Clara was taking a quick nap when she heard a knock at her
“Who’s it?” She murmured gruffly.
The door opened and mommy stepped in. Clara hissed slightly
and turned to face the wall, she really didn’t want to be dragged into another
long talk with her step-mom.
“Some people are here to see you Clara.” Mommy said.
“People are here to see me?” Clara asked.
“They are Rose Lily’s aunts.” Mommy said.
Clara got up from her bed and walked out of her room.
Aunty Lizzie and Cassie were standing in the sitting room.
There was no one with them in the sitting room except auntie Dumebi. As soon as
they saw Clara, they said.
“Clara…do you know where our niece is?” Aunt Cassie asked.
“She’s home. We both went out together but she returned
home.” Clara said.
“She packed her things and left, and we can’t locate her.”
Aunty Lizzy said with tears in her eyes.
“Where did you guys go to? I know she left the house
pretty early this morning.” Aunt Cassie asked.
Clara didn’t want to reply, she didn’t know how Rose’s aunts
would take the truth.
“Where did you guys go to Clara? Please answer us.” Aunty
Lizzy asked.
“We…went to see…her mom.” Clara said.
Mommy and aunt Dumebi stood there and stared at Clara and
Rose’s aunts.
“Can you lead us there?” Aunt Lizzy asked.
“I doubt she went to her mom’s.” Clara said.
“Can you take us there, please?” Aunt Cassie asked.
“Sure…I mean…yes I can.” Clara said.
“You are just coming home Clara and you haven’t even eaten
lunch and I doubt you ate breakfast. Can’t this wait?” Mommy asked.
Clara was hungry, she just realised that she hadn’t eaten
anything the whole day.
“What do you mean by that? Clara can lead us to our niece
and she’s coming with us!” Aunt Cassie thundered.
“I am her mother and I can tell her not to go and she
won’t.” Mommy said.
“Hahahahaha….look at her! You’re living on your past glory
dear. Clara is not your daughter and you’ve never failed to show her what she
really means to you. You loathe the poor girl.” Auntie Cassie said.
“Like I said earlier, she hasn’t eaten and she’s my daughter
whether you like it or not.” Mommy said quite hotly.
“Clara, tell this stupid woman that she’s not your mother.”
Aunt Cassie said.
“I know you want to find Rose Lily but I won’t appreciate
you talking to my mom like that regardless of whether she’s my real mom or not.
You are in her house and you need to show her some respect.” Clara said.
Mommy and aunt Dumebi smiled in relief.
“I’ll write down the address of the house but I’m not going
there. I haven’t eaten anything and I need to get something into my tummy…”
Clara said and went to pick up a pen and a jotter from the center table.
She wrote down the address and handed it to Aunt Cassie and
Lizzie. When they left the house, Clara turned to go back to her room.
“Clara, I have no idea how I never saw this side of you.
Thank you.” Mommy said.
Clara nodded and walked towards the kitchen.
It hadn’t been easy, telling the boys the truth of their
sister, a reality they were just discovering. Raymond was shocked while James
didn’t look as shocked as his brother, as he was thinking of the STD he had
“Is she coming to live with us?” Raymond had asked.
“Well, I’ll be glad if that can happen but daddy and I have
to talk about it first.” Their mother had said.
“Ofcourse she can stay with us. I have always wanted you
boys to have a sister and I think she’ll fit in here.” Their father had said.
Veronica reached out to hug her husband, she was so grateful
for his support
“So when is she moving in?” James asked meekly.
“She hates me. She’s been oriented differently and wrongly
and I feel she is fighting with her emotions.” Their mother had said.
When the boys retired to their rooms, Veronica had held on
to her husband and wept.
Now as she sat in her sitting room, sipping a cup of tea,
she heard the knock at the door and walked over to open it.
“Veronica! Where is Rose?” Cassie screamed at her.
“What are you talking about?” Veronica asked in alarm.
Lizzie pushed her to the ground as she and her sister
stepped into the house, determined to beat Veronica up.
“Where is our niece, you child thief?” Cassie screamed as
she lunged at Veronica and pulled her by the braids on her hair. 
“I don’t know! How dare you come to my house to assault me?”
Veronica screamed.
Veronica was baffled at Lizzie and Cassie’s audacious move as she couldn’t believe that they’d come to her house with such accusation and even try to beat her up.
“If you don’t tell us where our niece is, we’ll deal severely
with you.” Lizzie screamed. “We’ll arrange with some people to destroy your miserable face.”
At that moment, Veronica’s husband stormed into the sitting room.
“Unhand my wife now!” He thundered.
To be continued.

I’m sorry this episode is quite short, I’m a bit under
the weather. Hopefully, the episode will be longer tomorrow.


  1. I wish you quick recovery. Giving us an episode despite how you feel is kind an considerate of you.
    I love where today's post stopped.
    I can imagine how Veronica's husband would deal with those 2….heheheheeee. What effontery!


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