Mense led Isiuwa into
the house alongside Sesan, they were already tired after the long walk home.

“Thank you so much
Sesan…you were really helpful.” Mense said in gratitude.

“It’s no
problem…” Sesan said.

“I’m sorry I made
you go through all that…” Isiuwa said. “As you can see, the party
is ruined.”

“Nope it’s
not…” Sesan said.

“How is it not? All
the guests are gone…” Isiuwa started.

“But we are here,
and we are the people who love you and deserve to share such a beautiful day
with you.” Sesan said smiling.

Isiuwa smiled back at
him and then she smiled at her cousin.

“Thanks a lot…you
don’t know how much your words uplift me.” Isiuwa said to Sesan.

“So, can we start a
party?” Mense said in delight.

Isiuwa and Sesan chorused together.

“First of all,
there can be no party without music…so, I’ll hook my phone to the loudspeaker
then.. let the party begin!” Mense said as she hurriedly connected her
phone to the loudspeaker.

The three teenagers
danced around the sitting room as though their lives depended on it. The nanny
heard the loud music from the kitchen and rushed out into the sitting room
shocked at the music that was coming from there.

“What’s that
noise?” She started and when she saw Isiuwa she said “Isiuwa, thank
God you’re home.”

Mense hurried up to the
nanny and dragged her into the dance circle and she joined in.

They were mid-way
through their dance when they heard the doorbell. They all looked at each other,
who could it be? They thought. The nanny went to get the door and Sesan, Mense
and Isiuwa continued dancing, soon the visitor stepped into the sitting room,
it was Josh.

“Oh my God!
Josh!” Isiuwa exclaimed.

Mense stared at the young
boy with interest while Sesan glared at him in something akin to hate.

“Guys meet my
friend…Josh!” Isiuwa said to Sesan and Mense.

Josh…” Mense greeted.

Sesan didn’t say

“Hi…did I miss a
party?” Josh asked.

“I am so sorry Josh,
I couldn’t invite you to my party because so many things got me distracted. I wanted to call you with my brother’s number but some things came up. How
did you know I’m having a party today?”

“I actually never heard
about it. I have been trying your brother’s number this past week but he’s not
been picking my calls so I got worried and when my mom said she was coming to
this part of Lagos I knew I had to come and see you.” Josh said.

“Wow! Such
coincidence hmmm…welcome.” Mense said.

“Is the party
over?” Josh asked.

Isiuwa started.

“No…we actually
just got started.” Mense said.

Mense dragged Josh into
the circle and they all began to dance. Sesan felt a bad taste in his mouth, ‘does it mean that his Isiuwa had a friend he knew nothing about?’ He thought.

“I need to go
now…” Sesan said.

going nowhere ooo…”Mense said still dancing. She sensed his discomfort as
soon as Josh stepped into the house.

“So, it’s been hell
trying to reach you this past few weeks. How about giving me a phone number
that really works and a number that I can reach you on?” Josh said trying
to speak above the music.

“Well…I don’t
have a….”Isiuwa started.

“Nonsense! I have a
spare phone that you can have.” Mense said to Isiuwa.

“Really? Cool
then…” Isiuwa said smiling.

“The number is
090…..” Mense supplied.

Josh quickly typed down
the number in his phone while Sesan fumed at a corner.

“I guess there are
still drinks left, lemme get us some.” Mense said.

“I’ll be off now,
my mom’s driver is waiting outside for me and I promised I won’t be long.”
Josh said.

“See you soon then?”

Isiuwa blushed.

“It was nice
meeting you…” Josh said to Mense.

“Mense…my name is

“And you are?”
Josh asked Sesan.

Sesan gave him the evil
eye and pretended as though he didn’t hear him speak.

“Oh…that’s Sesan…Isiuwa’s
friend and school mate.” Mense said quickly.

“It’s a pleasure
meeting you guys…” Josh said.

“I’ll walk you
out..” Isiuwa said.

