Rachel rushed into the bathroom and burst into tears. She
felt so alone in the world and it seemed as though she was abandoned. She’d
spent most of her life being who she wasn’t and trying to live life the way she
thought she’d be accepted but everything was hitting
her squarely in the face. She’d left her secondary school lesson to attend that
of the most prestigious schools around because she’d imagined that they lived the life she mostly saw
in foreign teenage movies and wanted so bad to be a part of it.
Now, she was in a deep dilemma as she’d signed herself into
something she didn’t understand with Black and he’d told her that it was only
an outrageous sum of money that could set her free from him.
She turned on the tap and took some water in her hand and
washed her face with it, sobbing her heart out.

She had wanted to speak to her friends but she didn’t know
what to say, where should she have started from? She had lied to them from the
beginning all because she had wanted to fit in, now her cover was blown and
they obviously looked at her as a liar. 
Her father was locked up in jail,
awaiting trial and her mother had taken a lover; no one understood what she was
going through and at this moment, all she wanted was for life to be over. She was
sixteen but  already tired of living  life.
She poured more water on her face to wash off the tears, she
really wasn’t in the mood to go for the picnic but she had to because she
couldn’t stay in the school premises alone. She pushed open the door of the
toilet and stepped out, with her head held high and refusing to cry anymore.
Winnie and Mira sat in the bus munching on some muffins
which was given to them as well as other students. They were talking about
Daniel and how Mira was not safe in her home when Rachel walked into the
bus. Almost all the students were seated in the bus when Rachel joined in and as she walked down the aisle of the bus, she saw her friends seated together and sat
directly behind them as that seat was the only empty space available.
Winnie and Mira stopped talking when she walked past them,
when Rachel was seated behind them, Winnie said quietly.
“We should speak to her. I hate it that we’re not talking to
her.” Winnie said.
“Oh please…stop playing the saint, didn’t she just snob
you in the class?” Mira asked.
“Oh stop this! Mira, we have to stick together.
“She’s a liar…I don’t make friends with liars.” Mira said
“If you won’t speak to her, then let’s forget about this
friendship and all go our separate ways.” Winnie said.
Mira turned to look at Winnie
with fear in her eyes.   
“You’re saying this because you know you’re the only friend
I have in this school right?” Mira asked.
“I just want us to make peace and even if we don’t become
friends again, we shouldn’t be enemies either.”
“You’re so annoying.” Mira spat. “What kind of world do you
think we live in? If you continue like this, people will trample on you and
toss your feelings into the dirt.” Mira hissed.
“Once we get to the picnic venue, we’d call her and speak to
her.” Winnie said.
Mira shrugged and looked out the window.
Daniel stood before his mother with his head bowed.
“Who did you tell? Who did you speak to that gave that girl
such information about us?” Monica spat at her son.
They were both in the large sitting room of Mira’s house.
“I swear it mom, I didn’t speak to anyone…I didn’t…”
Daniel said.
“Were you deaf when she said your father is in jail? Do you
know what that statement of hers could do to us? We can lose everything!
Everything! I worked so hard for this and I’m not letting go till I get what I
“Mom, I can assure you that I didn’t tell anyone anything.”
“Then how did she know? We both know that she only goes to
school and from there, she comes back home. How did she get to know about your
dad? I’m sure she couldn’t have snooped around our old neighbourhood because
she doesn’t know where we lived.”
“I honestly can’t say…” Daniel said worriedly.
“We must find whoever has been giving her info about us and
end it.” Monica said, standing up to pace the house. “How I wish we could
silence that girl…how I wish.”
“Did you threaten her well enough?”
“She looked scared when I got into her room but she called
her dad and that idiot ran to rescue her.” Monica spat.
“I hate that man! He calls me son as though I’m his son. He’s
a crazy loon.” Daniel said, then suddenly remembered something. “Wait…I
think…I think I can figure out where this all came from…” He said.
“What are you talking about Daniel?”
“Listen mom, do you remember the night I went out for a
party? Well, I bumped into an old friend of mine from the Uni and we spoke
about personal issues. We both belonged to a group in school so we knew
personal stuff about each other. The guy asked me if daddy was out of prison
yet and I told him that he wasn’t, I even went ahead to tell him that I was
fine and living well…” Daniel said. “Do you think he could have told someone?”
“Are you asking me? Why don’t you ask yourself that question?
Does that your friend have a sister or someone who’s young enough to know Mira? Maybe he let it slip….”
“Well…he was with a girl which he introduced as his girlfriend
and I know I made mention that she’s kinda young and he said she’s still in
secondary school.” Daniel said with eyes wide.
“I doubt that his supposed girlfriend knows Mira. That Mira girl doesn’t look like the friendly type so I don’t think she has any friends.”
Monica said.
“That’s what I have to find out…please wait…lemme send
him a Whatsapp message.” Daniel said bringing out his phone and sending a
message to Steve.
‘Hey Steve’ He typed.
‘Nigga…what’s up?’ Steve replied.

