Frieda opened her eyes and stared at the
accusing eyes of her parents, ‘was she in trouble?’ she asked herself. Her body
felt weak with pain and she looked around to see that she was in a hospital.
“Dad…mom…what am I doing at the hospital?”
Freida asked.
“You have been having sex?” Her mother asked her
“Don’t you dare lie to us Frieda or I swear, we’ll
leave you in this hospital and go home and you’ll never see us again!” Her
father said in a wounded voice.

Freida felt tears rush to her eyes, she blinked
and stared at her parents.
“Who have you been having sex with? Who?” Her
mother asked in a tear-filled voice.
“You were pregnant Frieda.” Her father said.
“What? Pregnant?” Frieda said, looking down at
her flat abdomen.”
“Yes…but it was an ectopic pregnancy…and you miscarried, you are so
lucky Frieda…you are so lucky…” Her father said with emotion.
“Who was the father of that child? Frieda…who?”
Her mother asked.
“I’ll say the truth mom…I’ll say the truth….but
please forgive me….please…mom…dad…please…”
“Stop those crocodile tears of yours, I have
called your uncle Fry and he is coming to speak some sense into you!” Her
father said.
“Why don’t you try speaking some sense into me
yourself? Why must it be Uncle Fry every time? Can’t you train me yourself?”
Frieda said with tears in her eyes.
“How dare you talk to me like that after
embarrassing the family. You got expelled and now, you were pregnant but
luckily miscarried because in your case, you are better off without a child
than with one. I am not ready to have a grandchild by my teenage daughter!” Her
father said.
“Who is responsible for the baby, Frieda?” Her mother asked calmly.
The door of the hospital room opened and Uncle
Fry stepped in, bearing gifts and flowers.
“Him….Uncle Fry is responsible…” Frieda said and burst into tears.
At that moment, everything stood still, Uncle
Fry stopped at the door, his gifts were suspended in his hands, Frieda’s mother’s
mouth stood open and her father’s eyes grew as wide as saucers.
Isiuwa was getting drowsy and she found it hard
to keep awake, she struggled to her feet but couldn’t as the world spun before
her eyes.
“Mense! Mense! Where are you?” Isiuwa said
aloud as she placed her head on the table before her.
“Hello there…” A young man said to her, he was the one
who she had shunned at the beginning.
“I am looking for my cousin, Mense…”
“Oh, I know where she is…come with me…” He said.
“I’m so drowsy…:” Isiuwa said in a small voice.
“Don’t worry, I’ll help you…we’ll go and find
your cousin together.” The boy said as he helped her up from the chair.
Isiuwa followed him trustingly, unknown to her,
the young man had signalled to his friends, whose eyes lit up in excitement as
they saw that he had caught a willing fish.
“She’s as drunk as a skunk.” He mouthed to them
and they nodded.
With his help, Isiuwa followed him to the back
of the house, believing that they were going in search of Mense. At the back of
the house, some young boys and girls were already kissing and getting
undressed, Isiuwa stared at them, wondering what they were doing. The guy led
her to the boys quarters and into a room there.
“Where is she? My …cousin…is nor herrr….” Isiuwa
slurred as she stumbled on the bed and soon fell asleep.
She didn’t see the other guys step into the room
and the door, closed behind them.
Mense was standing upside down on the table, her hands supported her body and she was consuming
alcohol from the kegger, she was too drunk and in the course of the party, had
stripped to her under things.
“Wooooww…this is fun…we get to watch a stripper
for free!” One guy said to the celebrant.
“Well…my parties are always the best aren’t they?”
Chantelle said in a huge smile.
“Who is she? She looks too eager…” One of
Chantelle’s girl-friends said.
“Yea…she’s one first year dummy in school who
desperately wants my friendship so I decided to invite her to the party for
some fun.” Chantelle said.
“Nice…the guys are enjoying themselves…” The
girl said as she watched one guy empty a vodka bottle on Mense’s almost naked
They were still watching when two young men
entered the house and saw Mense who had stood upright and was already peeling off her bra. The two guys that had come into the house quickly
hurried to the table and lifted her down to the ground. Some guys and girls who
were filming the episode of Mense’s drunken activities got upset.
“Why spoil the party? Who are you guys?” One of
the boys shouted.
“Her big brother, you moron!” Emeka shouted at
punched the guy on the nose.
Emeka was known to be ruthless in his dealings, he towered at over six feet tall and he had a way of making people feel intimidated by his presence. That evening, he
