Frieda recalled the incident at
the hospital, as soon as she had said the words that Uncle Fry was responsible for the
pregnancy, he had hastily dropped the gifts on the ground and turned to run off, but her father had chased him
down and dragged him back to the hospital room. There he had confessed to everything, pleading and begging her parents to forgive him for all he had done.

They had caused chaos at the
hospital and the security men had dragged her father and her uncle outside. Soon, the police had intervened and right now, Uncle Fry chilled at the police station.

Frieda had already been
discharged and was on her way to the police station to file a report against her
uncle, alongside her mother. She was made to understand by the police men who came visiting at the
hospital that he was a pedophile and a molester who used her innocence and
trust against her. Her mother had been inconsolable and her father devastated
and there and then, he disowned his brother. Uncle Fry had fallen on his knees
and begged but no one listened to him.

Her mother drove her to the
police station in silence, they were both in the vehicle that Frieda formerly referred to as ‘rickety’.

“Mom…I am sorry…truly…”
Frieda said, she was seated at the front passenger seat beside her mother.

Her mother nodded, but didn’t
say anything, tears clouded her vision and she wiped it off with the back of
her palms and focused on the road ahead.

“I should have told you but at
first I was scared…” Frieda started.

“Scared of what Frieda? Scared
of what? That I’d bite you? Or Chop your head off? He is your uncle and he is
too older than you are… you are not supposed to be having sex at your age, he has destroyed you and your father and I have a huge job in our hands as regards helping you get back on your feet. Infact I can’t believe that we are talking about this! I made
a mistake, I should have gotten closer to you than let him be the closer one,
how naive I was! I left you in his care most times, I even cajoled you to go
out with him…oh my God! I am such a bad mother!”

“No mom…you are not, I should
have been smarter….I should have said something to you…”

“It’s okay…let’s stop talking
about it because the more we talk about this, the more eager I am to end that
miserable pig’s life. I wish he wasn’t at the police station, I would have killed him with my bare hands.” Her mother said.

They arrived at the police
station to a full house, the police had three young adult men behind bars while
their parents made noisy phone calls at the counter. A man and a teenage
boy sat side by side, the teenager was huge and he looked like an adult, Frieda
knew she recognized him and the man he was with too.

“Frieda!” Osas’s father called
out to her as soon as she entered the station.

“Mr. Igbinovia….good morning
sir…” Frieda greeted respectfully as she walked up to him.

“What are you doing here?” She

Isiuwa’s father removed his
glasses and wiped the tears from his eyes with the back of his palms.

“Your friend attended a party
late last night, it didn’t end well…” He said.

“What? I hope she’s alright…”
Frieda asked with concern.

“Yes…she’s at home…what are
you doing here?”

“My uncle is here…I’m here to
press charges against him…”

“Why? What happened?”

Frieda hesitated but after a while, she spoke up, anyway he’s a pastor, she thought.

“He’s been abusing me
sexually…since I was nine…and I just realized that it’s bad….” Frieda
said and burst into tears.

“My God! What is happening with
the world?” Mr. Igbinovia asked, standing to hold Frieda in his arms, suddenly being protective and not ready to take chances with her daughter getting close to another grown man.

“Freida? Excuse me sir, that’s
my daughter, you are holding…” Frieda’s mother said to Isiuwa’s father.

“Oh…she’s my daughter’s
school friend…she comes to our house often…” Pastor Igbinovia smiled bitterly as tears fell down his cheeks.

“Oh really…I didn’t know…”
Frieda’s mother said in apologies.

“We are in a close predicament,
my daughter and my wife’s niece attended a party last night and these boys were
in the verge of assaulting my daughter but this young hero…” He said,
pointing to Emeka. “He saved the day and I am so thankful. I can’t believe that
I never wanted my son to be friends with him because I felt he was a bad
influence…if only I knew what the future held.” Osas’s father said

“I am so sorry…oh…I
forgot to introduce myself, I am Mrs. Akpan…” Frieda’s mother said holding
out her hand.

“Pastor Igbinovia…” He said
accepting her hand.


It was a joyful day for Sesan’s
family as they brought Abigail home from the hospital in Edo state. Everyone
was in high spirits except Sesan, he was happy but deep down, he knew he had
some explaining to do. That morning, as they were preparing to go to pick his sister, his
father had walked into his room to look for one of his shoes which he believed he
had left during one of the nights that he and Sesan had cried themselves to
sleep in Sesan’s room, only to check under the bed to see the pornographic
magazines his son had stashed underneath the bed.

The look on his father’s face had
been that of disappointment and worry and as he took the magazines with him,
Sesan knew that he was in trouble.

The police had forced the man
who brought Abigail to the hospital to confess and take them to the place of
the hideout. Chume was captured alongside two other ladies who were in charge
of the girls, the madam was never found as she had escaped in the nick of time and the girls were released and taken
into police custody.

When Abigail and her family had
stopped at the police station that afternoon before going home, they had seen
Chioma lurking around, no one had come to pick her yet.

“Abigail…you are our hero…”
Chioma had said smiling ruefully.