“Your dress is
ripped…what happened? Was it due to an overdose of partying?” Josh asked teasingly
such a joker Josh!” Isiuwa laughed and nudged him playfully as they walked

“Mtcheww…I bet
she won’t laugh like that if I cracked a joke as good as Basket Mouth’s.”
Sesan said quietly in anger.

“Hey!!! The party
is still on…don’t be the party pooper!” Mense said jokingly.

Sesan shrugged and
allowed Mense drag him back to the dance floor.


Abigail wanted to scream
in frustration, she heard her crush tell her mom this afternoon that he was
returning to school in two days. Two days! Why? She almost wailed in agony.

“I thought he said
he was going to stay longer this time. I hate you Jibo! I hate
youuuuuu…” Abigail said aloud.

She was in her room
sitting on her bed and staring at the laptop on her laps. She had typed different
questions, from ‘how to woo your crush’ to ‘how to make your crush notice you’ and
nothing seemed to help. She was about to type another keyword when her door
opened and her mother stepped in.

“Where is Sesan?”
she asked.

” I dunno…I guess
he went for a lame party.” Abigail said.

“Aby how many times
have I told you to stop placing a laptop on your laps? It could be life
threatening you know…”

“Sorry mom…I
wanted to rest my back against the pillows.”

“Then you choose
one…its either you rest your back or surf the Internet. Which is most
important to you?”

“Surf the
internet…” Abigail said in a small voice

“Then be a good
girl and stand up from that bed and sit at your table at the corner with your

“Okay mummy.” Abigail
smiled at her mother.

“I have to go to
the salon…I’ll be back in a jiffy. Would you like anything?”

It was at the tip of
Abigail’s tongue to tell her mom, ‘could you kindly ask Jibo to fall madly in
love with me? ‘ but she shook her head and watched her mom leave and close the

“Sit at the table
ko…” She hissed and quickly typed in a keyword on the Google space and


The doctors said that
Osas could be discharged that evening and he followed his parents out of the hospital,
he felt so relived. His parents were silent all through the drive home and he
was too. He was quietly seated at the backseat when a text message came through,
it read.

‘Do you think you can
get rid of us easily? Then think again friend. I promise to make life a living
hell…for you. Have you forgotten so soon that we know your secrets? I promise
to blow them up in that church of yours…mark my words.’ 

The message was
signed Meka and hour instantly knew who it was, it was Emeka. He closed his
eyes and enjoyed the silence of the car, refusing to bother himself with the
threat message he had just received besides he had nothing to hide.

Soon they were at the
gate of their house and as his father drove in, Osas felt as though he had just stepped into some kind of prison.

“We are home!”
His father said grimly.

Osas opened the door and
got out of the car while the gate man quickly came to take the luggage inside.

Osas and his parents
opened the door and saw Mense, Isiuwa and Sesan dancing together in the sitting

“Isiuwa…you are
home…” Mr. Igbinovia said.

“I thought you came
home to look for her…” His wife asked.

“I got distracted
so I turned back and returned to the hospital.” He replied.

“Sesan and I found
her.” Mense said.

“It’s late…I
errr…have to go…” Sesan said quickly as he headed towards the door.

Isiuwa’s mom glared at
him as though to say ‘ I thought I told you to go before now’ but she didn’t
say anything to him.

“Bye Sesan…thanks
for coming. Good evening dad and mom, glad to have you back Osas.” Isiuwa
said and turned on her heels heading upstairs.

“Isiuwa! What sort
of greeting is that?” Her mother demanded.

Isiuwa pretended as
though her mom was speaking to herself and stormed up the stairs.

“Good evening
sir….welcome home Osas…” Mense said quickly and exited the sitting room.

“What just happened
here?” Mr. Igbinovia asked aloud.

“I’ll be going to
my room now…please don’t forget to call uncle and ask if I can move in with
him. I’ll still call him to iron out my plans. Thanks dad” Osas said and
walked slowly up the stairs.

“Osas…you need
surveillance…the doctors’ orders! Leave your door open because your dad and I
would be taking turns to watch you through the night.” His mom said.

“God forbid”
Osas said under his breath and disappeared up the stairs.



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