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It was four days after Winnie had sent fear down the hearts
of her family and friends, and the doctors had just performed hopefully, the
last surgery on her.
“Can I see her now?” Winnie’s mother asked the doctor as
soon as he walked out of the operating room.
She’d refused to leave the hospital, as she spent the nights
there and only ate or changed whenever her husband came with fresh clothing and

“Yes, but you’d have to wait till she’s in her room.”
“Was it successful?” She asked.
“Yes it was.” The doctor said with a small smile.
“Thank God!” Winnie’s mother said in relief.
At that moment, Mira’s mother made her way into the
hospital, she saw Kate and the doctor and hurried up to them.
“How’s Winnie? Has the surgery been performed?” She asked.
Kate and the doctor nodded.
“She’ll be wheeled to her room soon then, you can see her.”
The doctor said and walked away.
“Thank you doctor…” Kate said in relief.
“Have you eaten?” Mira’s mother asked.
“Yes, I ate a little…” Kate answered. “Where’s your
daughter? Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to have gone back to Abuja?”
“Well, I couldn’t leave without seeing that Winnie is okay,
she’s a very nice girl and she took that bullet because she wanted to save me.”
Kate nodded.
“Let’s sit and wait till we can see her.” Mira’s mother said.
The two women walked over to take their seats at the waiting
“I am so happy that the worst is over, if Winnie had died, I’d
never have forgiven myself.” Kate said.
“Don’t say that…” Mira’s mother said.
“From what you told me about the day you spent with Winnie
while searching for Mira, you guys seemed to have bonded.” Kate said.
“Yes we did.”
“Did she tell you why she ran away from home?”
Mira’s mother nodded. Kate’s face fell.
“You shouldn’t feel ashamed Kate…” Mira’s mother said.
“When I discovered that I was pregnant and that…that…it
was a result of…the rape, I wanted the baby to die. I wanted to die….I
mean, no one stood by me, not even my mother. My family said that I got what I
“How could they say that? That’s cruel!”
“You don’t understand what rape does to you, to your family.
No one wants to tell the world that their daughter’s been raped. I just had to
fend for myself from then on….thankfully, my best friend’s dad…who’s now my
husband, helped me out…and well…he’s been Winnie’s dad from the very
Mira’s mother rubbed Kate’s shoulder in understanding.
“I was so strict with Winnie, I sheltered her so much, I
was overly protective, I wanted her to have no friends whatsoever…I wanted
her to…” Kate started sobbing.
“Don’t blame yourself for anything…”
“I’ve made a vow that if Winnie comes out of this, I’d let
her be what she wants to be. I’ll still direct her but I’d trust her more,
because I’d rather have her alive and free than dead.”
“She’ll be fine…don’t worry.”
The nurse walked up to them.
“You can go and see your daughter now, she’s awake.” The
nurse said to Kate.
“Would you like to come?” Kate asked.
“No, I think you and Winnie need a mother-daughter talk.”
Kate nodded and walked towards her daughter’s room.
Rachel sat in her house staring at the walls, her mind was
filled with a lot of uncertainties. Winnie was still at the hospital while Mira
was attending a three-day trauma class, to help her deal with the kidnap. She suddenly
seemed all alone.
Her mother watched her bury her face in her palms and walked
up to her.
“You should have told me…” Her mother said.
“Yes…I know…”
“I didn’t have a clue till I got to the hospital and you
told me everything.” Her mother said.
“I brought it all on myself mom…I contacted Black and
signed the contract…”
“Even if you were the one who’d contacted him, it doesn’t mean
you’re wrong and he’s right. You’re under-age and he shouldn’t have signed you
up for such…” Her mother said in a broken voice.
“Thankfully, he’s behind bars now. Winnie’s father helped me
out, the NGO he contacted got the police involved and even with the sketchy
information I gave them, they were able to storm the meeting place and capture
“But they didn’t capture the main boss…the person behind
it all, so you still have to be careful.” Her mother said.
Rachel shrugged.
“I could go to a boarding school, even though I’m sure that
they won’t be on my trail.”
“It’s a pity that we don’t have the money to enrol you in a
decent boarding school or I’d have done that.”
“Then, I could continue at my former school.” Rachel said.
“School resumes in a week, and I don’t have the money for
your school fees yet. Your dad contributed largely to your school fees but now,
he’s behind bars and his trial has just started.”
Rachel looked at her mother.
“If you can’t afford a private school, why don’t you enrol us
in a government school? It’s free right?”
