Steve was at the hospital, he had called Winnie’s phone only
for Rachel to answer it and tell him that Winnie was at the hospital. Rachel’s
mother and brother were there too, they had called Rachel to know when she was
coming home but received the news about Winnie.

Mira and her mother sat shakily at the waiting area of the
hospital alongside, Steve, Rachel and Theodora, no one spoke, everyone sat
there silently and looked at the ground as though expecting answers from there.

Winnie’s parents were inside the doctor’s office so no one
knew anything, all they did was sit and pray.
“I feel so guilty…if I had insisted that she went home
when she wanted so desperately to come with me, this would never have
happened.” Mira’s mother said to her daughter while they sat and waited at the waiting area.
“I feel guilty too mom…she received that bullet because of
me.” Mira said in a sore voice.
“We’re going to wait here till we receive favourable news.”
Mira’s mother said.
Mira nodded.
Winnie’s parents walked out of the doctor’s office, they
were surprised to see the number of people at the waiting area. Mira’s mother
stood up from the chair and hurried towards them.
“What did the doctor say? What happened?” She asked.
“He says she slipped into a coma…she shouldn’t have gotten
out of bed when she did. I think her getting out of bed to speak with us
affected her so….” Winnie’s father said.
Mira’s mother sighed in relief.
“So, she’s going to be okay?” Mira’s mother asked.
“Well, she will…the doctor says not to worry. Once she’s
out of coma, they’ll have to perform one more surgery on her and she’ll be
Kate stood there silently and Mira’s mother reached to pat
her arm.
“She’ll be okay…” Mira’s mother said.
“I don’t want to lose her.” Kate said.
“You won’t…Winnie is a young girl who has her life ahead
of her and….”
At that moment, Steve walked up to them.
“Good morning, my name is Steve…I’m Winnie’s friend.”
Everyone turned to look at him.
“You?” Mira’s mother asked in horror.
“You are Steve?” Winnie’s father asked as he stared at
“I….I…” Steve was tongue tied as the reaction from Mira’s
mother and Winnie’s parents left him speechless.
“You should be ashamed to show your face here after what you
intended to do to my daughter.” Winnie’s father barked.
“I…” Steve started.
“You left us hanging after Winnie called you to meet her at
the restaurant close to the summer school. You’re so pathetic!” Mira’s mother
“I am sorry ma…” Steve apologised.
“Please leave this hospital, I don’t want you here.”
Winnie’s father said.
“I am really sorry and I feel bad that you all look at me
this way.” Steve said.
“Get out of here or I’ll ask the security to escort you
out.” Winnie’s father said.
The nurses at the nurse station glared at them as though
testing to see if they’d continue shouting. Theodora stared at her father and
at Kate and Mira’s mother who were all glaring at Steve in anger. With
difficulty, she stood up from the chair and walked up to them.
“Please let him stay, I know that Steve doesn’t have any bad
intentions for Winnie, he did all he did because of me. Please…” She said.
Kate looked away, she was done listening to her husband’s
“Theodora, please stay out of this.” Her father said to her.
“Kate, please don’t send him away, he cares for Winnie, he
told me so himself.” Theodora pleaded.
“Do you know what? I really don’t care what he told you or
what he didn’t tell you. Listen, I don’t want anything to soil my mood any
further. My daughter is critically ill and ….I desperately want her to be
“Kate please…” Theodora begged. “I know I did wrong and
I’m sorry…I let anger blind me and I wish Eva decides to rethink on her actions….I…”
Kate walked away from them and headed towards Winnie’s room
where she leant by the door. Theodora looked at Steve in pity while Mira’s
mother frowns at him. Steve nodded in understanding and leaves the hospital.
Eva got down from the taxi cab and walked the short mile
into the large compound. The barking of the dogs greeted her as she made her way
towards the door.
“Priceless and Gem, you girls bark so hard.” She shouted out
to the dogs as she pressed the doorbell.
The bell rang for a while and there was no answer, so she
pressed the bell again, this time, someone answered.
“Hello, good morning.” A man in his sixties greeted.
“Good morning…I believe this is my mother’s residence.”
Eva said staring at the man in displeasure.
A female voice was heard approaching the door.
“Who’s it honey?”
Eva was stunned, her mother appeared at the doorway clad in
her nightwear and flashed the man a smile.
“Hey darling, what brings you here this morning? Why didn’t
you call? You always call before coming.” Her mother said to her.
“Yes I used to call but…do I need to call?: Eva asked
“This is my house darling, you should call before coming.”
Her mother said.
“Who is he?” Eva asked angrily.
“Oh, meet my boyfriend, Matthew.” Her mother said breezily.
“Hello my dear, you must be Eva.” Matthew said to her.
Eva frowned at the man and said.
“Yes, I am Eva and this is private property.”
“Do you mean the house or your mother?” The man asked
sounding amused.
“Both!” Eva sneered.
“Look Eva, I really don’t need this negative energy this
morning. I was reading my astrology for the day and I was forewarned against
clouds of darkness and honestly, you’re bringing such clouds to my doorstep.”
Her mother said.
“What? Mom! How can you say that? Have you forgotten how
hard we’ve worked for you and daddy to get back together? Are you going to
throw it away just like that?”
“Listen to me Eva, I have never wanted your dad and I to
work out again. You wanted it to happen so I let you be, I didn’t discourage
