Rose boarded a bus and headed home, she needed to get
the weight off her chest and confront her aunts once and for all. She got home
and quickly entered the house, the door was open so she walked in.
“Lizzie is that you?” Aunt Cassie called out and stepped out
from one of the rooms.
She saw Rose and her face broke into a smile as she rushed
to hug her.
“Rosie we were so worried…thank God you’re fine…” Aunt
Cassie said.
“I needed to clear my head but apparently I discovered that
I was being lied to all along. Why auntie? Why did you have to lie to me?” Rose
said with tears in her voice.
“What are you saying Rose? I didn’t lie to you…I’d never lie
to you.” Aunt Cassie said.
Aunt Lizzie walked in through the door and on seeing her
niece, she rushed up to give her a hug.
“Are you guys going to tell me the truth?” Rose asked.
“What are you talking about? We’ve never lied to you Rose.”
Aunt Cassie said.
“Yes you have. You lied when you told me that my parents
were abroad and had kept me in your care. You even lied that the two of you
were in-laws and not sisters and that aunt Lizzie is my mom’s sister and you,
aunt Cassie are my dad’s sister.”
Her aunts stared at her in silence.
“Tell me the truth. Did my mother abandon my father for his
money or not?” Rose asked in anger.
“Yes…she left him because he had nothing. It was her
leaving, that killed him.” Aunt Cassie said.
“I can’t believe you’re so ungrateful. We took care of you,
we nurtured you, we gave you everything you ever dreamed of and is this how you
want to pay us back?” Aunt Lizzie shouted.
“You didn’t give me everything I dreamt of. You thought me
to steal, you thought me to live like you did. I was almost
raped by one of your male friends and that’s the reason we had to relocate. Don’t
pretend as though life has always been rosy with you because it never has.”