“Yes, it’s free but won’t you find it difficult blending in?
What of your rich friends? You might lose them when they find out that you
attend a public school.”
“If I lose my rich friends because I changed school, then
they were never my friends in the first place.” Rachel said quietly. “I’m going
to visit Winnie at the hospital….I’ll be back soon.” She said as she stood up
from the sofa.
Winnie looked at her mother and smiled.
“So, I can be free to do whatever I want?” She asked.
“Not everything you want, but I’ll trust you more.” Her
mother said.
Winnie’s smile widened and Kate smiled back, they’d never
spoken to each other this way in like forever. She was lying on the hospital bed
while her mother was seated beside her and holding her hand.
“So, when am I getting discharged? I can’t wait to start my
new life.” Winnie said.
“Well…as soon as the doctor says you’re good to go.” Kate
said with a smile.
“I’m sorry for running off like that.” Winnie said.
“It’s not your fault darling, I should have come clean with
you from the start.” Her mother said.
“I don’t think that would have been a good idea…” Winnie
laughed. “There’s really no perfect time to tell a child about that…”
“You’re right and I’m glad that you took it well.” Kate
“Well, it’s his loss! I bet that wherever he is, he feels so
miserable.” Winnie said of her biological father with a mischievous twinkle in
her eyes.
“You’re so silly!” Kate said and laughed.
“So, tell me, how are my siblings? Do they miss me?” Winnie
Kate laughed and soon they were both sharing stories as
though they’ve been best friends for a long time.
Mira’s father accepted that he was duped by Monica and her
son, he begged his wife to take him back but she stalled in giving him a
response. Mira wanted to intervene and beg her mother on her father’s behalf
but decided to stay out of it, besides, what did she know? She was just sixteen
after all.
The new term started and Rachel’s mother enrolled Rachel and
her brother into a good government school. Mira had tried extending a helping
hand by asking her parents to help Rachel out with her school fees but Rachel
had declined, she wanted to cut her cloth according to her size for once in her
life. Her mother could well afford to send her and her brother to a government
school and also provide for them. Her father was eventually sentenced to a few
years in prison, all thanks to his very good lawyer.
Steve never spoke to Winnie again as her family made sure of
that. Winnie had forgiven him but didn’t need anymore lies in her life, so she
ended up deleting his number from her phone and cutting off all contact
channels with him.
Winnie resumed school in her old school on the third week
after resumption after the doctors gave her a clean bill of health. Her parents
were too overjoyed over her speedy recovery and they threw a
thanksgiving party at their home.
Theodora was contrite after what she’d done and she begged
for her father’s forgiveness and Kate’s as well. They accepted her back but
they didn’t fully trust her. Winnie was all forgiving as usual but ticked
Theodora off her ‘best sister’ list.
Eva sent a text message to her father apologising to him but couldn’t bring
herself to ask Kate, her former best friend for forgiveness. She moved to Angola and tied the knot to her long time boyfriend there; her father, sister and brother attended the wedding but her mother was unavoidably absent.
Daniel was sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment for
kidnap and attempted murder, his mother literally disappeared into thin air. His
father remained holed up in prison as all attempts to get him out through an
appeal was abandoned because the only person who was ready to risk it all for him
was also locked up behind bars.
Winnie, Rachel and Mira continued being friends, even after
secondary school and though they all attended different universities- Mira was enrolled in same university her sisters attended
abroad, Winnie attended University of Lagos because her mother didn’t want her
far from home while Rachel attended the university of Ibadan- they all still
remained very close friends; helping, supporting and being there for one
The summer school of Greenwich springs had succeeded in
bringing three girls from different backgrounds and with different issues
together and making them friends for life!
The End
Thank you all so much for reading the Teenage Series. God bless you immensely. A new season begins soon. #watchthisspace


  1. Thank you Ada for this beautiful story. I felt like I was part of the story. Kudos.
    For those stealing your works, the thunder, the thunder that will fire them…. its still warming up in Sambisa forest.


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