you and neither did I encourage you. He’s married to someone else now, I’ve
moved on, you and your siblings are all grown up. Theodora has a family and a
life of her own, your brother is engaged to be married but you have decided to
make my life and that of your dad, a priority and it shouldn’t be.”
“What are you saying mom? That you’d rather be with
this…this miserly fellow than with my dad?”
“Hey…watch it girl, my kids are far older than you are and
they are very accomplished. Don’t call me a miserly fellow…” Matthew
thundered at her.
“I’ll call you whatever I like! This is my mother’s house
and I am her daughter!”
“Go home Eva, I’ll see you another time. Don’t bring clouds
of darkness to my door.” Her mother said to her.
“Mom! Are you sending me away because of this man? Don’t you
want to hear what I have to say? We were able to hit Kate where it hurt and
right now, she’s so vulnerable that she could leave dad at any moment.”
“I don’t care!” Her mother flung at her and pulling her
boyfriend into the house, she slammed the door at her daughter’s face.
Eva couldn’t believe what had just happened, she had spent
years fighting for her mother and all the while, her mother was doing well for
herself and didn’t need her help whatsoever.
Mira’s father sat on the sofa of his house and mentally recounted
his ordeal with the police some hours ago.
“Your son Daniel is a dangerous young man, how come you
never knew that he was capable of kidnap or murder?” A police officer had asked
“I didn’t raise him, he just came into my life barely two
months ago.” He’d replied.
“Hmmmm…do you know he was expelled from his university
because he was a cult member? Infact, he was the head of his cult group.” The
police man had said.
“That’s impossible…Daniel can’t be the head of a cult
group, he’s just seventeen.”
“Are you still defending him? Besides, that young man locked
up in the cell is twenty-five and not seventeen.”
Mira’s father was startled.
“Sir, are you sure he’s your son? Are you sure you weren’t
played or lied to?”
“Excuse me?”
“I know I shouldn’t pry into your private life but when you
came here to report that your daughter was missing, my first impression of you was
that you’re a very disciplined man, and a gentle one too…I don’t think you
can have such a son.”
“I’ll have to speak with his mother to clarify things
but…as I said earlier, I didn’t raise him…his mother did.”
“Well, I’ll let you see him for a while, maybe he’d tell you
his motive for kidnapping his sister in the first place.” The police officer
had said.
Five minutes later, Daniel walked into the visiting room in
handcuffs. He saw Mira’s father and looked away.
“I don’t want to see him.” Daniel had said to the officer.
“Well, he’s your father and he wants to speak to you.” The
officer shouted.
Soon, Daniel sat facing Mira’s father, he looked away as he
avoided eye contact.
“Daniel…” Mira’s father called out to him. “I hope you
know that you’re in serious trouble! Not only did you kidnap your sister, you
shot her friend and…”
“Oh stop that, will you?” Daniel spat at him. “You caused
all of this, you could have paid the money and everyone would have been happy.
I checked your account records on your computer and I know you’re worth more
than ten million naira.”
Mira’s dad looked at Daniel, a huge look of disappointment
crossed his features.
“I would have never believed that you could do such thing.
How could you? She’s your sister!”
“Can a dog give birth to a cat?” Daniel had asked with
spite. “Do you really think you’re my father or that Mira is my sister?”
“What are you saying?”
“Well, you were played…mister. You saw my mother and you
desperately told her that you wanted a son, so she concocted some gist for you
and you weren’t even smart to ask for a DNA test. I am not your son, mister. My
mother had me years before she ever met you. My dad is Mr. Louis Bede Thomspon
and I’m proud of him, anytime and any day.”
Mira’s father stared at Daniel, his heart constricted
painfully in his chest.
“Whaatt…what?” Mira’s father had squeaked.
“Listen old man, you can never be my father, you can’t even
come close to him. Yes, he’s in jail and I wanted the money to help get him out
but he’s a stronger man than you’ll ever be.”
Mira’s father’s hands shook terribly.
“Here’s some advice for you mister, be content with what you
have. Having a particular sex for a child doesn’t change who you are besides,
we are all on different paths in this life. Who knows what your daughters could
be tomorrow? Gone are the days when women didn’t have the same privileges as
men. We have women who have changed the course of history, and men who haven’t
even been able to achieve what these women have achieved.” Daniel said standing
up from the chair.
Mira’s father looked at him, tears streamed down his face.
“Good bye fake dad.” Daniel had said and walked away.
Now, as he sat on the sofa in his sitting room, his eyes
went to the photo frames of his children on the walls of the house. He winced
in pain as he recalled all the time he’d spent with Daniel and his mother, he
groaned in frustration when he recalled how nasty the fight with his wife had
been before they separated.
He let out a loud groan and stamped his foot on the ground.


Last episode tomorrow….


  1. I hope Eva begins a new life for good.

    This story is filled with so many lessons. However, I noticed some errors in today's episode – "Mira's parents" in the doctor's office should have been written as "Winnie's parents" and some errors in tenses.
    Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with us.


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