 “Rose! How can you say all that about us?” Aunt Lizzie
“You lied to me, you both lied to me and now I’m giving you
both the opportunity to come clean. To tell me the whole truth from the very
beginning….please…” Rose said with tears in her eyes.
“What truth? The truth is what we told you…your mother is a
slut, she left to be with her present husband because she wanted the finer
things of life. What other truth are you looking for? We took care of you Rose,
we looked after you, we love you.”
“Yes, you did all that…you even made me help snag Clara’s
dad…you made me get close to her in order to get to her father.”
“Didn’t that profit you too? Don’t talk as though you haven’t
been enjoying her friendship!” Aunt Cassie said.
“My father told you on his death bed to return me to my
mother and you refused…” Rose said.
“What? Did Veronica tell you that lie? How dare she? That’s not
true, my brother never said that.” Aunt Lizzie started.
Rose brought out her phone and played the recording that
Raymond had sent her. The look on her aunts faces was that pure horror. Their
eyes widened in shock as they listened to all they had said.
“Who recorded this? Veronica was recording us?” Cassie said
in shock.
“No, her son was and he gave it to me to really understand the women I’ve spent the most of my life with. I don’t hate you both but the fact
that I gave you a chance to come clean to me and you never did hurts me more
than you can imagine and breaks my heart.” Rose said in tears.
“Rose…we…we…” Aunt Cassie cried.
“I’m done with you guys. I’d rather live under a bridge like
one without a family than live under the same roof with liars like you.” Rose
said and ran out of the house.
Aunt Lizzie and Cassie ran after her but Rose was quicker,
she rushed out of the compound and saw Clara’s gate open so she dashed inside
and locked the gate.
Clara let her mother and aunt in, she was speechless and had
no idea of what to say.
“Who’s at the door Clara?” Her father asked.
Veronica and Camille walked into the house and he stared at
them in surprise.
“Yes, it’s me Michael.” She said.
“You haven’t aged a day…” He said.
Aunt Dumebi and mommy stared at Camille and her sister.
“Who are you?” Mommy asked Camille.
“I’m Clara’s mother.” Camille replied.
Mommy rushed up to Clara and held her close.
“No, she’s my daughter.” Mommy said.
Clara struggled to be free from her hold.
“How…when did you arrive?” Clara’s father asked.
“This morning and this is my first stop…” Camille said
looking at Clara.
Clara didn’t know what to say, she just stood there and
stared at her mother.
“What do you want? Clara is fine here…she has loving parents
and siblings who love her.” Mommy started.
“She’s my daughter and I’m here to see her.” Camille said.
“Michael, please don’t let her take her away. We have lost
so much in our family and I can’t bear if we lose more.” Mommy cried.
“The last time I checked, we are not a family.” Her husband
“What? Are you going to throw all we had in the dust because
your daughter’s mother?” Mommy cried.
“I haven’t said anything like that.” Michael said.
Camille turned to Clara and said.
“You’ve grown so much…I can’t believe how big you are.”
Clara tried to smile but her lips felt so heavy.
“Can we have a private moment?” Camille asked Michael.
“Yes, sure…I mean, she’s your daughter too…so sure.” He
“No!” Mommy shouted and held on to Clara’s hand. “She’s more
of my daughter than she’ll ever be yours so I don’t want her talking to you.”
“Will you stop this rubbish at once?” Daddy shouted.
Clara pried her hands away from mommy’s and walked up to her
“Sure…we can go to my room.” Clara said.
Veronica sat down on the couch as Clara and her mother
stepped into the room. Mommy began to cry loudly. The doorbell rang.
“I’ll get it.” Veronica said standing up from the sofa, as
she knew that no one inside the house was emotionally ready to answer the door and there was a sudden awkwardness between Michael and his wife.
She walked over to open the door and when she did, she
froze. Standing at the door was Rose and she was in tears.
“They lied to me…all my life, they lied to me…” Rose said
and launched herself into her mother’s arms.
Veronica felt as though the stars had left heaven to kiss
her lips, she clung on tightly to her daughter and said.
“It’s going to be alright baby, mommy is here now…”
Clara stepped into her room with her mother, she really didn’t
know what to do or what to say.
“Your room is very pretty.” Camille said.
“Thanks…I shared it with my sister, Kendra.” Clara said.
“Oh, where is she?” Camille asked interestedly.
“She passed away…” Clara said.
“Oh my God, I’m so sorry.” Camille said.
“Thanks, we are trying to work past the hurt…” Clara said.
They both regarded each other silently and Clara said.
“That’s my wardrobe and err…that’s my bed….” She said as she
pointed to her bed at the corner.
Camille looked at the room and at Clara’s bed.
“Your bed is nice…” She said.
“Yea, the sheets are worn out but hey, they’re just sheets.”
Clara said nervously.
Camille sat on Kendra’s bed.
“Your mom, is she good to you?” Camille asked.
Clara shrugged, there were tears in her eyes but she fought
them back.
“She’s better.” Clara said.
“I can see the difference in the sides of the room, and I’m
not meaning to speak ill of the dead or claim that your parents didn’t give you
their best but did Kendra ever have more than you had?”
“It’s all the in past now…bringing back the memories will
only cause more hurt.” Clara said.
“Can I hug you?” Camille asked standing from the bed.
“Sure…” Clara said not budging.
Camille walked over to hug her and held her close for what
seemed like an eternity, when she broke the hug, they both had tears in their
“There’s no night that I go to bed without thinking of you,
how you’re doing, where you are, what you looked like…I think of you every
blessed day.” Camille said with tears in her eyes.
“Can I come with you? I mean, I have to rewrite my exams but
can I maybe go with you to wherever you’re headed? I don’t really want to stay here anymore.”
Camille took her hand in hers.
“From today, I’ll never let you out of my sight and yes, you
are coming with me.” Camille said.
Clara smiled and ran to open her wardrobe.
“I’ll pack a few things and we’ll go…” Clara said as she
pulled out a bag and packed her clothes.
“You’re rewriting your WAEC?” Camille asked.
“It’s a long story but the good news is, I’m sure I’m going
to pass this one.” Clara said with a smile.
James and his father sat at the clinic and waited for the
“Where have I gone wrong with you, James? Where?” His father
“I’m really sorry dad…I…have done a lot of bad things, and I
regret them all.”
“Do you know what a sexually transmitted disease like gonorrhea could do to you?” His father asked.
James shook his head.
“As soon as you’re done with your WAEC exams, you guys are
relocating to join me. This long distance family thing hasn’t really worked for
us.” His father said.
“Do you hate me dad? Do you?”
“No, I don’t…we all make mistakes in life and if we hated
everyone we loved, who will we love?” His father said.
“I feel so guilty about Kendra, she was a good girl and I
got her pregnant and denied the pregnancy. I don’t think I can forgive myself,
it’s as though she died because of me.”
“Well, the both of you
share in the blame. You had evil intentions, and she liked you enough to have
sex with you even though she shouldn’t have. Teenage sex is not the best…” His
father said.
“I didn’t get this STD from Kendra but from…”
“From who?”
“A woman called Jezebel…she’s a…” James started.
“I don’t want to know.” His father said looking grim.
“I’m really sorry dad.”
“Yea, me too. When we get home, we have to sit together like
a family and discuss the way forward. I won’t have your mother continue to play
a deaf ear to whatever complaints people make about you. She should be firmer.”
He said.
“I’m really sorry dad.” James repeated.
Soon the nurse ushered them into the doctor’s office and
they both walked in.

