Camille stepped down from the airplane and felt her eyes
grow moist. She was home. Soon she was making her way to the terminal.

Her sisters and brother were there standing there and
waiting for her, as soon as they saw her, it was as though the world stopped.
They stood and stared at her for what seemed like an eternity till Camille
opened her hands wide and they all rushed to her as she enveloped all of them
in a big hug.
Veronica cried as she held on to her sister as though
fighting for her life, she cried so hard.
“It’s been ages…” Veronica said when she finally broke the
hug and stared at Camille with tears in her eyes.
Camille looked at her sisters and brother and laughed, she
wiped a stray tear from her eyes as she stared at them.
“Wekpe…you’re so big…wow!” She exclaimed. “And you…you were
so little when I left…you’re so big now…” She said to Aunt Dracula and then to
Veronica she said, “You are still so beautiful. 
You look gorgeous sis.”
“You look stunning.” Veronica said as she admired her sister’s
baby pink crepe skirt and top.
Camille smiled, she looked so calm and so matured, and her
siblings couldn’t help but stare at her in awe.
“Let’s go…” Veronica said as Wekpe helped with the luggage.
“Is she at your house?” 
Camille asked.
“Who?” Veronica asked, she was still very troubled over her
daughter’s sudden disappearance from her aunts’ s house.
“My daughter, Clara.”
“Oh no, she’s with her dad and his family.” Veronica said.
“Can we stop there before going to your house? That’s the
reason I’m here, I need to see her.” Camille said.
Veronica nodded, she would also get to see if her daughter,
Rose, was back with her aunts. She thought to herself
They all headed outside the airport together.

James and his brother where driven to school by their dad,
they were almost late. Their father dropped them off at the gate and said
goodbye. Raymond quickly rushed back to the car as though he’d forgotten
“What are you looking for in the car? Go on with your
brother…” His father said.
“I have something to tell you dad.” Raymond said in a hush.
James was waiting outside the school gate for his brother to
come out of the car so that they could go into school compound together. He
suddenly hated to rush into the school and leave his brother behind as he once
used to and unlike before, he was now the quietest boy at school as he kept to
“What is it?”
“James…I think James has gonorrhea!”
Ray watched his father’s mouth hang open. His father quickly
alighted from the car and walked up to James.
James was waiting for his brother when he saw his father
alight from the car and walk up to him.
“I didn’t’ do anything dad…” James said with fear in his
His father held him firmly on the collar of his uniform
shirt and dragged him into the car. Raymond alighted from the car and waved as
the car drove away.

Clara was calling Rose’s phone again, she had seen the long
text Rose had sent her, it was little confusing as Rose had written gibberish and
she was worried about her friend. The text had read.
‘I didn’t
know how life could treat someone as though the person has no choice. I am so
tired of choosing over whether to live or let go. I have no one to turn to,
everyone I know has been pretending. Who am I? Where do I belong? I have no
idea why I was even born.’

“Rose pick up c’mon pick up.” She said as she stared at her
phone and watching it dial.
There was still no answer. She sent her a text message.
Lily, where are you? Please talk to me, please…”
wrote and sent the message.
Soon there was a message beep and she opened the message
box, it was a message from Rose, she sighed in relief.
lied to me…my life has been a lie. My aunts are liars!”
had written.
Clara began writing message to Rose but her father interrupted
as he knocked at her room door.
“Clara, can I have a minute of your time?” He asked.
“Sure dad.” She said and quickly typed, “Come over to my place, don’t worry I won’t tell your aunts you dropped
As soon as she was done, she followed her father to the sitting room.
Zika and Emerald had gone to school so it was only daddy-
who had taken some time off work, 
Clara- who had decided to put lessons on hold
for now, mummy and aunty Dumebi that were at home.
She stepped out into the sitting room and saw mommy seated
with aunty Dumebi. Clara knew what they were about to discuss and she was tired
of it already.
“Please sit down Clara.” Her father said.
Clara sat down and stared at everyone.
“Mommy here says she still thinks we can be a family. What
do you say about that?” Her father asked.
Clara rolled her eyes, she really didn’t want to be a part
of grown-up talks anymore, she wanted to be a normal teenager.
“What do you want me to say daddy? That you should divorce
her?” Clara asked almost angrily.
“Well, she killed my daughter…what do you expect?” Daddy
“No one is to blame for Kendra’s death.” Clara said.
Mommy stared at her expressionless.
“You know that’s a lie, she took her to the quack, she
killed her.” Daddy accused.
“It’s a pity Kendra died due to abortion complications but
let’s stop using her death as a kind of weapon to hurt one another. I’m sure
Kendra would not like that.” Clara said.
“She babied Kendra so much, she treated her better than she
even did you.” Daddy said.
Clara was very upset.
“You treated Kendra better than you treated me, daddy! All my
years as a child I’ve never received any love from you. You are my biological
father and if I have to judge, I’ll start from you because it’s all because of
you that I’m here in this house. You always made me feel as though I shouldn’t
have been born, so do not hurl accusations on mommy because you were guilty of
that too, anyway, she’s not my biological mother and she wasn’t interested in
adopting me as her own. How many times did I beg you to let me change my class?
I was doing poorly in sciences and I knew I could do better in arts but you never
let me. I failed my WAEC exams and you made me feel like I was outcast. You
kept comparing me to Kendra and do you know what that did to my self-esteem?
Not one of you made me feel at home in this house as I felt better outside here
than in this house, so don’t go blaming mommy for doing exactly what you did
because you are guilty of it too.” Clara said with tears in her eyes.
“I am sorry Clara, I wish I could turn back the hands of
time. I am really sorry…I don’t know if it was Kendra’s death that made me
realize how cruel I’ve been to you but I’m truly, really sorry.” Mummy cried.
“I am sorry too Clara, I guess I wasn’t the father you
wanted me to be from the beginning. I am sorry…” Daddy said.
“Let’s start afresh, I know it’s hard but I’m willing to be
a loving mother, Clara, I am willing to be good to you as you deserve. Please,
talk to your father and tell him that I want to be good.” Mommy cried.
Clara buried her face in her palms and cried. Her father
walked over to hold her and she brushed him off, he never used to hug her
before so why start now? She thought. She was still crying when the
doorbell rang, she felt it was Rose so she walked over to open it.
As soon as the door opened, Camille knew it was her. She
didn’t need a soothsayer to tell her that the young beautiful girl standing at
the door was her daughter.
Clara wiped the tears from her eyes with the back of her
palms. She looked at Veronica in confusion.
“Are you here for Rose? We haven’t found her yet.” She said.
Only Veronica and Camille had entered the compound as their
siblings decided to stay in the car and wait.
“No, I’m not here for Rose.” Veronica said drawing a deep
breath. “Clara, meet Camille, your mother.”
Clara’s jaw dropped as she stared at the young woman who was
looking at her with so much love in her eyes.

This Season of Teenage Series ends tomorrow…


  1. James is going to hate Raymond for ever, he needs an intervention surely, but the medium of getting it will not be forgiven, God help them. I thought this series was ending but seems its still going strong. I aint complaining though, I aint mad.

  2. A http://www…I wish it would not end
    I have become so used to the story and characters
    This has been filled with so many lessons
    More of God's inspiration and wisdom for you, Ada.
    Thanks for this, it has been worthwhile all the way


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