“Really? I don’t think I am…”

“Are those your folks?” Chioma
had asked.

“Yea…my dad, mom and twin

“Wow…you are a twin? Cool…”
Chioma had said.

“How are you holding up? The
other girls families have come to take them home…right?”

“Yea…you guys are lucky, as
for me, the police is hunting down my step mom…I don’t know what’s my
fate right now…” She said, smiling through the pain in her eyes.

Abigail had excused herself and
went to meet her parents who were talking to the DPO.

“Dad, mum, I need a favour…”

“Anything dear…” Her parents

“Can my friend come with us?”

“Who?” Her mother asked,
shocked at her daughter’s request.

“If she doesn’t come with us,
I’m afraid I can’t leave her here…” Abigail said suddenly emotional.

The policeman looked at Abigail
and her parents and said.

“The girl’s case is a pathetic
one, after losing her father, her step mom sold her off to the traffickers, we
are still trying to locate the woman.”

“Please….it would mean so
much to me….” Abigail said.

“Can we take her with us?”
Abigail’s father asked the DPO.

“Yes but she’s still an
unresolved case, however you can take her with you as the station is not
conducive for her and we were thinking of placing her in a foster home while we
sorted her case out.”

“Okay…can our house be her
foster home then? Can you help us with that?” Abigail’s mom said.

“Sure…you’ll need to sign
some papers, please come with me…” The DPO said.

As Abigail’s parents followed
him, Abigail dragged Sesan’s hand and led him to meet Chioma.

“Hey…” Sesan greeted.

“Hey…you’re cute.” Chioma said to Abigail. “You both have the same kind of eyes and you
guys look alike…” Chioma said with a smile.

“You are coming with us…”
Abigail said breathlessly.

“What? I can’t impose…Aby,
you know me, I have wahala ooo…” Chioma said stunned at Abigail’s gesture.

“You need a family and my
family is big enough for you…” Abigail said.

“Really? You want me to come
with you guys?” Chioma said as tears of gratitude streamed down her face.

“Yes…please come…”Sesan

“Yes…thank you…I will…”
Chioma had said with a huge smile.

Now at home, Chioma followed
Abigail to her room while Sesan hovered around the sitting room, throwing furtive glances at his dad.

“Sesan! A word!” His father
said to him and headed towards his room. Sesan followed him dutifully behind
like a meek lamb, he was in soup.


When Abigail returned to school
on the last day of school, it was a joyful celebration because the students gathered at the assembly waiting for her arrival and clapped thunderously for her as she stood on the podium. The principal gave her an honorary school badge and spoke highly of
her bravery before the students. When she was asked to give her speech, Abigail smiled at her fellow students and said
into the microphone.

“One thing I learnt from my
ordeal is, never ever accept a lift from a stranger and never talk to

When she ended her speech,
Isiuwa and Sesan clapped from the crowd of students, cheering her on proudly.

“Your sister is a hero…who
would have thought?” Isiuwa said.

“Yea…she’s a hero for being
kidnapped after running away from her crush…” Sesan said with a dry chuckle. His sister had told him all that happened on the day she was kidnapped and how she had a huge crush on Jibo which she’s moved on from. “Isi…you know that stuff I told you about crushing on you?” Sesan said.

“Yea…you told me on the day I paid you a visit at your house.”

“Naaaa….I don’t have a crush on you, I was
just joking…” Sesan said nudging her playfully on the arm.

“I knew you were dummy!” Isiuwa
said nudging him too but deep down she wished it was true.

Sesan still had the crush but since his sister was back, hale and hearty, there was no need for true confessions anymore.

Isiuwa recounted her experience
with her parents after the unfateful night of the party. To her surprise, her mother who
she had thought would scold her and give her lectures on how disgraceful she
had been, had cried with her and apologized for the many times she had failed
as a mother. Mense’s mother had come to their house after hearing the news of
what had happened. The two sisters ‘Mense’s mom and Isiuwa’s mom’ bonded finding that they had resented eachother while growing up hence it affected their relationship as siblings. They both spoke to their daughters and opened up to each other, trusting time to heal old

There was a party and it was
hosted by Isiuwa’s parents. Everyone was in attendance, Frieda, who had patched
things up with Isiuwa, Morenike, who had patched things up with Frieda after
she had asked for her forgiveness, Emeka and Dayo, Sesan, Abigail and their new
foster sister, Chioma as well as their parents and many other guests. There was a DJ, an MC and a
suya spot. Mense and Isiuwa almost drowned in cocktails as they kept
drinking and drinking, they just couldn’t get enough. Uncle Fry was behind bars as well as the boys who had
tried to assault Isiuwa, as for Frieda and Isiuwa’s family, they didn’t care if
their stories came out in the papers, as parents and teenagers would learn from their experiences
and justice would be served.
In the end, everyone was happy.

New episode next


  1. This series has a sweet ending. That's what I love about family: we fight and quarrel during hard times but we make up and the bond that binds us in love gets stronger. Thank you for writing it so beautifully well.


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