Rose left her aunts and moved in with her mother’s family,
her aunts were hurt but they couldn’t stop her from moving forward. She still
kept in touch with them and six months later, Aunt Lizzie married her long-time
boyfriend while aunt Cassie relocated from the estate and soon started a trade.
James turned a new leaf and he and Raymond grew closer as
brothers than before, and now that they had Rose as their elder sister, they
were happier. After the WAEC exams, the family moved to their father’s base but
Rose didn’t move with them, she still had her OND to complete. Her mother and
new father helped her get a hostel and during the holidays, she paid her family
visits. She also visited aunt Lizzie and Cassie too and forgave them for all
the lies they’d told her, anyway, it was all in a bid to keep her and she was
glad that they considered her worth fighting for.
Clara’s dad and step-mom reunited just for the sake of their
two remaining children and they are still working on their marriage as they enrolled for counselling.
Clara got a visitor’s visa to stay with her mom for a while
and when her WAEC results came out and she passed, her mother began processing
admission for her in a good university in the UK. Her parents split her tuition costs.
Accidentally, the school she had registered in was
the same with Oliver’s. Imagine them bumping into each other on the school
grounds, they couldn’t be more happier.
Rose and Clara were closer even now that they were cousins
and Rose came visiting during one of her holidays and the girls went about
shopping and having fun. Clara’s step-mom made it a duty to call her and check
on her every week and Clara could tell that she wanted to make up for all the
years she’d hated her and she was grateful.
Kendra was never forgotten as Clara took a picture of her sister wherever she went and paid visits to her grave whenever she came home to Nigeria.
Camille was so grateful to have found her daughter and
finally said ‘yes’ to her longtime boyfriend. She had formerly refused to get
committed with any man till she reunited with her daughter and her daughter
approved of him. Even though Clara wanted to have her mom to herself for a while, she did approve.
Love is patient, Love is kind, Love does not envy, Love does not boast, Love is not proud, Love is not rude, Love is not self seeking, Love is not easily angered, Love never fails and Love keeps no record of wrongs.
Let’s all learn to live in love.
The End


  1. Beautiful. I especially love the ending about love. We should all show love not just to our immediate family but everyone around us no matter their circumstances. Karma is real people, and the evil you do may even affect your loved ones not necessarily you so please love all, it does not cost anything.

    • Yes Anon, it all boils down to love. If everyone had true love in their hearts, things wouldn't have been so bad. Thank God for happy endings though.
      Thank you for reading.

  2. Kudos Ada, I loved this series, I hoped it would play out further just to enjoy it more, but all is well that ends well. Thank God you didn't reunite Clara's biological mum with her father, that would have been disastrous. Happy he stayed with his wife, things happen in marriages but we can always overcome them. God bless you.

    • I wish it played out for longer too, seeing that I have to start a new series and starting a new series mean, introducing more inspiring characters.
      Ha! Uniting Clara's biological mum and her dad? Naaaa…it never really crossed my mind cos that ship has sailed. They have grown apart without each other and the fact that they have a daughter doesn't mean they have to marry each other.
      God bless you too dear and thank you so much for reading.

  3. wow what a wonderful story, I've learned so much from this highly educating teenage series,infect every family should read this series. Ada well-done May God continue to bless your with more inspirational stories amen. please this should be a book or a family movie.

    • At the price of Kendra's death? I really don't think so though. Even if Kendra didn't die, there'll still be a happy ending. The only difference is, her mother might never have learnt to love Clara.
      Thank you for reading Bilingual Moi.

  4. I love the fact that Kendra's parents stayed together despite all they went through…..tough as it was.

    Beautiful ending with James turning a new leaf and Clara reuniting with her birth mother.
    Well done!

  5. This series has been so heartwarming! I still feel sad about Kendra though.
    I really like this ending especially because you allowed Clara's dad and stepmum to remain married, that was brilliant. Thanks for this reminder for living in love.
    I'm going to steal the stars kissing her on the lips expression, tis very beautiful!

    • Yea…Kendra's death was so painful but such is life.
      It really never crossed my mind to tear them apart, they signed a marriage contract and they have to stick by it through thick or thin.

      Awww…steal away dear.
      Thank you for reading.


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