had called Dayo feigning that he needed to collect his iPod from him (when he was actually missing his friendship), only for
his friend to tell him that he was not at home but doing a favour for Osas, he
knew he had to be there.
Emeka had been to almost all the parties in the vicinity
and had been to Chantelle’s older brother’s parties more than once to know that
girls like Isiuwa and Mense have no business there. He had quickly driven to
meet Dayo and the both of them had gone to the house where they had dropped off
Mense and Isiuwa. They had searched around for them and from the loud noise
which was coming from the sitting room, it was obvious that the party was
hottest there. As soon as they got in, they saw Mense in her nearly nude
“Quick, go and look for Isiuwa now!” Emeka
shouted to Dayo.
“What right do you have to come into my house?
You weren’t invited, so get out!” Chantelle shouted in a slurry voice, she too was a bit tipsy.
“If you as much as create a fuss, I will call
the police! There are lots of under-age girls and boys drinking at this party
and its against the law…” Emeka thundered.
“You wouldn’t dare…” Chantelle challenged.
“Try me!” Emeka said.
Dayo searched the crowd and saw no signs of
“She’s not here…” He said to Emeka.
“Where could she be? Check around the house.”
“Are you looking for the girl who came with the
dancing stripper?” One of the guys said, referring to Mense as the dancing
“I saw her follow some boys to the back of the
house.” The guy said.
“Dayo, carry her to the car…I’m going to get
Isiuwa…:” Emeka said as he handed an already sleeping Mense to Dayo and dragged
the guy who had said he had seen Isiuwa with him.
Emeka’s height frightened most of the
guys at the party as they were wondering if he was a bouncer of some sort, he
hurried to the boys-quarters and pushed open the first room door. Two naked
young adults, were tangled together on the bed, the girl was very light skinned
so he knew it wasn’t Isiuwa, he hurried to the other room and pushed open the
door. Three guys stood beside the bed in their boxers while one of them
stripped Isiuwa naked.
“Arrrgggghhh…” Emeka shouted as he pushed the
guy at the front and made sure he collided with the other two. Emeka was so
furious, he beat the boys and the other guy who had joined him to search for
Isiuwa joined in. They both beat the boys badly and after that, Emeka tore the curtains down and using the rope
used in hanging the curtains, he tied them up.
“Please…please…we are sorry..” One of the boys
said, scared that Emeka might light them on fire because the look in his eyes
was scary.
“Where are your phones? Give them to me! I’m
going to teach you boys that rape is a crime and a big sin….hand them over..”
Emeka shouted.
“It’s in my trouser pocket…please…” Another guy said.
Emeka checked all their trouser pockets and retrieved
their handsets. Isiuwa was still on the bed, asleep. Emeka looked for the
numbers they had saved as Mom and Dad and began dialing them.
“Please…who are you calling…please…” The boys
As soon as the first phone he had dialled was answered, Emeka yelled
into the phone.
“Your son is a rapist! He drugged my sister and
was about to rape her!” He screamed into the phones.
The boys cried, trying to no avail to free
themselves from their tied up state.
“Are you asking what I’m going to do to him?”
Emeka barked into the receiver at a parent who had asked the question. “I am
castrating him right now!”
The guy who had followed Emeka into the
boys quarters was looking at Emeka, in some sort of hero-worship way.
“Please…we will never…never try it again…” The
boys begged.
Dayo appeared at the doorway, he had obviously
left Mense in the car and came looking for Emeka.
“What happened here?” Dayo asked confused.
“These boys! These useless boys wanted to defile
Isiuwa…I am so pissed…I am going to kill them…” Emeka screamed, hanging up the
“What? What? Are you guys mad? This girl is a
baby! Have you no sisters? Where you born of a maggot?” Dayo screamed at them.
Emeka took out his phone from his pocket and dialled
a number.
“Uncle Dike…good evening sir…please I need you
to send your men …” Emeka started, filling his uncle in with the details of
what happened and the address to the place.
“I can’t believe this! What is happening to the
world?” Dayo asked in shock, staring at the guys who were already crying.

The noise from the party was growing louder and louder as no one knew what was going on at the boys quarters. In ten minutes,
three police vehicles surrounded the area and Emeka’s Uncle Dike led the team.
To be continued next year….


  1. I am learning so much about teenagers in your series. With the right guidance and care, they become responsible and influence others positively. Thank you.


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