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Isiuwa liked Frieda’s uncle’s family, his wife was very
reserved and their three kids whose ages ranged from three to seven were quite
the playful sort. Frieda’s parents weren’t part of the trip so instead, Freida’s
father drove them all in a minivan to the place where they had to enter the
boat, at Walter Carrington. Isiuwa was so thrilled at the thought of her
journey, she was so happy to be away and alone for the first time in her life.
How she wished life was this way? She had thought to herself. By the time they
had all boarded one of the speed boats, Isiuwa quickly ran to sit below in the cabin because
she was scared to stay out at the top, Isiuwa’s uncle’s wife and her children
joined her, while Frieda stayed at the top with her uncle. The boat hadn’t started
when Frieda entered the cabin to meet her.

“What are you doing here? C’mon…let’s stay at the top…” Frieda
“No…I am scared of the water and might throw up!” Isiuwa
“Don’t be such a baby…do you see your mates in this cabin?
The cabin is for babies!” Frieda urged.
Isiuwa was shocked that Frieda could say such nonsense
especially infront of her Uncle’s wife who was also inside the cabin.
“Yes, my mates are not here but we’re not all kids…atleast
your aunt is here. Show some respect.” Isiuwa cautioned.
“Excuse me? What did you just say to me?” Frieda shouted,
picking offense.
“I…I …mean…you shouldn’t talk…that way…” Isiuwa stammered.
“I hope you know that if not for me, you’d be holed up in
that your boring churchy house all through the weekend?” Frieda reminded her.
“I…I’m sorry…” Isuiwa started.
Frieda’s uncle called out from the top of the boat.
“Frieda! The boat is about to move, are you coming up here
to join me?”
“Coming uncle…” Frieda said, stopping long enough to give
Isiuwa the evil eye. Turning hastily she made her was up the stairs.
The boat’s engine purred to life in no time and with strong
speed the boat made its way through the waters, Frieda and her uncle’s screams
were heard as they made loud noises in excitement.
“You seem like a good girl…” Frieda’s uncle’s wife said to
Isiuwa was startled when the woman spoke to her, she turned
to face her and said politely.
“Thank you ma…”
“You are obviously from a good home…you shouldn’t be hanging
out with the likes of Frieda.” The woman said.
“Excuse me? That’s a bad thing to say…she’s your in-law…”
“Why do you let her control you?” The woman asked, ignoring what
she had just said to her.
“Control me? Frieda doesn’t…does not…control me.”
“Yes she does…and you could get into major trouble if you
let her continue that…”
“Well…Frieda is my good friend…she gave me my first phone
and even spoke to her uncle, your husband, about getting me a new phone, which he did…”
“So, that’s what he does right? Sleep around with little
girls and lure them with gadgets and gifts…” His wife said in disgust.
Isiuwa’s eyes widened, she almost stood up and walked out of
the cabin but quickly realized that the boat was moving in top speed so she sat
“That’s an abomination! How can you say that about your
“Oho, he hasn’t touched you yet?” Frieda’s aunt asked in  a mocking voice.
“Madam…please desist from saying such vile stuff, if you
have a problem with your husband, please confront him and stop carrying false
“You are so innocent…it’s just a matter of time before you
become like her, but I hope you’ll remember your parents’ upbringing when you
decide to stray.”
“Please ma, can you stop talking about this?”
“Do you know the reason I insisted on following him on this
trip, along with my children? Because I snooped his phone and realized that he
was taking Frieda and her friend, who happens to be you, to a private beach
resort. I had to create such ruckus and he had no choice but carry us along but I
know that it wouldn’t stop him from sneaking out in the night to have sex with
his niece.”
“God forbid!” Isiuwa screamed. “Madam…your children are here…do
you know what you are talking about? You are speaking against their father in
their presence.”
Frieda’s aunt turned to look at her children who were
engrossed with their video games and iPods.
“They can’t hear a thing but you’d bet that I’ll properly
sensitize my daughters about sex education before they hit their teens…”
Isiuwa was shocked, then, at that moment, she began to remember
everything, how Frieda’s uncle bought her the most expensive items, how he
called her pet names and always hugged her and touched her, and how that morning,
when she had whined about his family following them on the trip, he had consoled
her as he would a girlfriend rather than a niece.
“My God! Frieda!” Isiuwa said in shock.
“Well, my dear, that’s not all…you are the next on his lineup.
Why do you think he bought the phone for you? Are you his daughter? I think you
should realize that a lot men do not buy things freely without wanting
something in return and that is my husband for you. He expects your gratitude
and he’ll demand for it this weekend.”
“Blood of Jesus!” Isiuwa screamed. “I can’t do that! I cannot
have sex yet, not with anybody. I am turning fifteen on Monday…I am still a
virgin…my parents didn’t bring me up that way…” Isiuwa stammered.
“Well then, my dear, I guess you have to come up with a lie
to get you out of the mess you’ve dragged yourself into.” Frieda’s aunt said.
“What do I say? What do I do?” Isiuwa cried, already wishing
that she was sleeping at home.
“I have some pads in my bag, you could lie that your period
came and that you have cramps and need to rest…” Frieda’s aunt said.
“What if you are lying to me? What if you just want to ruin
this holiday for Frieda and I because you are jealous that your husband dots on
his niece?” Isiuwa said.
“Would you like to see for yourself? Maybe we could forget
about lying that your period came and you can join your friend and her uncle as
though nothing happened…”
“Noo….let’s stick to the original plan…I am already getting
strong vibes about this thing…I am…” Isiuwa said and suddenly started breathing
“Are you asthmatic?” Frieda’s aunt asked.
Isiuwa nodded as tears poured down her face. She reached for
her bag and brought out her inhaler and after using it she felt a bit better.
“I am sorry upset you I was just trying to advice you…”
Frieda’s aunt said.

Isiuwa nodded, she was so confused, and she really wanted to
go home. 


  1. Now Isiuwa wants to go home. Naughty girl. How I wish all the young girls out there would have someone talk some sense into them before they do the *unthinkable.
    Nice on Adaeze. As ever u know. #Adaezerocks.

  2. I am glad that beneath the surface of greed in Isiuwa lies respect for parental training and common sense. So Frieda's Uncles's wife knows of her husband's evil deeds…..thank God she warned Isi.

    What Isi's brother said made me proud of him. That's what I tell my daughter: The true test of your home training will come when you leave home and get into University – where you are independent and have no one to give you rules or order you around.


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