and stormed back into
her compound.
Osas had stood there, feeling like a fool and a sinner!
Now as he sat on the sofa with his head in his palms, he
hardly head his sister’s footsteps as she trotted down the stairs nor that of
her suitcase as it followed suit. It was when she stood infront of him that he
realized that Isi was downstairs.
“What do you want?” He groaned, looking at her, then turning
to stare at her small suitcase, he asked. “Where are you going?”
“I’m off to Frieda’s house, we are studying for long periods
over the weekend. I’ll be back on Sunday.”
“Did you tell mom and dad about this?”
“This is not my first time spending the weekend at my friend’s
house…so…I go there regularly.”
“Oh really? How come I knew nothing about that?”
“You were off at school remember?”
“True…it’s okay…you can go! How are you getting there
“I’m taking a taxi and truth is, her house is not far away…it’s
quite close.”
“That’s okay then…as long as you’re sure that mom and dad
“Bye…see you on Sunday!” Isiuwa called out.
“Yeah…see you then…” Osas said exhaling deeply, he was so
glad that he had the house to himself. He really needed to think about what
Miyebi had told him and he needed his friends advice too, so as soon as his
sister shut the door behind her, he made a phone call.
“Hey bro…whatsup?” The voice floated down the line.
“I need your help, could you come to my place in let’s say…the
next twenty minutes?” Osas asked.
Frieda was waiting at the door, and as soon as Isi arrived,
the friends hugged.
“I am so glad you could make it…” Frieda said quietly.
“Me too…this mid-term is such a blessing…” Isiuwa said.
“I have bad news…”
“Bad news? Is the trip cancelled? Did something happen?” Isi
asked with eyes wide.
“No…it’s just that my uncle brought his family with him,
they are inside our sitting room. They arrived yesterday.”
“Oh goody! Isn’t that good?”
“No it’s not! I’m used to having my uncle all to myself and
not sharing him with his ugly wife and stupid children.” Frieda said
“You shouldn’t be bummed about that! C’mon, look at the
brighter side, we get to be many on this trip and it’s more fun…”
“Whatever…” Frieda said off-handedly.
At that moment, her uncle choose to appear.
“Hey girls…” He greeted.
“Good morning sir, thank you very much for this opportunity.”
Isiuwa said in gratitude.
“There’s no problem dear…”
Frieda looked sullen and turned her face away, ignoring her
uncle, her uncle chuckled and pulled her into his arms for a warm embrace, she
pushed him away.

“C’mon baby…don’t be upset, we’ll still have time together…” Freida’s uncle reassured.
“But you brought your family with you…it’s not going to be fun with them around…” Freida’s whined.
“Don’t worry…we’ll create time for ourselves…” Frieda’s uncle said as he pulled Isiuwa into the embrace.
Isiuwa rolled her eyes in confusion, what was going on?
Story continues tomorrow…. 


  1. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…. after refreshing my page everyday, Ada, this is shorttt shorter shortest. I for don die of suspense. Greedy Isiuwa… i shake my head for you.

    A point to note – I can relate to the characters in this story, no I didn't get involved like isiuwa but I share her kinda upbringing. I didnt have a phone, infact it was in my second year in the university that I got a phone, I didnt have friends but now i have folks that I can call friends of life.
    As much as our parents were overbearing, today I am happily reaping the positive fruits from it. I used to blame them but I realize now, that was the only way that they knew how to train their kids and the fear of their children falling to "worldly temptations" drove them to becoming overbearing.
    Even as adults, I think that we should pause and analyze our parents' actions and possible scenarios that would have led them, this would help as we prepare to train up our kids.

    • Thank You so much Fab Melody for sharing. I didn't have a phone too till I got into Uni, I am still against buying phones for kids in primary & secondary school because I think they have their studies to focus on, (I'm not condemning parents who do though, everyone has their reasons).
      I am sorry that this post is short, it will continue tomorrow, I was writing it when my supervisor came in so, I had to cut it short.
      Expect the continuation tomorrow…(God willing)


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