Morenike was at
home that afternoon when she heard the knock at the door. She hissed.
“Who is it this
time?” She said aloud, the last knock had come from Baba Iyabo who had managed
to climb up the stairs all because he wanted to ask for some sugar. It was no news
that his wife of thirty-five years hid the sugar cups from him at home after
his diabetes took a turn for worse. Morenike had politely told him off besides,
the man was old enough to be her grandfather and she wasn’t going to give him
sugar no matter how pitiful he looked, she was too young to place someone on a
death list.

“Who is it?” She
asked as she stood up from the chair and limped to the door. Her body was
bruised and her face was swollen.
“Open the door…it
is your principal!”
“What?” Morenike
said aloud. She could recognize her principal’s voice anywhere and that was
certainly his voice. She began wondering when she turned his favourite student
to be paid a visit by him.
Morenike opened
the door and was shocked to see that the principal came with company. There
with him was Frieda, a middle aged man and three young boys whose faces she
could never miss.
“Good afternoon sirs…”
Morenike greeted, opening the door to usher them in.
“Are your
parents at home?” The principal asked.
“No…my mom just
left for the market but she’ll be back soon.” Morenike answered.
They all entered
her sitting room and not bothering to sit, the principal asked her a question.
“Do you know
these boys?”
“Yes…I do…”
Morenike answered.
The principal
exchanged glances with the vice principal of the boys school.
“What happened
yesterday after school? Can you tell us everything?” The vice principal asked
“Yes sir. I received
a note yesterday telling me to come to the back of the canal after school which
I did. Then, when I got to the back of the canal, Frieda walked up to me and told
me that I had spread the rumours of her possessing condoms to the boys at
school and after she said that, she whistled and these boys came and beat me
up.” Morenike said.
The principal
turned to look at Frieda and shook his head, he recalled how he and the vice
principal of the boys school had walked from classroom to classroom with the
boys, asking them to see if they could recognize the girl they had beaten up in
any of the classes. He remembered how Frieda had lied over and over again that
she had no idea who the boys were. It was when they stopped at Morenike’s class
and saw her picture up on the class wall of fame as the ‘artist of the term’
that the boys had said it was her that they had beaten up the day before and
after investigations, the principal found that Morenike was not in school which
led him to paying her a visit with the boys, their vice principal and Frieda.
“Wait…you saw
her with condoms?” The vice principal of the boys school asked, shocked at what
he heard.
“Her mother saw
them in her wardrobe and confronted her, I was there so I knew….” Morenike,
Frieda didn’t
speak, she felt so angry and wanted to slap Morenike’s mouth shut.
“So…this sums it
up. Frieda paid these boys to beat you up and from the look of it, you didn’t
come to school because of the pains….” The principal concluded, looking at her
swollen face.
“Yes sir…”
Morenike said, staring at the ground.
“Did you try to
inform the school authorities of this? Did you tell your parents about this
incident and how Frieda paid boys to beat you?” Her principal asked.
“No sir…”
Morenike answered her principal.
“Why?” He asked.
threatened me….I was scared.”
“You are so
stupid for being scared of your school mate and because of that, I’ll make sure
that you are severely punished…” The principal started.
“But…” Morenike
“No buts! No
student has the right to harm a fellow student and this should teach you a
lesson to always report to an adult once you are issued a threat. What if these
boys had beaten you to death? I have no option but to punish you inorder that
it serves as a warning.” The principal said to her and turning to face Frieda,
the boys and the vice principal, he said. “Our business is ended here, let’s go
back to the school.” Then turning to Morenike, he said “I am sorry about your
injuries and the pains you must be feeling, however, I need you to inform your
parents that I’d like to see them at the school tomorrow.”
“Yes sir…”
The principal,
the boys, their vice principal and Frieda headed out of Morenike’s house. Morenike
watched as they left the house, wondering what would happen next.

Isiuwa was
determined to see Sesan today and was waiting impatiently for closing time but
instead of the normal closing bell, it was the assembly bell that was rung.
are these people calling an assembly for? Abegi…”Isiuwa said in anger.
“Chill…I think
someone’s in soup!” Ursula, her seat mate said.
“Really? Who?”
Isiuwa asked, eager to hear.
“I don’t know
but I heard that the principal paraded Frieda and some boys from class to class…he
kept asking the boys to look at the female students to see if they recognized
any of them. If you ask me, I think they all went to a forbidden party.”
“Party?” Isiuwa
asked in shock, remembering the party she had to attend with her cousin
tonight. “Are there parties that are forbidden?”
“Yes of course….like
night parties…teenagers are not supposed to attend night parties…” Ursula said
and carrying her bag, she slung it over her shoulder and left the class.
“I don’t think I’m
going for Mense’s friend’s party ooo…I don’t want anyone to parade me round the
school…” Isiuwa said to herself and picking her bag she walked out of her
The assembly was
in order and by the time the students had stood in their appropriate lines and
according to their classes, the principal walked up to the podium with Frieda.
“Good day
students…” He greeted.
“Good day sir…”
They chorused.
“In the history
of our great school, we’ve never had a case so severe like one of this
magnitude. Ganging up on a fellow person is a crime punishable under the
Nigerian law talk more of an educational institution. Frieda Akpan did the most
disgusting thing that any teenager and infact any person can do to their fellow
human being. She couldn’t settle her disputes with Morenike Bankole in the school
premises, instead, she paid some boys of a neighboring school to beat her up!”
The principal said, shaking in anger as he spoke.
The students screamed in horror.
“Due to this
despicable behaviour portrayed by this student, we are hereby expelling her
from our great school as we cannot contaminate our young leaders of tomorrow
with the likes of her and we cannot risk sewing a bad seed in the midst of good
ones.” The principal said with so much passion.
“What?” Isiuwa
shouted in alarm, she couldn’t believe that her former bestie had been expelled
right before her eyes.
“Frieda Akpan,
under the authority vested on me by this great school, I hereby strip you of
your roles, your positions and most of all, your student’s badge which shows
you off as one of our own to the world.” The principal said as he took her ID
card from her. Turning back to the students he shouted.
“Let this sound
as a note of warning to each and every one of you…whatever bad attitude you
have learnt from the internet, the televisions and what have you….do not, I
repeat, do not exhibit such attitude here or anywhere or your fate could be
worse. Have a lovely day and go home peacefully!”

The students
dispersed, all whispering in fear at what they had heard.
To be continued next week…


  1. Me, am thinking…… Frieda isnt to be blamed for all this… Her Parents are to be blamed a 100%, how can an outsider have more influence over your child than you have> you saw the condoms and then what? yes, you dont have enough, but you have an only child here, can you not bring her up within your means? yes her Uncle can sponsor her education but those electronic toys, are you saying that you couldn't monitor and limit what Uncle gives her??
    Another pathetic case is Isiuwa's parents… I see this most times around me, and trust me, the kids will turn out good but they will always have a terrible flaw/vice which when manifested, you will ask be shocked.
    Ada, I know that you have not concluded this story but I think you should take this particular story beyond your site, its happening everyday… it's not easy to bring up a child in this demanding world but its a responsibility that needs to be carried out.

    • Thanks for sharing your view on the teenage series. Yes, parents are mostly to be blamed in the upbringing of children and their eventual turnout. As for taking the story beyond my site, I am working on it and hopefully it will happen.
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting dear.

      God bless you.


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