‘I hope you love your mini home theatre.’ Daniel quickly
‘Oh yes, but I got it for my babe.’ Steve texted.
‘Lucky chic! Do you mean the secondary school girl?’
‘Who else?’

‘Bad guy! You’re catching them young aren’t you?’ Daniel
‘Go away jare…’ Steve joked.

‘I want a secondary school babe ooo….please tell me how
you discovered yours so that I can get mine.’

‘It’s not your thing.’ Steve texted.

‘She’s pretty…I think I’ve seen her somewhere before…in
my former area.’
‘Oh no, she’s not from that part of  your hood abeg…’

‘How are you so sure? What’s the name of her school?’
‘I don’t know…I only know she attends a summer school that
pays high.’

‘Oh really? What’s the name of the summer school?’ Daniel
‘Are you trying to steal my gf?’ Steve asked.
‘Not at all…like you said earlier, secondary school girls
are not my thing. I was just curious because her face was all too familiar. So
spill, what’s her summer school name?’

‘Greenwichspring…or something along those lines…’ Steve
Daniel stood frozen to the spot, he knew that Mira attended
summer school at Greenwichspring.
‘Oh…I don’t know her.’ Daniel texted.

‘I told ya…’ Steve said.

‘Steve, please be careful who you talk to about my life…you
know it was all a group secret and it should remain that way.’
Daniel texted.
Steve paused for a bit at his end and when he finally
replied, his words were.
‘No p.’
Daniel put down his phone and stared at his mother.
“What is it Daniel? Did you get any info from him?”
“It was just as you guessed mom. Steve’s girlfriend happens
to attend the same summer school with Mira.”
“What? Are you serious? What did he tell her?”
“I warned him to keep my business private and he took a
while to respond. I think he’s been opening his mouth.” Daniel said with anger
in his eyes.
“Oh my God! What do we do now? If Mira tells her dad about
this, we’re sure to get kicked out soon because her dad will want to do a DNA
test and you know that I’ve been stalling on that till at least, he pays up your
tuition and I get my hands on his money.”
Daniel looked very pissed.
“I’m going to have to take care of Steve. He broke the guy
code and he needs to pay for that.” Daniel spat.
“You must warn him to keep our info away from Mira…oh my
goodness, we’re in deep trouble.” His mother said in panic.
“I think I can get him to tell me what he told his
girlfriend and also shut his big fat mouth up.”
“Don’t do anything stupid! You know that the police has
their eyes on you. You barely got away from prison after stabbing that boy in
our former area. I don’t want you ruining our plans.” His mother warned.
“If I don’t shut him up, who knows what else he’ll say. He
needs to tell his girlfriend that he was unsure of what he said about us and he
must do that today.” Daniel said standing up to leave.
“Where are you going? Daniel!” His mother called out.
“I’m going to make wrongs, right.” Daniel said and left the
To be continued tomorrow….



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